USCCA Review for 2020: CCW Insurance Features, and Experience

USCCA is a company that specializes in providing firearm insurance, and they have released their 2020 CCW plan. The USCCA provides different levels of protection for its customers which includes $1 million personal injury coverage per incident, reimbursement or replacement of firearms if lost or stolen (up to the limits), and more. There are three plans available: Standard, Pro-Plus, and Elite Plus. If you want extended protection then Pro-Plus and Elite Plus are better for you because it offers things such as accidental death coverage, harm to others coverage up to $25k per person, and legal defense fund up to $100k. But if you’re not sure what kind of benefits would be best for you then a Standard plan might work

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1. What are your thoughts on a CCW insurance policy?

2. Have you ever encounter someone who tried to break into your home and you had to use lethal force?

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3. If it were the year 2020, would an insurance company cover me if I used my gun in self-defense?

4. Is there an age requirement for USCCA’s CCW insurance?

5. What is the maximum amount that you can carry on your USCCA plan up until September 2020?

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CCW insurance is something that many gun owners overlook when they first get their concealed carry permit. CCW stands for Concealed Carry Weapon or license and it allows you to legally conceal your weapon on yourself in public, there are a lot of different considerations after getting this permit including the need for an insurance policy as well. I was like most people who thought any CCW coverage would be just fine but I learned very quickly how wrong my initial assumption was because USCCA has some major benefits not offered by other policies such as $250k criminal defense protection and $2 million civil defense protection which makes them worth looking into if you want all the protective coverages available with one company!

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Concealed Carry Insurance: When you carry a concealed weapon, it’s vital to have CCW insurance. For only $22/month or $247 annually, Gold members receive up-front attorney retainer and bail bond funding in the event that they are actually required to utilize their firearm for self-defense or during an altercation.

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What is Concealed Carry Firearms Coverage? Is your state one of those that require firearms coverage? If so then more than likely your employer offers such as benefit already! Many employers offer this service through traditional home owners policies provided by various companies like State Farm

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