Survival Shotgun Part 6: Cleaning and Maintenance

Contents1 If you need a company to load up your dump truck, we’re your guys. Top photo by: Jon Whitton2 We keep your floors clean.3 Keep your parts moving with our lubricants.4 Clean up any …

If you need a company to load up your dump truck, we’re your guys.

With the basics of how to use a shotgun down, it’s time to turn our attention to cleaning and maintenance. Now, I’m not going to go into great detail on these, but I will list some quick tips for you:

Top photo by: Jon Whitton

1) Keep your gun clean and lubricated by using a good quality gun oil or grease at least once every six months. 2) Store your guns in a safe location that is also dry and free from dust or debris. 3) If you have an old shotgun with rusting parts like screws, springs or pins then consider replacing them before they break! 4) Always remember safety first when handling any type of firearm! And always keep this article handy so you can refer back anytime there is something new

1. How and when should you clean your gun?

We keep your floors clean.

Rem Oil Shotgun cleaning lube

2. What is the best way to protect your weapon from rust?

3. Do you need lubricant or oil for your shotgun cleaning routine as well?

Keep your parts moving with our lubricants.

4. What if I don’t have any way to clean my shotgun because it’s too dirty or greasy?

5. How does weather affect the maintenance of shotguns, rifles, and pistols?

The shotgun is a powerful weapon that can be used in many situations including hunting and self-defense. When you fire the gun, metal shavings from shells will get stuck inside where they may rust or cause problems with your shot accuracy if left unchecked. You should keep track of how often you shoot your shotgun so as to have it serviced by someone who knows what he’s doing every few months for best results; especially important when using an unfamiliar firearm!

Hoppes Cleaning Kit 12 Gauge Shotgun
Hoppes Boresnake 12 guage shotgun

You need to clean out those pesky residue bits on occasion but don’t worry– there are plenty of products available at sporting goods stores these days that help make this task easier than ever before without spending hours scrubbing away oil stains like grandma did back in her day (though she was

A Hoppe’s BoreSnake is all you need to keep your pump shotgun clean and shooting slugs with accuracy. The boresnake can be carried in a survival kit, or on the person while out hunting for when that slug shot starts missing its mark!

As an avid shooter, I know that the BoreSnake is a great tool for cleaning your gun. However, if you want to really get it in there and make sure every inch of your barrel is clean enough to shoot all those slugs with accuracy; invest in some other tools like rods for shotgun barrels or brushes for rifles because sometimes they can’t do what’s needed either!

Semi Auto Shotgun Cleaning

If you were to choose an autoloader, be prepared for a high level of maintenance. This is because gas operated guns require the same amount of care as recoil-operated weapons do – something that many novice shooters are not aware about. Gas operated firearms may have o-rings and springs which need to be monitored regularly so they don’t break down on your weapon in a crucial moment; if this happens then it will force you into either engineering or rigging up some kind of solution on the fly (which can often lead to much more problems). Find out what parts might wear out soonest and always keep backups handy just in case!

Clean up any mess in seconds.

Keep a backup to the backup for your shotgun. Alternate cleaners such as WD-40, ATF or kerosene can also be used when you’re in survival mode and need some help cleaning fouling from the barrel of your gun. For best results mix these two substances together with one part ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) and four parts kerosene; this solution is called “Ed’s Red.” You use it by inserting an improvised bore snake made of tampon string into the muzzle then using fishing line to poke around inside until any excess dirt has been removed.

Tampons aren’t your only option when it comes to personal hygiene. Tying a worn out t-shirt around the barrel of an air rifle will provide you with enough protection for long enough while you wait on some tampons or pads from Amazon Prime shipping. Remember, make sure that there is plenty of lubricant inside and outside the gun before shooting again!

In a survival situation, you can save your shotgun with some ingenuity and creativity. With dirt in the barrel or chamber of your gun – without any resources to fix it- you might need to improvise. First off, get it out of the ground by brushing off as much dirt from its exterior parts that are accessible like stocks and barrels before attempting anything else! Next, utilize an old car dipstick for lubricant if needed so that all key points stay moving smoothly when operating this important tool again soon.