The Easiest 100 Gallons of Emergency Water Storage

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You’ve been busy filling your pantry with emergency food, stocking up on toiletries and supplies. Now it’s time to think about the most important resource of all: water. You’re going to need at least 100 gallons worth for a family of four. And it has to last you an entire year! That’s no easy feat without a lot of planning ahead…

It’s a new thing.

Do you have any idea how much space that takes? How many plastic jugs or containers you’ll need? We don’t want you worrying so we’re here with five quick tips on how you can make this happen in just one day! Ready? Let’s get started!

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

1. What types of emergency does storing water protect you from?

Customize your thoughts and publish them to other people’s timelines.

2. How much water should you store for a disaster?

3. Would you provide your sources to share with preppers?

It’s like a rock. It just works.

4. How do I set up my emergency shelter based on the situation type that I am in?

5. Can someone please tell me some tips and techniques about storing or finding enough clean water in an emergency situation?

The best emergency water storage container for your home.

Viggo Mortenson’s quick thinking to fill up the bathtub in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road saved his family from dangerous, life-threatening water withdrawal. This is a great idea and something I plan on doing in any emergency situation with enough prior warning; however, it may not be as sanitary as using the WaterBOB which can easily keep an extra gallon of clean drinking water for emergencies like this one without putting your health at risk.

Watch your health, not your age.

In John Kratina’s book The Road he tells about how right after the nuclear explosion (or whatever it was) Viggo Mortensen ran into their bathroom and filled up all five bathrooms so that they had plenty of fresh running tapwater available when everyone else lost access

The Ultimate Water Emergency Kit

For the individual who doesn’t want to take the time and energy filling up 100 gallons of water, WaterBOB is a great solution. This heavy duty plastic bag fits in your bathtub with an overflow hole that directs any leaks out into other containers on either side. The tubing lets you fill it from anywhere near its location – even outside! And if for some reason this just isn’t enough, there’s always room for doubling or tripling down with two or three bags at once.

I know you don’t want to take a bath, but there are two things I think about the WaterBOB. First of all, cleanliness is important! You might not bathe for days and maybe your tub hasn’t been cleaned in weeks already– that means it’s dirty. Second of both— longevity: What if this 100 gallons isn’t enough? The water left standing inside your bathtub will be dirtier than ever before after several weeks (depending on how many people live with you).

Why would you want anything else?

The WaterBOB isn’t going to lose a drop. It is an effective, affordable solution for storing water in any area of the house that will not be flooded or where you can easily plug it up if there are interruptions of service

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The Bathtub Solution: The cheapest and most compact way to store your family’s emergency supply

WaterBOB is a product that will quickly and easily store 100 gallons of clean water in an emergency. The price may seem steep at first, but it’s cheaper than buying 50 gallon barrels or other containers which are typically food grade

Say goodbye to wet, cold floors!

Your first reaction may be the WaterBOB seems too expensive for what you can get elsewhere! But when you consider how much money you would spend on those 55-gallon drums plus lids to fit them all, not just once but repeatedly over time as they wear out–I’d say the difference between $200 dollars and $50-$100 really doesn’t sound so bad after all.