SurvivalCache Founder Interview: Drew P

My name is Drew P., the founder of SurvivalCache. I’m excited to share my story with you, an interview so that you can learn more about me and what makes me tick. I’ve been living …

My name is Drew P., the founder of SurvivalCache. I’m excited to share my story with you, an interview so that you can learn more about me and what makes me tick.

I’ve been living in a state of preparedness for over twenty years because it’s one of those things that never goes out of style. As we prepare for the worst, we also hope for the best which is why I’ve created this company to help people be ready as well. It takes a lot to keep up with all these new technologies coming out every single day but they’re worth it if they make your life easier or better. There are some really cool gadgets on our site right now like our newest product called “The Ultimate Bug Out Bag

1. Have you ever had to use SurvivalCache or any of the tips and tricks that go along with it?

2. What was one pro tip you have discovered using SurvivalCache?

3. Who is your favorite prepper and why?

Drew has always been around guns and the outdoors. His father, who was also a hunter, raised him to appreciate both from an early age by taking Drew on outdoor adventures with hunting trips included in his life since he could walk. He received his first gun when he turned 6 years-old: a single shot .22 rifle that is what started it all for him and instilled this passion into every aspect of his life ever since then!

Growing up, my father was always tinkering with firearms. When I got older and he began taking more interest in what interested me – shooting guns – it only made sense that we would get him a job as an armorer for several companies to keep his skills sharp. He’s also now working at the local gun range so they can call on him when their staff is short-handed or if there are any other jobs that need doing around the shop like polishing wood stocks or refitting parts of old weapons.

Drew is a self-proclaimed firearms expert who has been certifying himself in various types of shooting. He’s won many competitions with his trusty 1911, and he also knows about long range ballistics. Drew would like to share all the knowledge he wants you to have!

Every day I carry my Glock 19 that has a Streamlight TLR-1 and an extra mag or two, Benchmade Mini Griptilian folding knife which is D2 Steel with stainless steel hardware. The other most important item to me is the Suunto Clipper compass because it can survive anything from falls to being submerged in water for over 20 minutes at 100 meters depth! Another favorite thing of mine are these straps called “Superesse Straps” made by Petr Kratochvil who invented them right here in Czechoslovakia And you know what else? It’s not just a strap; they have this cool feature where if someone grabs your bag while on the move then all out panic mode kicks into high gear when

Favorite bug-out rifle or carbine? AR15 with a CMMG .22LR conversion. Windham Weaponry 9mm carbine for compatibilty to Glock magazines, Winchester Model 54 and Model 70 rifles because of their accuracy. Browning A5 shotgun for bird hunting purposes, it should be noted that the amount of food at my house can vary but 3 weeks is typically how I would prepare myself in case an event such as an attack were to happen

1. What are your top 7 items in the bug out bag?

2. How would you survive without coffee every morning? 3. Where is a good place to go if I can’t stay at my house during an emergency or disaster situation and need shelter, food, water, power backup for electronics etc.?

The ol’ Silver Bullet, my ’04 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 SR5 V6 5-speed. 3″ lift, 10-ply offroad tires, truck box with extraction gear and repair items. 11: BDS Tactical 378 Pack to hold all our equipment securely in place during transport plus an IFAK MOLLE pouch for any needed medical care while on the go; twin pistol mag pouches that are double strapped so they don’t bounce around as we move through rough terrain; a GI wool blanket wrapped snugly inside just in case it is wet or cold out before you find shelter from danger’s way (we’re not running away!), and finally there is a small 2 person tent secured tightly to the outside

Doomsday Prepper

I have many books that I refer to when it comes to survival. They range from the SAS Handbook, One Second After by William R Forstchen (which was recently made into a movie), My Side of Mountain and US Army Field Manuals just to name a few. As for movies, I can’t get enough! Some favorites are The Road – adapted from Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel about an apocalyptic world with no human survivors; Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington who is on his way across post-apocalyptic America with what he believes may be mankind’s last Bible; Dawn Of The Dead remake in which flesh eating zombies start attacking people inside shopping malls while they’re trying to survive during the end times