What Self Defense Weapons are Legal in NY? Survival 101


The prepper in me has always been fascinated by the question: what self defense weapons are legal in NY? Aside from guns, there are a number of other options that one can use to defend oneself. This blog post will list some of the more popular weapons available and their legality status.

You want to know what gun is best for you? You’re looking at it, now ask me again.

The tone is lighthearted but informative as it lists a variety of self-defense weapons and their laws in New York. The audience is primarily people who live or plan on visiting NY so they know which tools they can use for protection without breaking any regulations.

1. Do you know what the difference between a taser, stun gun, and pepper spray is?

Stop Frying Your Brain with Ink.

2. What are your thoughts on getting a concealed weapon license at this point in time?

3. Have you contemplated cycling because of welfare reform policies and increasing costs of living?

We’ll help you find what’s best for you.

4. Can a group form together to defend

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