SurvivalCache Writer Interview: Dan C.

When the zombies come, who will you call? Who will be on your team to help you survive in this post-apocalyptic world? You might not find out until it is too late. Dan C., author …

When the zombies come, who will you call? Who will be on your team to help you survive in this post-apocalyptic world? You might not find out until it is too late. Dan C., author of SurvivalCache blog, has been researching survival skills and techniques for over a decade. He teaches classes on how to live off the land and even offers tips on what types of equipment he recommends for those looking into prepping. This weekend we sat down with him to learn more about his work as an expert in survival preparedness and why he thinks that being well versed in bushcrafting is important when it comes to surviving against the undead horde or any other disaster.

This Saturday, June 4th at 3pm EST I

1. What is your background in survival and prepping?

2. What other skills do you have that would be helpful to a group or family?

3. Has the “prepper” mindset changed over the past few years, with more people preparing for disasters?

4. How would you describe your preparation level?

5. Do you feel prepared now living in this uncertain time?

Armed with a doctorate in medicine and experience as an avid hunter, Dan has the knowledge to offer medical advice on matters of life or death. It is no surprise that he developed trauma programs for emergency services professionals across the state. He also authored more than 14 books about health care topics like cardiac research, education methods such as study guides and manuals, how patients should be treated before they are discharged from hospitals after surgery; plus many other topics integral to understanding healthcare better. One thing you might not know about him? He was awarded two patents during his career- one for a device used in chest compressions called LUCAS2 Chest Compression System (LCCS) which provided higher rates of survival among infants who suffered sudden infant deaths syndrome (

Dan is a war veteran turned life-saver. From Haiti to Nicaragua, he has flown around the world and put himself in dangerous situations all for one reason: saving others’ lives with his medical expertise. His training includes tactical pistol courses from tier 1 instructors as well as emergency care classes on how to save someone who may have been shot or stabbed by an assailant. He also enjoys studying urban survival techniques when not trying to help people get better through medicine at home or abroad – think of him like your next door neighbor that can do everything if need be!

Dan’s life has been shaped by the need for self-sufficiency. He grew up in rural America, learning how to hunt and fish with his father at an early age before heading off into law enforcement as a private investigator. His extensive knowledge of firearms training is what he teaches today–even though Dan can do much more than just teach you about guns!

Dan C. has been teaching people about personal protection, urban survival and emergency preparedness for the past five years with his lectures to civic organizations, corporations and law enforcement agencies on these topics. Dan answers 17 Survival Questions in case you’re ever caught unprepared: 1) What is your Every Day Carry?

2) I carry a Sig P320 pistol (a 9mm), Spyderco pocket knife (folding 4″ blade), Kyocera cell phone, keys from my car or house that are important to me like garage door opener remote controls etc., wallet which includes cash as well as credit cards so have access even if bank account frozen by authorities after EMP attack; Luminox 3000 series watch- keeps track of time while electromagnetics

Favorite Bug Out Pistol? Sig 320 with night sights, Sig M11-A1 as backup. 3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol? I pick one or the other based on attire. 4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine? Rock River AR-15 with 512 EOTECH and Surefire remote activated light IR capable in case we have to shoot at dark targets without giving up our own position by using a flashlight! 5a) My favorite rifle is Remington Model 700 because it’s reliable but also affordable for low income shooters who don’t want an expensive weapon that may not work due to being too old; plus its accuracy makes me confident when shooting my first shot from a long distance away (especially if there are multiple assailants

1. What is your favorite item in the Bug Out Bag? Fire starting tools, they are my go-to and never fail me! 2. How do you know when to bug out? I will always have a plan A and B that’s how it should be if there isn’t an emergency already happening I’m prepared for one ahead of time 3. Write about what would happen after bugging out from work on August 20th at 4:30pm – It was just another day working till 5 pm but as soon as we left the office everything changed like something bad happened or worse could’ve been coming our way so without hesitation or question everyone started packing up their stuff right away because no matter where life takes us tomorrow morning needs to

I can’t decide on my favorite Bug Out Bag, so I just use Camp Trails Internal Frame 3800 cubic inch backpack. It has a lot of pockets and compartments that are really useful for storing all the gear you might need in an emergency situation. As far as firearms go, I prefer Sig P320 semi-automatic pistols because they’re compact but have 15 round magazines which means more shots before reloading! My home defense rifles/shotguns don’t get used often since it’s easier to defend myself with something lighter like my handgun unless there is some type of animal danger outside (like bears). There are many survival books out there; however, two popular ones include Survival Wisdom: Know How Survive Anywhere by Bradford Angier and

What are some of the most important things to have in your bug-out bag? Obviously, having a knife and water purification devices is necessary. However, don’t forget that fire starting kits will be vital if you need warmth or cooking! And not only should one carry plenty of food but also other items like flashlights/headlamps for when it gets dark out there on those lonely trails. You’ll want something sharp so make sure to include knives with gut hooks as well as multitools–their usefulness cannot be overstated! By following these tips, you will ensure that your survival kit includes all necessities while fitting into any backpack size requirement.

Survival tools in your BOB (bugging out) pack: GPS units were