What Can I Use To My Advantage In A Bad Situation

“My first tip for preppers is to always have a few bobby pins laying around. You never know when you might need them, and they can be used in multiple ways. Aside from using them …

“My first tip for preppers is to always have a few bobby pins laying around. You never know when you might need them, and they can be used in multiple ways. Aside from using them as hair accessories, bobby pins are great for picking locks or securing papers together.”

“My second tip is that I’m sure we’ve all heard of the term ‘I told you so’. Well, now it’s time to do some telling of our own! If there is one thing I would recommend doing today – it’s investing in a good pair of sunglasses. They’ll come in handy if the power goes out!”

1. Tell me your personal story where you believed that both your lives and livelihood were threatened by a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, volcano, etc.)

2. What was the worst thing that could have happened?

3. Have you ever lost anything or someone important to you due to a catastrophic event?

4. What are some things I can do now to help prepare for disaster so it doesn’t happen if and when it does occur?

5. Did you know nightmares are good for us since they’re just our brains processing events from the day?

In the unfortunate circumstance of a crime, do you know what to do? Most people don’t. The best way for someone to protect themselves is with knowledge and training on how they can prepare should such an event occur.

Situational Awareness is the most important factor in a bad personal protection situation. It will help you to avoid conflict as well as giving you vital knowledge about what kind of person or object your are dealing with before making any defensive actions. Stealth, Distance, Darkness and Speed can be used at different points during an attack depending on how it’s unfolding so that they work together for maximum effect.

In today’s constantly evolving world, it is more important than ever to be aware of your surroundings. We are all dealing with a myriad of stressors on the daily; work deadlines, family troubles and traffic jams – just to name a few. It can be difficult for our minds when we’re under pressure or if something stressful happens but having situational awareness will help you stay alert in order that you may respond accordingly instead of reacting blindly based on instinct alone.

Situational Awareness is the difference between life and death. Without it, you are just another sheep in a herd of prey waiting to be attacked by predators hungry for an easy meal. To make fullest use Situational Awareness, one must first study its components thoroughly before practicing them until they become second nature (pun intended). Then finally take action every day using what you have learned so that your skill doesn’t go to waste! There are many resources on this topic available online–here at SurvivalCache or SHTFBlog-it’s up to each individual whether she chooses how much time and effort he wants put into learning about situational awareness tips for survival purposes: from articles with general knowledge like “How does theory fit?” all the way down indicators specific

The OODA Loop is a decision-making strategy that you can use to quickly and correctly make the right decisions in dangerous situations. It was first developed by John Boyd, who saw it as an algorithmic approach for developing situational awareness. The name “OODA” comes from observing your surroundings, orienting with them through critical thinking and analysis, deciding on what actions need to take place next based off of previous steps until there are no more threats or challenges present at which point one should go back into observation mode again.

The way someone feels before, during, and after an event can be the difference between life or death. Jeff Copper developed a color coded description of mental states to help people better understand their feelings in these moments. The states are White (neutral), Yellow (surprise but not worried about your safety), Orange(anxiety as you’re questioning whether this is really happening) , Red- Anger/fearful rage at attacker). Understanding how each state impacts one’s ability to make decisions will allow for quick action when necessary .

The skills of the OODA Loop and mental status descriptions can be combined to create an effective tool for survival. One skill is knowing what action should take, while the other has a person identify their strengths in order to figure out which actions are most advantageous given certain circumstances. Integrating these two skills will help you make decisions about how best to use your advantages, giving you better chances of surviving during bad events like military conflict or natural disasters such as earthquakes

Stealth can refer to a number of different things, including the ability to be undetected. However it also means inconspicuous or not easily seen and in some communities is considered being “gray”. It’s one of the foremost attributes that gives you an advantage when trying to subdue someone in protection situations. The element of surprise can often give people the edge they need against predators as well; for this reason stealth must rely on remaining inconspicuously hidden until there are just enough clues given about their whereabouts so that others have time prepare themselves before anything happens which could lead them into danger


The best way to maintain stealth is by being and dressing normal. So don’t wear overt clothing that advertises you may be carrying a weapon or draws attention to you as a threat; thus, do not dress like your stance on guns or personal protection are known. Don’t carry any weapons openly at all: it’s better for them when they’re concealed instead of open carried because if someone can see the weapon then their focus will shift from what needs protecting (like children) and onto self-protection which means more exposure in terms of time spent away from potential threats while arming yourself with help against those same dangers – such an approach could lead into becoming too reliant on lethal force!

And even though I live in state where people have access to

I only wear my tee shirts with advertisements on them when I’m not in a bad situation. If someone were to see me wearing one of these tees, they might feel like it was an invitation for them to speak or get involved which is the last thing you want if something terrible has just happened and the police are still around looking for any clues that could solve this crime. You should always be careful about what your clothes say because often times people will take things at face value before taking anything else into consideration so now more than ever its important that we put our safety first while also maintaining a low profile and acting nondescriptly!

