Surviveware Large First Aid Kit Hands-on Review: Worth It?

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One of the best ways to keep your clothes on. 

“I’m sure you’ve seen the memes. You know, that one with the guy carrying a bunch of stuff in a bag and saying “I got 99 problems but a first aid kit ain’t one.” Well, I’m here to tell you today that it might not be such an exaggeration after all. We are living in uncertain times – when even natural disasters can wipe out everything we have in minutes. That’s why I am reviewing this Surviveware Large First Aid Kit from Amazon today.”

The most versatile cutting tool in the world. 

1. Why is the Surviveware large first-aid kit essential in any survival emergency?

2. Does this first aid kit come with instructions on how to use all of the medicines and treatments?

We tell you where your food comes from.

3. Does this first aid kit come with a guide for identifying medical issues and conditions that may arise during an emergency?

4. If someone had access to it, could they survive long enough to get rescued if they were alone in a place where there wasn’t much help available? If you would like an answer please provide an explanation for why or what types of things others should consider before purchasing it (e.g., “I live close to metropolitan areas, so I’m not too worried about having rescue 24/7/

It’s a Honda.

A first aid kit is a must-have for any adventure. However, they are often overlooked by many outdoor enthusiasts and can be the difference between life or death in some cases. This review of Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit with Bonus Mini will help you find out if it has what your need to make sure that all bases are covered on an expedition into unknown territory.

Product description: Interior 

Surviveware Large First Aid Kit and Bonus Mini. The Surviveware large first aid kit is perfect for storing all of your emergency medical supplies in one place while also having an added bonus mini-kit with some basic bandages, hydrogen peroxide xtra strong liquid cleaner, a pair of nitrile gloves (size: M), 16 adhesive dressings 3″x3″, 5 antibiotic ointments 0.5g each tube 8”, 6 triangular bandage pads 2” x 4”.

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The bag is sturdy, and has a convenient MOLLE strap system for attaching it to just about anything you can think of. Whether biking through the city or hiking in the woods, this bad boy will not budge! The perfect accessory for your next outdoor adventure as well as any day-to-day life event that requires extra storage space.

The Surviveware First Aid Kit is a must-have for any family. With 600D Polyester Bag, 7.5” Shears, 18″ Splint X1 and more than 100 pieces of gear in this kit you will be prepared to handle just about anything from minor cuts to major emergencies with the first aid handbook that comes included!

Find the right place for everything. 

When I looked at pictures on the Surviveware website, it was not difficult to tell that their large first aid kit would be quite big. But because many kits today claim they are “large” but end up being much smaller than expected, I decided to break out my ruler and measure just how big this one really is – or so I thought. When closed, this first aid kit measured 10 ½” long by 7 3/8” wide by 5 ¼ high; when opened it’s 17 inches from side-to-side! Knowing these dimensions could come in handy depending on where you store your survival gear so if you’re considering buying a new one then definitely take some time measuring them before making any purchases!

The kit comes in a bright red color to prevent loss and is made of durable material so it can be reused. The carrying case also has measurements on the outside for those who need more precise measuring tools like me!


The bag is designed to withstand even the harshest of environments! With a water-resistant exterior, sturdy straps and durable material that won’t wear out easily.

Read this and live.

When I unzipped the bag, it was like opening a treasure chest. All of the supplies were neatly organized and labeled for easy access in case of emergencies or large-scale disasters.

The first aid kit is a one-stop shop for all your emergency medical needs and includes everything you need to keep yourself safe. Along with the essential supplies like bandages, gauze pads, ointments, sterile gloves–you’ll find even more goodies (like safety pins).

The First Aid Kit for Adventurers.

The top row of the kit is filled with safety pins and an emergency whistle, two items that are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. The metal tweezers work effectively when they need to grab something small or thin; I also like how durable these ones seem compared to plastic ones. Lastly, cutting shears make quick work out of any job!

I love the size of these cutting shears. Though they are large in their own right, I find that it’s a major plus being able to get different sized holes for my hands and gloves on them as well! The CPR kit is great too with all its essentials but what really makes me fall in love every time I use one of these kits is the first aid guide at the front pocket – small enough so you can have it handy when needed yet big enough not to lose track or forget where things go if your short-term memory isn’t quite up-to-par like mine 😉

We’re not afraid of water. 

In the most common first aid kit you can find yourself running into sometimes unusual situations. With this in mind, there are some precautions to take and steps that should be taken when faced with such a situation as well. The full list of items is detailed below:

The first time I saw this tool, it looked like a savior. This is the most useful and versatile medical kit that I have ever had! There are times where you don’t need to carry large emergency supplies on your person or in your pack all of the time; having them secured elsewhere makes more sense. But when accidents happen near home base, there’s no denying how convenient these things can be!

You’re not in your car, you’re on the bus. 

The Mini Kit is a small, zippered pouch that fits comfortably in almost any pocket. This kit contains all of the essentials for basic first aid: safety pins, latex gloves (for people with allergies), cutting shears to cut clothing off injured areas and bandages galore! There’s also CPR masks as well as tape and Q-tips included too – basically anything you need when someone gets hurt or suffers an injury on your watch. I was pleasantly surprised by what else came tucked inside this little package though – there was a handy credit card tool which can be used in case you ever find yourself needing to break glass if it would help save someone from having their blood spilled out over everything like some kind of horror movie villainess person who’s

No other paper company can match our customer service and quality.

Surviveware is a company that specializes in providing credit card tools for any situation. A typical Surviveware Credit Card Tool features:

For the lady on-the-go with dirty hands. 

The Screwdriver – Measures 5 cm and has an all-purpose blade with screw head slot, can opener notch, openers on the back edge of the tool. The Ruler – measures 2 inch by 7 inches long to be used as both a ruler or straightedge when measuring things like wood boards or cables. The Can Opener – Cuts cans with ease using its sharp serrated wheel cutter knife edge while being backed up by two side hooks which allow it to puncture plastic bottle caps too! There’s also a Bottle Opener if you need one! And finally there are many other functions including

This first aid kit provides everything you need for survival. Not only is it durable and water-resistant, but there are also individual pockets labeled to make sure that your gear stays organized no matter what. With this kit on hand, the next time disaster strikes you’ll be ready!

Give a life, not just an explanation.

Surviveware’s first aid kit is perfect for any environment! It can be stored in the back of your vehicle, strapped onto a bike or pack and even hung on the workshop wall. I think it will work well at home with its 600D polyester container that resists water damage and offers several carrying options. The medical supplies are neatly organized within this bag to make them easy to find when you need them- making sure no one has an excuse not to have access

A: This large first aid kit by Surviveware is great because it works anywhere – from being stored in your car, attached to a bicycle or backpack, hanging off walls indoors as well as sitting comfortably on shelves inside homes.

The $100 first aid kit that will keep you alive.

There are many things to love about this kit. The variety of supplies included is great because it covers most medical situations someone could run into. It also includes a tourniquet that isn’t always found in first aid kits, which means you might be surprised when your adventure takes an unexpected turn for the worse and becomes something much more serious than just scrapes or cuts!