Top 15 Survival Items You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

It’s not what you spend, it’s how you spend it. In this blog post I’ll be giving you the best survival items that can be found at your local dollar store. You may think that …

It’s not what you spend, it’s how you spend it. In this blog post I’ll be giving you the best survival items that can be found at your local dollar store. You may think that a dollar is too much to pay for an item but just wait until you see what gems are waiting for you! The 15 items will include everything from water filters, to new socks, and even a tarp. You’re going to have enough food and supplies for days with these deals so scroll down below and learn about all the amazing things that await on aisle 6 of your favorite dollar store!

1. Quick Clot (Bandage)

2. Safety Pins

3. Duct Tape

4. Gauze Bandages 3in x 4yds

5. Nite Lite Hiking Sticks 2 pcs

6. Novacaine Orajel Pain Relief 20ct jar

7. Iodine Prep Kit 6pk 1oz bottles with applicator swabs

8. LED Light Stick 2 pack solespirals with lanyard and compasslighted end on both so they don’t damage each other when transported, also the lights are small enough to fit into a hand pocket not weighing down your bag/pack! Three modes: solid, flashing or strobe

-In this article, I’ll be taking you through 15 survival kit items that can all easily be picked up at a dollar store. The prices of these products range from $1-$3 each and while they may not last forever (depending on the manufacturer), they will help keep your costs down for when an emergency strikes! We are going to explore starting with food storage options like canned goods ($2) or crackers/snacks ($1). For those who don’t eat meat there is also fruit cups($0.50) which make excellent addition since most fruits contain a lot of water content as well. You might even find some dried soup packets in the mix – great way to add flavor without adding too much salt or fat

I never realized how much water I used on a daily basis – until now. From washing dishes, doing laundry, drinking, taking care of my hygiene and cleaning up after myself to flushing the toilet (I know that’s gross!) we use more water than you probably think just by living our lives! But it doesn’t have to be all one way; if you purchase your own drum or jug or bottles then store them away for future days when things are tight. This is an easy task because storing food can also seem challenging with trying not break the bank while still keeping enough stored around in case of emergency situation such as natural disaster where power might go out preventing refrigeration from being available any longer

Utility knives are a must for any self-sufficient person. They can be used not only in emergency situations but also as an everyday tool, saving you time and money! Simply put: don’t get caught without one or your utility knife won’t last long before it’s dulling down the blade because of all that unnecessary use.

Since water is essential to life, it should be no surprise that we need a way of collecting and transporting this precious resource. If you are using metal bottles for your drinking needs (which can also double as cooking vessels) then they have many other uses too! A metal bottle could prove useful if used as:

-a signaling device;

-a trap for insects or small critters;

Walking through the woods without a lighter or matches? Not so easy. Cordage has many uses, which makes it worth carrying around on your adventures whether you are going backpacking for two days or setting up camp in an area with no fire pits. Some of its uses include binding tight to make shelters and snares that can be used as traps when hunting animals like squirrels and rabbits. Other benefits from cordage is using them to replace shoestrings if they break unexpectedly and having enough rope left over after making knots while constructing other projects (like tarps). A pack of lighters might seem expensive at first but trust me–you’ll want one before too long!

To stay healthy, it’s important to know how to cook food and boil water. If you need help with this or anything else in an emergency situation, single for someone nearby – don’t yell because your voice will only carry so far! In the event that cooking facilities are not available (or clean), make sure you bring a stockpile of supplies like utensils and tools if needed; something warm enough to keep everyone as comfortable as possible during cold weather periods is best too. For insects/predators who might put people at risk by coming close while they’re trying to sleep: find some kindling material from leaves or other natural resources around camp sites where there aren’t any bugs laying eggs on them yet (this may take time).

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for a more cost effective way to get what I want. What if there was an option that had the same effect as name brand pharmaceuticals and it would be more affordable too? As luck may have it, many generic medications are just as good quality or even better than their counterparts! And when considering all of the items in first-aid kits that might not be available at your local drugstore (ex: gauze), this is especially helpful. Just last month on my trip to Costco with my mom we found some bandannas being sold cheap – they were one dollar each! That’s definitely cheaper than anything else in our kit so far (and trust me, she has everything).

You’re done.

Survival Items You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

A water filter is a must-have for any survival situation. It collects and purifies the drinking water while keeping you from getting sweat in your eyes, all with just one item! This lightweight device can also keep us cool as well if we have to work hard by providing some relief during sun exposure hours. A face mask will prevent bugs or other debris from entering our mouths that may be harmful; it’s essential not only so we stay healthy but because there are times when breathing outside air isn’t safe like after an earthquake has happened where dangerous fumes could take over without warning – better safe than sorry now, right? The best part about this product is how its design allows it to function like two devices at once: either acting as

In the event of emergencies, it’s good to be prepared with useful items. One such item is a hefty trash bag that you can use for all sorts of tasks in your survival kit or bug out bag like temporary fixes and makeshift equipment slings. The thick plastic may not seem very versatile but there are plenty other ways to utilize this simple object besides storing junk! Use them as fire starters (tinder), sealing up windows and doors- even using one as an arm sling if needed; these bags are surprisingly resourceful so don’t forget about them next time you’re preparing supplies!

One of the most important things in preparation for a hurricane or storm is to have food and supplies on hand. The best thing to do before it hits, so as not to waste precious time when you are dealing with emergency situations is stock up on canned goods at your local grocery store that will last during power outages such food staples like soup, pasta sauce, pet foods (if needed), juice boxes, cereal packets/oatmeal cups etc., which can be found near the cash registers. When preparing home-made survival meals try packing spices into separate zip lock bags from meal kits because they become less flavorful over time; this way you’ll always have them fresh! A pack should contain: rain ponchos for protection against precipitation damage

Herbs and Spices

When the power goes out, people panic. They don’t know how to open their emergency cans of food and they get frustrated with all the methods that do not work for them. If you’re like most people who are unprepared in this situation then I have good news! There’s a quick way to fix your problem without any frustration or wasted food: invest in some manual can openers today so you’ll be prepared next time there is an outage (or if it just happens).

Dawn dish soap is one of the best soaps to use for various tasks. For example, it can be used as a general cleaner and shampoo too! There are many more uses that you may not have thought about when looking at your kitchen sink or bathtub. The common plastic Ziploc bag has other uses besides packing food in lunches- they’re great for: storing wet clothing; protecting electronics from spills while traveling (especially during air travel); sealing leftovers in an emergency situation like power outage – just don’t forget the freezer packs if using this method long term; among other things

In a survival situation, many things can be found and used for the most basic of needs. Dollar stores have an endless supply of items that could help someone in need get by until they find more permanent solutions to their problems.

Imagine this: You’re wandering through Target, when suddenly you hear a muffled boom. Suddenly the lights go out and your phone is dead. What are you supposed to do? Have no fear! The emergency supplies aisle at Target has everything that one could need in an emergency situation such as these: flashlights, batteries, water bottles- even some food items like canned beans or peanut butter packets for sustenance while waiting on help from family members or first responders.

The above list contains just some of the important essentials I recommend any person have readily available in case they find themselves caught up with unforeseen circumstances where quick action can mean life or death; so next time you happen by a big box store stop into their “emergency” section and