The Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe: A Civilized Battle Axe

It’s not a bad idea to have it in the back of your head that things might go wrong. A Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is a battle axe, but not just any battle axe. …

It’s not a bad idea to have it in the back of your head that things might go wrong.

A Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is a battle axe, but not just any battle axe. It’s civilized. This manly tool for survival has a polished finish and looks more like an heirloom than a weapon. You’ll have to slay your own dragons with this baby because it won’t do the job for you. But when you’re in need of some firewood or chopping up some kindling, this guy will be there by your side ready to serve as part of your team in the fight against nature’s elements that are trying to take us down one at a time.

1. The Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is a battle axe that has all the tools needed to tackle a variety of different survival tasks. What do you think makes it an attractive survival weapon?

2. Are there tools and features on the Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe that are particularly important for off-the-grid remote living scenarios?

3. What do you feel comfortable chopping with the Stihl Pro Universal Forest Axe, and would like to stop chopping with this tool if given difficult roots or branches to chop?

4. Would you rather use your axe as a weapon instead of other, noncombative purposes like splitting blocks of wood for cooking fires or constructing area defenses such as a log crib. Why

The axe is a weapon with which both zombies and Wood share common ground. Their similarity lies in the ease that they are split by an ax, despite their different material compositions; wood’s delicate structure can be easily broken apart while iron isn’t so fragile. Additionally, though ancient stone axes served as some of humanity’s earliest tools for hunting or self-defense at 6000 BCE., it wasn’t until 600 years ago when metal ones were developed—iron was much stronger than its predecessor stones! But this longevity did not last long: during the 1600s firearms displaced battle axes from prominence on battlefield tactics due to how effective guns (and gunpowder) became against armies.

However, recent zombie hype has caused renewed interest into these heavy

Since axes cut wood, a broken handle can render the weapon useless. A club is all that’s left when a metal axe breaks in battle – and they’re heavy!

Ever wanted to change the way you chop wood in a flash? With battle axes, we can narrow and extend blades- giving them an even more frightening look. We also have sharper edges which will cut through anything defenseless like butter! They’re great for chopping because they provide maximum range of motion without wasting too much energy – it’s all about getting quickly back into position! Plus with our patented Quick Navigation System (QNS), there is no need to struggle around looking for your axe every time that tree falls down or firewood needs chopped.


With out QNS system, finding what you want has never been easier- just scan barcodes on any nearby objects with your handy dandy phone app and boom: bam…you’ll be

The axe is an essential part of the “Responsible Recreation” kit, but not all axes are created equal. Steel has a host of variations: from overseas iron that is soft and rusty to finely crafted German blades polished and sharpened, to hand-forged Swedish steel that preserves the old ways. Handles range from Ash wood handles which offer good durability for heavy work such as chopping down trees or splitting firewood; Hickory handles provide increased grip while being light enough for fine detail tasks like whittling with ease; Fiberglass provides excellent strength without added weight by protecting against impacts making it useful in some instances where you need something more durable than plastic yet lighter than metal—like when hiking through rough terrain far away from civilization

Wood is a material that has been used to make axe handles for hundreds of years, but it comes with its share of disadvantages. Wood can be damaged by impacts from overstrikes and water exposure causing the handle to rot or split in two. Stihl addressed these issues when designing their Pro Universal Forestry Axe by using Hickory wood as well as adding metal reinforcement around the neck of this tool so you don’t risk damaging your investment! Plus, because they use quality materials on all axes (not just some!), you know that any purchase will come out lasting for decades without needing replaced – which saves money too!

One major advantage wooden axe handles have are durability, strength transfer power transfer and shock reduction due to how durable they are made compared

The Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is the latest in a long line of axes, and it’s here to stay. It possesses all the desired qualities that any true woodman desires: strength, toughness and beauty. The axe head weighs just under three pounds with an exceptional length of 27 inches for maximum reach or precision chopping needs! These features make this instrument perfection; hang your head out because you’re not worthy enough to wield such power!

Hang your head with LUMI.

The Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is not your average axe. This German-made tool for chopping down trees has an overbuilt handle and steel sleeve, as well as a head made by the company that produced some of Europe’s first axes in 1856 – Ochsenkopf! But it doesn’t stop there: to make sure this mighty ax stays put on its strong footed base, they designed their own Rotband-Plus system – literally bolting the blade onto the fitted handle with screws and metal wedges so you can trust when you swing that everything will be staying where it should…and no one gets hurt.


Forged from 1060 German steel, this axe is ready for any task you ask of it. The head and blade are forged together to outlast the traditional axes most often put into storage in favor of more modern tools with a lifespan shorter than their owners.

Axe heads are often of variable heat treatment with a different hardness at the bit (cutting edge) end compared to the eye (handle hole). Ochsenkopf axes move this hardened area back, and Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is no exception. The 1060 steel in its blade has been treated an inch-and-a half from the cutting edge which creates more durable metal without compromising sharpness.


Battle axes are heavy and hard to swing with precision at an armored opponent. They may have been used as a last resort weapon against knights, but they were just too limited in their use for the common foot soldiers on both sides of battle.

Battle axes are imposing weapons best suited when fighting opponents who don’t wear armor – or if you can get close enough without being stopped by sword-wielding enemy troops first!

But swung wildly and with disregard for the landing zone, axes broke without warning. And while any axe can be dangerous (even to its user), not all are created equal. You might find a battle ax hiding in that woodpile or campfire by your side–or maybe even today’s modern forest-axe?

For the curious, informed and committed.


But as he took swings at his target, it became clear that these usually reliable weapons were about to break due to their wild movements and lack of care when they landed on anything but an open field where there was nothing after which could stop them from continuing their uncontrolled flight through space until they found purchase against something sturdy enough withstand such force upon contact like you would see if one had stumbled onto a battlefield centuries ago.–Tomah

Our Stihl Pro Universal Forestry Axe is a must-have for homesteaders or anyone venturing into the woods. The blade can be used to cut through brush, chop wood, and break ice with one hand; while its handle doubles as an excellent self defense weapon in case of emergency!

Our Stihl Pro Universal Forest Axes are perfect for any on-the-go survivalist who’s looking for a reliable hard use tool that has multiple purposes: chopping up tree limbs and kindling logs, breaking down icy surfaces like sidewalks with ease—it even makes short work of pesky branches blocking your path!