When Is Your EDC Too Much? 4 Must-Know EDC Guidelines

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I’m writing this article to help preppers decide what they should carry in their EDC (everyday carry). I’ve been a prepper for years and have found that it’s best to be prepared for anything. The four must-know guidelines are:

1) Carry only the essentials, 2) Don’t pack too much weight, 3) Keep your gear accessible, and 4) Dress appropriately for your environment. These simple principles will make sure you’re carrying just enough without weighing yourself down or being unprepared. Let me show you how!

1. What is your EDC?

2. Is there anything you regret carrying with you or wish you had left at home?

The most comfortable mattress you’ll ever sleep on.

3. What do you tell someone who tells you they are a prepper and want to know what gadgets they should carry in their pockets?

4. Do your friends and family know that your EDC might not be for emergencies alone?

5. Have people ever been afraid of your gear, despite knowing about it beforehand or assuming it’s just for an emergency situation?

It’s time to start fresh.

If you are reading this then I am confident that your emergency preparation is top notch. If not, please read on to find out how to be better prepared for any situation. You see, there’s a lot of debate about what one should bring with them in their EDC loadout and it can become overwhelming quickly – some people carry little while others just have an assortment of items covering every possible scenario they could run into during the day (or night). Trust me when I say: It doesn’t matter what anyone else has done or says you need; if someone tells you that something isn’t essential but still really important? Listen up because odds are they know more than most other folks! Long ago back before labels had taken over my life… My

It’s a mystery.

When I’m not at home, my EDC is the only thing that stands between me and whatever life throws my way. For this reason, it’s important to have a well-rounded kit so you can be prepared for anything–from an impromptu family dinner to stopping by your grandparents’ house on Christmas morning.

If we’re honest with ourselves about our daily lives then ask if what we carry really matters? A bag of everyday items could include things like pens or pencils which are hardly ever used outside of work; but when they do get pulled out in the real world they serve as more than just writing instruments–they become tools designed specifically for tackling problems that may come up while away from one’s main gear (i

EDC, more than just a thing.

For example, I use a pocketknife or multitool daily whereas I may not use my flashlight every single day. Someone out there is probably asking why I carry something that I may not need all the time. Well, like everything else in life it’s better to have and never need than to need and never be prepared for anything! Quick Navigation: 4 Must-Know EDC Guidelines

I mentioned above how sometimes people make their everyday carry too heavy by carrying around more items than they really needed so below are some guidelines on what you should consider when choosing your necessities of an everyday essential kit such as flashlights/ headlamps keys

As long as we know these basics then our lives will always be easier with less stress because if

EDC items should not hinder your day. Anyone who carries their gear on a daily basis knows the feeling of being weighed down by possessions, and it is up to you to make sure that what you carry does not interfere with those everyday tasks or movements. Being comfortable while carrying your supplies and making sure they are light will help keep them from hindering any activities in which you participate throughout the course of your workday.

Nobody wants to feel physically burdened when they go about their business every morning – especially if we’re talking about EDC (every day carry) equipment like knives, flashlights, pens etc… If this becomes an issue for YOU then maybe it’s time rethink how much stuff you need EVERYDAY! Along with comfortability

I’m guilty of this too! I had ten butane lighters in my coat.

It’s really easy to forget what we have on us and end up carrying around unnecessary items that can be bulky, heavy, or even dangerous.

What are you carrying in your pockets today? I bet it’s probably not nine lighters – and yet, that number is the upper limit of what should be carried. Ten just seems like overkill to me. But don’t take my word for it! Conduct a periodic pocket dump at home when you get back from work or school each day so that way there can never ever be ten things crammed into one small space again! And if all else fails (which we hope won’t happen), maybe start fresh every morning instead with this simple trick: have an empty wallet/purse before going out on any given day because otherwise-well let’s face it–you might end up being quite heavy by 10 o’clock tonight…


Imagine yourself packing your suitcase for a weekend trip. You carefully lay out all the clothes you might need and pack them in an organized manner to fit certain situations. Then, when you’re done with that, take another look at what’s left over – it may be small things like toiletries but sometimes these are just as important items such as phone chargers or pens! All of this is totally doable so why not put those last minute necessities together? I’ve found my EDC gear falls into two categories: firstly, daily carry stuff which includes everything from notebooks to sunglasses; secondly there are gadgets which include tools and devices that can help if something happens on the road (e.g., jumper cables). This system lets me know

Items that are carried every day should always be inspected before you need them, because the moment they break could very well be when you really needed it. This was made abundantly clear to me one time I had a person ask if they should carry an inflatable life vest as part of their EDC just in case – even though this individual never ventured onto or near any water sources.

The most random thing you’ll find in your pocket.

Some EDC items are so personal that they could be considered a part of our identity. When I found myself with an extra set of clothes, or just some random item like sunscreen in my bag one day at work when it was raining outside and there wasn’t any sun to speak of, you realize how important these little things can be! If you find yourself carrying something incongruous for the situation then put it away- not only will this help keep your load light but also save room inside your bag because those unexpected situations won’t have to happen again if everything is prepared ahead on time.

We do the wrapping. You get to unwrap it.

The way that people carry their EDC can vary depending on the environment they are in, what types of clothes they typically wear (pants vs. shorts), and how much weight is distributed across the body from day to night time use. There may be times when your pocket will start ripping at the seams or you will constantly get poked by gear because it’s crowded into different pockets, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution for those who want an EDC with some bulkier items inside!

There could be many reasons why someone might not feel comfortable having light/moderately heavy loadouts as long as it helps them accomplish everything without feeling like a burden–including if one has various hip pain issues, knee problems due to carrying