The Parry Blade: Survival Gear Review for 2020

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The Saw Back is a better way to wear a backpack.

Every year, preppers look for new ways to survive the end of the world. This year’s hottest survival gear is a knife that can cut through anything. The Parry Blade is an innovative diamond-coated blade that will save your life in any situation! With this knife, you won’t be caught off guard by anyone or anything when SHTF. Get yours today and never have to worry about being prepared again!

Survival Gear Review Parry Blade Survival Knife

Likes people. Likes them a lot.

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Handheld weapons for people who don’t want to be stabbed by sharp objects.

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5. Does this blade depend on any electricity or fuel sources and what are those names/kinds?

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After a lifetime of service with the British SAS, Mel Parry found himself dissatisfied by what he saw as inferior quality blades. He knew that these professionals deserved something better than just “functional.” And so in 1995, after years spent designing and refining his product line for use in military operations abroad and at home – Quick Navigation was born to provide knives made specifically for professional users who demand reliability beyond anything else.

Survival Gear Review

In the Mid 1990’s 22nd Special Air Service Regiment Veteran Officer Warrant WO QGM Mel Perry (aka: “Mel Perri”) recognized an opportunity when it came knocking; unable to find reliable survival tools suitable for modern combat or everyday tasks among current vendors – such as folding knifes- he set

Survival Gear Review Parry Blade Survival Knife

Born on the Fourth of July.

The Perry Blade is a cutting-edge knife that was designed by retired military. The blade, recognized as one of the most innovative knives to date, has been in production for 13 years (since 2009).

The Samuel Staniforth handcrafted, black coated knife is said to be the best of its kind. The chef’s blade has a serrated back edge and offers several other cutting edges for versatility in different situations such as slicing soft foods or chopping vegetables with precision.

Your culinary partner.

The Knife is a 9 inch long, full tang knife made from ¼ inch thick X46Cr13 420 stainless steel. The blade of the knife has been ground to razor sharpness and honed for fine cutting and whittling purposes. This would make it ideal for making fire sticks in addition to all other uses that may arise when you need one last tool on your person before leaving camp or have forgotten yours at home!

So what if you’re stranded on a deserted island?

The knife is an all-purpose survival tool, with a serrated edge for cutting through ropes and gristle. The main blade has bevel ground edges to provide unmatched strength that can cut down trees using its powerful chopping stroke. Near the choil are razor sharp areas ideal for fine and precise cuts such as making fire sticks or whittling wood into spears when necessary in times of need.

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The knife is made of durable, full tang construction with black linen micarta screwed on for easy replacement. This makes the blade perfect both in combat and survival situations because it can be used as a restraint or makeshift weapon when needed.

The sturdy steel holds up to any task but does not get scratched easily while resisting corrosion due to its strong metal composition that’s been coated with tungsten carbide powder paint finish which offers extreme resistance against wear-and-tear despite exposure to air and water environments

Survival Gear Review

The knife is designed with short guards so that one can choke up the grip for fine work. The ricasso has been extended and it comes with linger grooves to make this option more firm and comfortable, which means you don’t need a lot of pressure on your wrist when performing finer tasks. It also features squared-off steel butt ends in order to use them as hammers either way; these are file cut in order to reduce slippage during striking because there’s no other side where the blade isn’t utilized for hammering purposes, thus making it easier than ever before! It includes lanyard holes at both sides of its handle – just put some paracord through if you want an additional survival aid or have any doubts about keeping

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The Parry Blade is a knife that defines work. With its strong, but lightweight design and clean features, the blade can be used for any occasion—from hunting to food prep or just general tasks around the house! The best part? It’s so inexpensive you won’t regret it if it’s misplaced in your toolbox or pocket.

The Mel Parry Signature Bowie Knife is the perfect tool for any job with its 13.75 inch blade and 8.75 inch blade length, it can handle anything from cutting wood to skinning animals! The 420 stainless steel coated in black Teflon makes this knife extremely durable, hard enough that you’ll need a rockwell hardness of 57-58 Rc on your testing device to scratch it up after years of use even if you’re doing some serious chopping or prying jobs! With an edge bevel ground main edge and hollow grind near the Choil like they do on some combat knives; we have ourselves one handy little utility knife here ready for whatever might come our way out there in the wilderness because nothing should get between us

You might not be able to afford a Ferrari, but you can drive like one.