When I was in the military, we had a saying: “distance is your best friend”. Distance will allow you to plan and prepare before an attack. Keeping distance between you and any potential threat can give you time to assess their intentions or even hide from them if necessary. The key here though isn’t just about keeping as much distance away but also being able to use that space strategically so they can never get close enough for whatever reason (attack).

Using Stealth techniques will help greatly enhance how well I am prepared when it comes time for me act accordingly . Always keep a good amount of distance between yourself and anyone who may be out there trying something malicious against us – no matter what other emotions are getting mixed up with this decision-making process

You’re probably thinking, “Why does this guy need a gun?” I’m not just some wuss who can’t handle himself. When it all comes down to the wire and you are in danger, there is no one else that will stand up for you like your family or friends- but what about me? It’s time we stop being polite with these people because they won’t care when something happens to us! If someone ever tries anything threatening towards me then my first instinctive response would be trying to protect myself by any means necessary – so don’t get too close if things start getting heated.

I am an expert of self defense through martial arts training which has taught me how important guns can be as well; never underestimate

Many situations can cause a person to react, but it is better for them to respond. In order to do this they need time which means that if someone initiates an action against them then the first thing you should try and do is find out what their intentions are before reacting or responding. As soon as you notice any change in body language or tone of voice from your opponent there may be one (or more) reasons why; like feeling insulted by something said earlier on during conversation so right back at him/her with some witty banter!

In most cases, people do not have the time or money to take hand-to-hand self defense classes which is why it’s important to know how to avoid a physical altercation if necessary. As scary as that might seem at first glance, there are many techniques you can use in order of severity so long as your opponent doesn’t employ violence themselves – such as asking them politely and firmly for their name, grabbing an object they’re holding onto (such as keys) before they get closer than 2 feet from you; this will also serve the purpose of entrenching yourself further into whatever building structure nearby while preventing any potential attacker from getting close enough even with some form tackle technique against someone who may be larger and stronger.

In general,

Darkness is the perfect cover for those in need of a stealthy escape. Let me give you an example about how this can be applied to everyday life, such as at night near your house when someone may have been following you and looking through windows or peaking out from behind bushes. If it’s dark outside, turn off all lights inside so they cannot see what room are located where while also preventing them from seeing any possible exits that would allow easy access if they were planning on doing something bad like breaking into the place with weapons drawn up.

In most cases people want light around their home but sometimes darkness enables some advantage too which I will illustrate by providing two examples: firstly, say it happens to be nighttime hours and there might’ve

Your window coverings and drapes can be an issue for you if they are not properly closed. When light from inside shines out, it makes your house more visible to the outside world; this also applies whether there is a bad person in your home or just someone trying to hide their presence by using camouflage techniques. If that sounds like something that might happen, make sure all of the lights on at night are lit with timers so no one knows when anyone’s coming or going–it will take some time for people who may want what you have but don’t know how long before they try anything again!

If YOU ever fear somebody has broken into YOUR place while You were away- Why Not Start Worrying About Your Window Coverings

Darkness is your friend. While it may seem unhelpful in the light, darkness can be used to hide from attackers during a bad event and also as an escape route if need be. Darkness makes you hard for people with good vision to spot while giving them someone who has great night sight’s difficulty finding their prey

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Speed is an integral part of the “Decide” and “ACT” phases in your response to a bad event. Speed can save you from having to fight for too long, but if fighting becomes inevitable then be sure that it’s because you are confident in your skills so as not waste energy needlessly or recklessly. If there ever comes a time when physical violence must commence between yourself and another person, make sure that all participants involved have been trained well enough on how to subdue their opponent quickly with minimal fuss and effort wasted; this way they won’t get hurt themselves or anyone else by letting tussles drag out for longer than necessary!

It is often said that in order to be fast, one must practice. The only problem with this statement is the fact it’s not true for everyone. While some people can work on their skills by practicing as much as they need; others are born naturally talented and don’t have to put so much effort into achieving what most would deem an impossible feat of speed or quickness . You’ll never see someone who was simply given talent without having practiced a day in his life try out for Olympic running competitions because he has no idea how arduous the training process entails. For those individuals like myself who were gifted at birth but didn’t keep up my exercise regime while I was young, acquiring skillful levels of fitness takes time and dedication far beyond

So learn to draw from your holster and that self defense maneuver with patience. Practicing in slow motion will help you perfect the skills, but do not stop there! It is important for us all to continuously practice if we want those abilities locked into our muscle memory. My good friend Kurt sent me a great quote by John Wayne who said “I found out early on that most men, regardless of cause or need, blink an eye or draw a breath before they pull the trigger.”

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When you’re faced with a life or death situation, preparation is key. Learn self-defense skills and survival strategies to increase your chances of winning the battle against bad events in postapocalyptic scenarios!

“Hey, remember to keep your head up and eyes open while you’re out there. Remember to activate that OODA loop too! And be safe!”