Ultimate List of Free Survival Gear for 2021

Contents0.1 You know, you just might need a free flashlight.0.2 Emergency supplies for the modern world.1 Give your gear a free upgrade!1.1 A surprise every day!1.2 #1 Seller on Amazon.2 The most epic survival gear2.1 …

You know, you just might need a free flashlight.

The world is a scary place right now. The threat of nuclear war, global warming and natural disasters have many people in panic mode. What if you were to wake up tomorrow morning and find the power grid has been compromised? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are prepared for any situation? This is why I’ve put together this list of free survival gear for 2021. These items will help protect your family from anything the future might hold!

Emergency supplies for the modern world.

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Give your gear a free upgrade!

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A surprise every day!

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As survivalists, we’re always on the lookout for freebies that will make our lives easier. Brands have contacted us to offer a ton of great gear and books for your bug out bag! The only catch is you’ll need to pay shipping expenses which are usually small enough not to break the bank. You can also take advantage of this opportunity either by just adding these items onto your existing cache or even buying more products from them in order cover their cost; however there’s no pressure – enjoy all this stuff without breaking the bank!

Brands have reached out with some awesome offers including a variety of supplies like emergency kits, electronics and other tools designed specifically as part-of an EDC kit so they fit seamlessly into one backpack/get

Our team has compiled this ultimate list of free survival gear so if you are tight on money but still want to be prepped, you are in luck today. We’ve ordered the list by category to make it easy for those interested in first-aid and tactical gear alike! If you’re looking for a pen with all sorts of features from self defense tools like a knife blade or glass breaker up front, look no further than our Strike Pen – an ideal item that also includes ballpoint pen functions as well as bright LEDs to start fires when needed. The next time someone asks what’s something they can do about being broke around Christmas season (or any other random day), just send them here: https://www.survivew

#1 Seller on Amazon.

So many choices! The Pen includes a detailed guide on how to use it, plus you get the Karambit Knife with protective sheath and glass breaker. Excellent for both men and women! It’s small enough that it’ll fit anywhere too. You also have Combat Dagger which is perfect as an EDC defense tool: comes with an integrated belt cutter, glass breaker sharp blade 9 inches in length stainless steel/rustproof black finish (NEW!).

Stainless and rustproof!

The most epic survival gear

FREE Grab Bag. 7-Piece Survival Kit: This is an amazing offer. You get a multipurpose tool, lighter, key knife, two mylar blankets plus survival saw and whistle for FREE with purchase of the kit  or individual items (updated December 2020). Get your own Stainless steel multi-tool now!

This is a serious game.

The Survival Business Card is perfect for those dangerous situations. Its 11 functions include a built-in wrench, saw blade and screwdriver; it has everything you need to get out of any situation with ease.

On the other hand, if your card can’t cut it as well due to design limitations or just not being able in certain circumstances then check out SharpCard Credit Card Knife which also includes an integrated knife blade that’s made from durable stainless steel while coming down on size like most standard credit cards do these days thanks to its slim profile so nothing feels too bulky when going about business all day long… Armor 1 RFID Blocker  is another great way at protecting yourself against identity theft by having technology stand between thieves reading up on

The most elite gear on the web, free.

Evatac Tactical Flashlight – The Evatac TacLite is a tactical flashlight with Q5 CREE LEDs and an alloy body. Looks great and easy to use!  HyBeam Waterproof Tactical Flashlight: This waterproof, LED-powered flashlight has 3 stages of lighting (low, high, strobe). Perfect for any bug out bag! It’s free too–search “hybeam” in the search bar at checkout on our website. J5 Survival Gear – A 250 lumen emergency light that lasts 100 years? That’s what you get when using this durable outdoor gear perfect for camping or hiking trips as well as emergencies like power failures.

The Paracord Survival Kit is the perfect addition to any survivalist’s collection. The kit includes a carabiner, tin foil, cotton tinder and more – all of which are necessary in case you find yourself lost or stranded out in the woods with limited resources. This paracord whip can also be used as an emergency lasso for those tough situations where you need something sturdy yet versatile such as tying up your tent during bad weather conditions or harnessing animals that may have wandered into camp looking for food! If things get really serious and there’s no way back home then this 7-in-1 whistle can help save lives by providing light when it needs most (it even has a compass!), temperature gauge if

Survival Grenade: This small, grenade-shaped package includes 15 tools all in one. Paracord, hooks and fishing line are just a few of the many items you can find inside this kit that is perfect for your car or bag.

Shop on the go, with these 5 items for any situation

Survival Books: These books teach valuable skills to help keep you alive when everything goes wrong! We offer exclusive free gear with every subscription–join today!.