Wilderness EDC vs Urban EDC: Common Gear Differences

What the heck is an EDC? An EDC is something that you carry with you at all times. It’s your go-to kit for survival in any situation, whether it be a dark alley or if …

What the heck is an EDC? An EDC is something that you carry with you at all times. It’s your go-to kit for survival in any situation, whether it be a dark alley or if the zombie apocalypse happens. Urban and wilderness environments have different needs, so we’re going to break down what gear belongs in each type of environment, as well as some differences between them.

1. What is your least favorite EDC tool?

2. What disasters make you most nervous?

3. Do you have a dog to depend on in an emergency situation? If so, what breed and what are their skills?

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4. Are there any other wild-cards that might contribute to the collapse of society, both at home and abroad (for example, fluctuations in currency value)?

5. How many months’ or years’ worth of food would you need to store for yourself and your pet in case of disaster or emergency evacuation situation?

I have spent a considerable amount of time in both the urban and natural environments. I am always armed with an EDC that is appropriate for what I will be doing on any given day, whether it’s exploring nature or navigating busy cities. For some years now my friends would ask me about my gear but only recently has this come to take center stage as new discussions are had often amongst people posting pictures of their loadouts online. Some go tactical by carrying knives while others show off more discreet options such as flashlights which evoke a sense of safety from those who find them useful like myself when traveling abroad or walking home at night through dark streets filled with strangers you can’t see clearly until they’re already next to you and whispering just loud enough so

My EDC is a representation of who I am.

I do not know about you, but my everyday carry (EDC) tells so much more than the clothes that I wear or what’s on my wrist. It shows off everything from how creative and organized to down-to-earth and adventurous – it all depends on what items are in your bag! On one hand, an urban daily carry may consist only of keys for work unlocking doors at home when we’re ready to go out again; this being said, there might also be some Chapstick as well as MetroCard tucked away somewhere inside our pockets just in case we need them later throughout our day… Or else maybe they’ll simply lie dormant until next time? The point here is

When you wake up in the morning, before leaving your home to go about your day’s business, there is a good chance that some part of what you are wearing will be EDC gear. It could be as simple as having a pen on hand or putting on tactical boots for work where they may get wet and covered with mud from being outdoors all day. From common household items like the pens we use outside our homes every single day to footwear suited for different environments, these things have become so much more than just handy tools — They’ve grown into crucial pieces of everyday life over which many people can’t imagine living without them!

By in large, there is not a huge difference between wilderness and urban EDC. When given the option of only carrying one tool, most people will choose to carry an EDC knife as their primary weapon – which means that both environments have knives! It would help illustrate my point if we talked about some different types: fixed blade or folding blades? What type of metal does your favorite knife best utilize- steel or titanium? Do you prefer serrated edges on top for sawing through wood fibers more efficiently than plain edges can provide (or vice versa)? These are all important factors that should be considered when choosing what kind into pack with you next time you head out for either environment

I am a huge fan of multitools, and I use them often. One time when my Leatherman saved the day was at work; one of our machines broke down, but thankfully we had tools to fix it in-hand thanks to carrying around this versatile tool all the time!

Flashlights are a tool we all need in our lives. They have many functions outside of urban environments, but I find myself using this especially frequently when traveling to unknown areas without electricity or light sources. For example, my last trip took me into the desert for camping and hiking; flashlights were vital as there was no streetlight nearby and it is dangerous to travel at night with only starlight available as lighting

Multitools can be used equally well both outdoors and an urban environment: they come with features such as knives, saws–even screwdrivers! The best thing about multitools? No matter what situation you’re thrown into (if things get dirty), your trusty working buddy will always help out by providing supplies like pliers

It’s dark and you can’t see anything. The only thing that is visible are the bright screens in your hand, but they’re not enough for any kind of exploration or navigation. It feels like there is a barrier between what lies ahead – an unknown world with no detail whatsoever–and where you currently stand: right here, just as clueless as when it all started. But don’t worry! We have something to help us navigate this lost land without ever having to wander blindly around aimlessly searching for our destination: compasses! There may be one on your phone even if you never thought about carrying such equipment before now; so power up those awesome little gadgets because we know how much they love exploring new territory too 😉


Smartphones are the new tools of explorers and adventurers. With GPS maps, a compass in your pocket has never been easier to use! You can find water with ease thanks to mapping abilities that give you an accurate reading on where it is located nearby. And when carrying a container for boiling or collecting water? A smart phone does just fine in this case as well – so ditch those bulky metal containers weighing down your backpack today!

Knives and firearms are the two most popular EDC items to carry no matter your environment. If you’re not in an urban area, knives will be more useful for self-defense or hunting purposes while a firearm would come into use when dealing with wildlife like deer – but both can also act as tools that could help make fire if needed! Knives may need to have blades added on depending on whether they’ll only serve one function usually found in stores such as sports equipment supplies; some rifles might be too heavy for hiking so lighter options might work better unless climbing is expected often.

Urbanites and outdoor enthusiasts alike have their own unique EDC loadouts. For people who spend most of their time in the city, carrying a butane lighter or matches may be low priority. However, for those that are often outdoors it’s a must-have item because they’re not always able to charge electronic devices such as laptops while on location due to lack reliable internet connection (or electricity).

What EDC items are most important to have when you’re in the wilderness? What do we need for urban environments? If your life depended on it, what would be worth keeping with us at all times if our environment changed drastically around us and caught us off guard.