This knife is perfect for making fire sticks, and it’s also razor sharp! The 9″ blade is made of X46Cr13 420 stainless steel.

Survival Gear Review Chopping Test

I had trouble at first with not babying the edge on this knife as it came from the factory. However, after I took a plunge and was amazed to see how well it sliced through ⅛” thick steel! After some food prep testing (slicing apples, chopping melons), I found that while 9″ long and ¼’ thick – so no tomato slicer but great for combative purposes!.

It’s not just for show, this knife is designed to be a multitool that can do anything. The center of balance on the blade and curve make it great at chopping while the handle has many different grip positions so you’ll never tire out your hand from one task. In testing we found that most users were able to chop 10 boards before feeling fatigued in their arms or hands!

We tested the brute against a full size machete, and a 1 ¼ lbs. hatchet. In 30 seconds the brute out chopped other cutting implements by quite a bit at chopping up plants for soup stock or battoning your way through any campsite chores required of you in an emergency situation where all tools are lost but one knife is left behind to survive with when disaster strikes! The serrations on this blade didn’t seem like they would be good for batonning, but it was surprisingly easy for me to use these saw teeth as makeshift spikes without interfering with my ability chop efficiently-definitely something I’ll have keep in mind next time I’m backpacking into the wilderness again…

I would like to talk about the nuances of a bone saw. The blade does not cut straight through bones, but instead scores it so that you can snap off cleanly what is on top. I did this with many different types of wood and was surprised by how well the finish held up! There were some scratches during penetration testing because it’s harder than most woods due to its density – though there are still no signs after repeated use in harvesting trees for firewood as well as cutting down branches from dead or dying ones

Survival Gear Review

A low-cost option for testing your product, but it’s not pretty.

The integrity of a knife’s finish is important when using them over long periods; however, even if your blade gets scratched here and there while penetrating into softer objects – such as corkboard or cardboard-

The knife is not perfect for people with small hands, but it has a handle designed to be wrapped in paracord. It also features robust full-tang construction and steel at the butt of its pommel that can be used as an emergency hammer. I found one downside worth mentioning: The included sheath may seem bulky to some users who want more security than what’s offered by this particular case’s design

When I first saw the Parry Blade, my initial impression was that it is just another “Rambo Knife” gimmick. This couldn’t be further from reality; this knife has been very well thought out and designed with quality in mind for an affordable price point of only $300!

You won’t be bored with the Dislikes.

The Kershaw Outcast is the perfect survival knife for any outdoor enthusiast. This 9-inch blade has a 3/16 inch thick stainless steel and comes in black linen micarta with hollow ground section that’s honed to razor sharpness, making it ideal for whittling fire sticks as well as fine cutting tasks like food preparation or dressing game animals. Reviewers recommend this product because of its great quality at an affordable price point – not to mention how easy it was to use when compared against other knives on the market.

We also found a review of the Parry Blade by Australian Hunter Magazine – (Click Here) to see what they had to say about it. The article pointed out that this is not just any knife – it was made with survivalists in mind and because these knives are hand-made, there’s only one run available which means you have no choice but buy or be left behind! This blade is made for those who live outdoors all year long without access o electricity so if your looking for something more than an every day carry, then look into buying a Parry Blade today before its too late!

We also found an article from Australian Hunting Magazine talking about how great our favorite new knife is called “The Parasite” by Survivalist Kn

Mel Perry, SAS

A knife that never fails you.

The knife with the heftiest of handles has been selected by Richard Branson to be flown around the world in a balloon. With its use as an instrument for survival, it’s no wonder that special forces units have shown interest!

The Collins/Parry Knife, the first new combat knife design in more than 60 years and designed for modern warfare, has been met with a lot of excitement since its inception. In spite of early difficulties in obtaining funding due to Brexit concerns, initial prototypes have shown great promise on tests so far—as well as some grumblings from other designers jealous at not having thought up such an ingenious idea themselves!

At the time of writing this article however (late 2018), few pre-production models exist; while it is clear that many people are excited about what this innovative design could bring to both military personnel and civilians alike, we can’t help but wonder if all our hopes will be dashed by Britain’s departure from Europe.