Top 15 Bug Out Vehicles for 2021: Ultimate Survival Vehicle Debate

Contents0.1 The only EVS on the market with a 12-month warranty.1 The most practical choice for any situation. 2 We debate everything.2.1 The one-stop shop for all your storage needs, and then some.2.2 Product description: 4. …

The only EVS on the market with a 12-month warranty.

What’s your take on the top 15 bug out vehicles for 2021? The issue is a hot topic among preppers. What are your thoughts? Do you have a bug out vehicle yet or are you still in the market?

1. What is your dream Bug Out Vehicle?

2. What are the key features on your ideal Bug Out Vehicle?

The most practical choice for any situation. 

3. Do you think campers have a place in surviving an emergency situation, or should they be avoided at all costs?

4. Have any of you ever driven off-road with a camper trailer attached to your vehicle?

5. What kind of climate do you reside in and what challenges might that climate bring when it comes to Bugging Out and getting supplies for survival? To get away from danger or engage those who want to cause harm (either by assault, robbery, vandalism, coercion etc.)


What will keep you and your family safe when the apocalypse comes? Those interested in surviving must consider their Bug Out Vehicle, which can be just as important to survival than food storage or weapons. Without a means of transportation, it’s difficult if not impossible to get out of dodge with supplies during emergencies.

We debate everything.

We spend a lot time talking about bug-out bags here at – but what do we really need for an Ultimate Survival Vehicle (Bug Out Car)? In our current society there is always the possibility that one may have to leave their primary refuge due to natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires – so what should people think about while preparing themselves? Probably first on many peoples list are reliable cars; however other factors include

You have your disaster plan in place, but what about getting out of dodge when the time comes? In a perfect world you’d be able to ride off into the sunset with an SUV at hand. However, it’s not always that simple and sometimes you need to get creative. Keep reading for some tips on bug-out vehicle preparation!

Quick Navigation. Best Bug Out Vehicle: Top 15 Picks. Let’s go over the different bug out vehicles and pros and cons to help you choose your perfect vehicle for when TEOTWAWKI hits!

1)Earth Roamer XV-LT – This is a modified truck bed camper attached to a Ford Super Duty F-550 chassis with some cool features like being able to hook up an electrical generator, 4 wheel drive capability in all terrain conditions including off road driving on steep slopes or slippery surfaces, dual battery packs that power both the motor home system as well as auxiliary systems such as lights or water pump while parked (also has added side storage compartments), advanced locking compartment inside called “The Vault” which includes

The one-stop shop for all your storage needs, and then some.

This ultimate survival vehicle has a twin-turbo diesel engine, 10,000 pound towing capacity and solar power with large battery back up pack. It also comes equipped with 85 gallons of freshwater (everything runs on diesel fuel), cassette waste management system that hooks into the exhaust pipe for easy disposal without outside help or dump stations – not like you’re going to have one available in your current situation anyway! This rig is ready for any terrain as it features heavy duty off road tires, brush guard and full size spare tire just incase something goes wrong. The front winch can pull 16500 pounds while the rear winch pulls 9500 pounds so if anything gets stuck they can easily be pulled out from their spots thanks to this bad boy. Your

The Earth Roamer XV-LT is a b*tchin’ beast of an all terrain vehicle that can tackle any surface with ease. The Pro’s are too many to list, but one thing we found interesting was the option for twin .50 caliber machine gun turrets on top (we couldn’t find it on their website though). As always there will be some people who don’t like this type if ATV because they think it isn’t family friendly enough and others who refuse to buy anything other than gas powered vehicles so you might want to check out school buses or even bug zappers before making your final decision. It ain’t cheap either; starting at $225k-$300K which means you better

What are the best vehicles to own if you’re looking for an ultimate survival vehicle? I’m glad you asked! The ATV is a great option because it’s small, agile and has powerful engines. With 4 wheel drive and aggressive tires, this little machine can go anywhere in any weather condition. There also many aftermarket options that make sense with these types of trucks such as adding on trailers or racks so they have more room for carrying things during your travels – making them perfect not just when SHTF but also while out camping too!

The Ultimate Survival Vehicle: You need something tough enough to take what mother nature throws at it AND still be able-bodied enough to get back home safely even if all hell breaks loose (pun intended).

Product description: 4.  The Human Body:


Pros: Can go almost anywhere, can cover difficult ground at great speeds, fairly fuel-efficient and affordable. Cons: Limited protection from the elements (to say nothing of what a zombie horde would do to you), limited range if your destination is more than 5 miles away or so without refueling every few hours when it gets dark, little carrying capacity unless you are willing to pack light.

