Where To Keep Bug Out Bag: 2 Ideal Places

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Where to keep your bug out bag might not be the first thing on your mind when you are packing for a potential disaster. Your home, work place and car are all great places to store it. But what about those moments when you need to run away? If you’re living downtown or in an apartment complex there is no guarantee that these places will still be standing after a natural disaster hits. Where do you go then? What if law enforcement won’t let people back into their homes because of an evacuation order? These questions are tough but important ones, so I’m going to give some suggestions where you can keep your bug-out bag for emergency situations and disasters since it’s always better to plan ahead than worry about this later on.

1. Have you ever had to maintain or use your bug out bag?

2. Where do you keep or want to keep your bug out bag stored?

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2 Places to Keep a Bug Out Bag

3. How much does the location of where you store your kit have effect on how often it is used?

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What do you need to have in your bug out bag? There are so many different things that could be included. If I were going away for a long period of time, my bag would include extra clothes and socks as well as survival gear like water purifiers, small solar chargers or power banks with cables if needed, headlamps/flashlights (with batteries), food bars etc., tools such as knives and multitools plus important documents like identification cards or passports.

The first thing most people think when they hear the word “bug-out” is an emergency kit which includes all necessary items required during sudden evacuation from their homes due to natural disasters or other crises. A “Bug Out Bag” can mean either of these

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-There are a lot of people who keep their bug out bag in the trunk, but it’s important to pay attention to what kind of environment that will be. If you’re afraid your car might break down or get stolen then maybe store your bag somewhere else while staying on top of how much gas is left and things like that. -If there’s room for storage inside the house build some shelves into an unused closet where they can hang from hooks with plenty more space below them so boots don’t take up any valuable floor real estate! Keeping all those high heels off the ground seems nice too (no one wants broken glass underfoot). One thing I’ve tried before was hanging my bags just above eye level so nothing could sneak up

Why would you want to leave your bag unattended in a public area? In the event someone else gets their sticky fingers on it, they won’t be able to tell where and when. While people may not have intentions of stealing from you like that, there are always exceptions who forget themselves momentarily or under drugs. If anyone wants anything bad enough – no matter how innocent- then they’ll find ways around any obstacle barring them from getting what’s theirs by right! Protect yourself with these tips so thieves will never know about the goodies hidden within:

Keeping your bug out bag close by can help you leave quick in case of emergency. There are two good places that come to mind: along an escape route or at home, but it’s best if the backpack is near a possible exit point so you don’t have to search for it when time comes.

Keep your bug out bag on or near you. Hanging or placing it in a hallway closet by the outside door is one of the best locations, but if there’s not room for anything like that, keep it with you wherever possible – this includes vehicles as well! It can be tiring to have to move around and carry such an important item all day long; however being prepared has never been more necessary than now.

Keep your supplies safe and secure at home or on the go.

The best place to keep a bug out bag is in your car! You can always get into the passenger seat and have access. If you’re worried about attacks on gas stations, just put it under or behind the driver’s side mat for easy pickup with one hand if needed.


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One of my favorite places people choose to store their bug out bags these days are inside their cars because they know that at any time they could need them there themselves should an emergency arise while driving around town looking for food and water supplies before heading elsewhere. But lots of folks also like keeping theirs outside where it would be easier-to-grab when others might try break open our homes during dangerous periods; but this leaves us vulnerable since we’ll never see what happens