With all the survival training you’ve done, your body and you will have a vested interest in getting out of any emergency situation alive. You may be able to walk, climb, run or swim through an escape route with help from your own two feet if necessary. But after that…

When thinking about bug-out scenarios involving dark places and uncomfortable positions for long periods of time while waiting for “clear paths” – think about how much weight can I carry? How far do these weights go before they become too heavy to move under my own power? What are some ways I might lighten up on those loads so that each ounce counts when it matters most?”

One truck, one world.


I had never hiked more than ten miles before my first bug out bag hike. Even on a Sunday afternoon, it was challenging to do the same in boots that I hadn’t broken-in yet and with all of those items strapped to me. When we got back from our walk around the block (I mean “hike”), my feet were soaked through and sore even though they weren’t too bad off when we started!


Do you have a good pair of shoes for hiking? Have you ever actually gone on one yourself? Have your tried anything other than walking up 10 flights or stairs lately?! Maybe climbing some rocks at an outdoor recreation area or going down hillsides into creeks like kids used to play only so

Earthroamer XV LTS Ultimate Survival Vehicle Bug Out

For your Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle, consider something that is good for all types of terrain and can carry the young and old. The SUV will give you both!

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.


When you have a family that’s always on the go, there is no better option than an SUV. With its wide range of features and capabilities like towing capacity or off-road performance, it can take your whole crew anywhere they need to be without breaking down halfway through the journey. And with seating for five people (or more), this vehicle has room enough for all their gear too!

BMW’s R 1200 GS Adventure is the ultimate adventure bike with its 8.7 gallon fuel tank and 465 mile estimated cruising range, this motorcycle will take you anywhere without having to worry about refueling too often! With a powerful 112 Hp engine, reinforced side bags for extra storage space as well as a top case that can carry just about anything along for the ride (including more gas!), BMW has created an off-road machine that goes where few bikes dare to go while still keeping riders comfy on long rides thanks in part due to their advanced adjustable suspension system.

If you are looking for a rugged and versatile off-road vehicle, the Campa EVS is it. This state of the art SUV has been designed with versatility in mind to take on both everyday driving situations as well as more extreme terrain like field or desert operations. With its extended range fuel tank this car can go up to 500 miles without refueling which will last most people at least 2 weeks before they have had enough adventures!

The World’s Safest Off-Road Vehicle

Camp a USA has been making quality equipment for those with an adventurous spirit since 1969. Now, they’ve taken that experience and combined it with the Toyota Tacoma 4×4 V6 by designing their new Expeditionary Truck Trailer! This trailer is perfect for your long-distance excursions or short camping trips near home thanks to its versatility in both carrying capacity and fuel efficiency. It comes equipped with several features like ammo boxes as well as Campa’s katadyn water purification system which will ensure you never run out of food on your adventures — no matter how far away from civilization you go!.

UNICAT is a company that takes the idea of an expeditionary vehicle and expands on it. Instead of being just for exploring, they offer their vehicles to be used in any situation you might need them which includes emergency shelters or even off-road racing. The UNICATS are built with three different engine sizes so if your needs require something more than what one can give then there will always be something available as well as various chassis upgrades depending on where you’re going (off road vs city).

Drives like a car, hauls like a truck.


The UNICAT Amerigo 6×6 is so powerful, you could crush your opponents with it! The truck’s chassis was made by International Trucks and has the ability to handle any terrain. You can even add a motorcycle or bike rack on the back for quick transportation when needed.

We’ve got adventure in our blood.

Keep your apocalypse supplies, with a well-equipped Expeditionary Vehicle you will be ready for any emergency.

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most capable vehicles in its class with off-road capabilities that make it a great choice for drivers who need to navigate terrain but want some semblance of comfort. One downside, however, may be fuel consumption when taking on long journeys and trips where you’ll spend more time driving than not – your mileage will vary from 8 MPG up depending on how much you drive at all times throughout the day! The cost can also sometimes seem steep (a used model starts around $600k) so if this isn’t an issue then consider what other features might suit your needs best such as carrying capacity or storage options.

10 or more hours of music on your cat!

The Jeep Wrangler is the perfect vehicle for anyone who loves to explore new and different places. With its off-road capability, you can take your adventure where ever it may be! All of this comes with an initial investment that will last a lifetime because when you purchase a Jeep Wrangler, there are plenty of opportunities to build on what initially came standard like: air conditioning or power windows – either way these options make life easier in any environment. Larger cons would have been things such as limited carrying capacity which limits potential long trips unless bringing another car along; lack of storage space (you’ll need those rooftop racks); hard time sleeping inside due to no roof rack adapter bar meaning bring extra bedding