Survival Gear Review: Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM Carbine

The Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM is a gun that’s sure to please any prepper. It has the ability to fire up to 950 rounds per minute and it can store up to 30 rounds in its …

The Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM is a gun that’s sure to please any prepper. It has the ability to fire up to 950 rounds per minute and it can store up to 30 rounds in its magazine at a time. The rifle comes with two interchangeable stocks, giving you three different options for customization. You also get an adjustable rear sight, removable carrying handle, and bayonet lug so there are plenty of reasons why this would be your choice!

The Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM Carbine is available on Amazon today for $1,029.00 or if you’re looking for something more affordable then we recommend checking out the Crosman C11000S Semiautomatic Air

1. Would you recommend this for home or personal defense?

2. What are your thoughts on the carbine, and Windham Weaponry in general?

3. Who is the target audience that this product is best suited for?

4. Is it easy to clean and maintain if it gets dirty or wet out during a survival scenario?

5. What are your thoughts on how well the warranty works for this type of item?

Confirmation Bias is one of the most common biases that people have. It’s when you gather or remember information selectively, and interpret it in a biased way.

Confirmation bias can make us see things through our own lens without taking into account other possibilities on what could be going on with someone else’s life.

Many people subconsciously look for the best case scenarios when it comes to their beliefs or desired outcomes. The effect is stronger with emotionally charged issues and deeply entrenched beliefs, which make decisions drawn from confirmation bias that much more difficult to reverse once a decision has been made. When I first laid eyes on Windham Weaponry’s R16FTT-9MM carbine, my immediate thought was “this will be great.” It wasn’t until later that I began thinking about how such an impulsive purchase might have not necessarily been in my best interest after all.

The first time I saw the Windham Weaponry 9mm carbine, I felt like it was just another AR. But then after handling this gun for a while, my perspective changed and now I see that there is more to offer than what meets the eye. It had some interesting features which made me wonder if all of these guns are really as similar as we think they are?

The Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM is a superb range gun, eminently accurate and with the ability to fire 10 rounds on target in less than 3 seconds. It’s also perfect for home defense as it has both effective stopping power from short ranges (due to its compact size) but can be used at longer distances if you need more time before firing another round. This carbine packs an impressive punch without being too heavy or bulky making it easy to handle when running through drills out of doors and indoors alike!

After getting hands-on experience with this model I was pleasantly surprised by how well designed yet not overly complicated the design really was – just like your standard M4 rifle save one important detail: that 12 inch

The AR-15 has always been a lightweight and compact rifle that is perfect for use in tight spaces. The new 16 inch long barrel with 9mm standard 1:10 twist will let you shoot heavier bullets without compromising light bullet accuracy or the ability to control your shots at lower speeds when it comes time to subdue an enemy. With all of the standard features, like free floating aluminum handguard, 2” detachable rail section for mounting accessories on either side of receiver base and full length Picatinny rails from back end up front this gun can be used as both self defense weapon against humans but also great tool if hunting big game animals who are not so easy to take down by smaller caliber rifles such as .223/5.

The A2-style pistol grip and 6-position telescoping CAR style cuttstock are molded plastic, while the aluminum receivers are hard anodized in a pleasing, flawless matte black. The controls on this AR15 clone of yours all operate at their expected level with no surprises; even better is that there’s nothing to set you back from operating it like your favorite MilSpec standard trigger system would allow for any aftermarket fire control systems!

Breaking the receiver apart, you notice how much this rifle from Windham Weaponry is different. It has a fixed ejector that juts upwards near the magazine well instead of an AR-15’s plunger ejector and no gas tubes or ports for blowback.

A straight closed-bolt, blowback system is a great choice for the operation of this little carbine. Less moving parts than HK’s roller-delayed system and no weird dissimilar metals friction like Thompson’s Blish Lock. The gas from the round going off in chamber pushes bolt backwards to start cycling process which continues with springs and physics due to rifle size limiting need for multiple bolts

With the Windham Weaponry 9mm Carbine, you’ll never have to worry about accuracy and reliability. No matter what dirty ammo is in your magazine or how windy it may be outside, this AR platform rifle will always shoot true with no fuss whatsoever. Even if you want to use a suppressor on this firearm for added stealthiness like me; there’s nothing stopping you from doing so! The best part? This gun can take its high-velocity meals straight out of Glock magazines that are already installed onto any other firearms within your collection.

For long-term SHTF planning, the utility of dual magazine compatibility is clear – both your handgun and rifle can use the exact same magazines which alleviates logistical strain as you stockpile stacks of Glock 9mm mags. Magpul PMAG27 are also affordable quality high capacity Glock magazines; in fact Windham Weaponry carbines come with a 17 round Magpul straight from their shop!

I am a carbine collector and though I found myself with an extra one, there was no way it would be put to use on my own personal rifle. Instead of leaving it in the safe without its company, I decided to purchase several polymer mags so that they could rest together peacefully. The 15-round Glock 19 and 17-round Glock 17 magazines are fun for target shooting but not practical when you want something more potent like 33 round Giggle Stick Magazines or if you need some longer lasting ammo than what is offered by 16 rounds per magazine from GL9 Magpul products.

The 9mm Glock magazine compatibility is a Godsend to those who want to design a single-caliber centerfire pistol/carbine plan. You can walk into any Cabela’s or reasonably well stocked gun store and find rugged, proven magazines on the rack for dirt money; my last purchase was an Magpul 17-round magazine that cost only $15.99 at Cabelas! I even found used Magpul 15 round mags at a local gun shop for just $10 each

When I found out that some AR-15 lower receivers are made to use Glock magazines, it was the icing on my polymer cake. There were other manufacturers of this type of receiver but they didn’t have one with 9mm compatibility and a bolt lock back when you run dry. When I saw these 33 round mags at Brownells for $25 each marked down from regular price, there was no denying their value!

The Windham Weaponry 9mm carbine is a hunting rifle designed for battle, competition, or intense hunting. The bolt hold-open feature guarantees that the gun will always be locked in place when it runs out of ammunition and it’s also equipped with an attachable suppressor to muffle sound levels generated by firing this firearm.

Windham Weaponry set out to design a suppressed carbine that can be modified with any muzzle device it desires. The company’s 9mm Carbine has knurled thread protector at the danger end of its barrel, but unscrewing it exposes threads for ½” x 28 or ½” x 36 sizes.

The moral of this story is to double check the thread pitch if you are looking for a particular suppressor or muzzle device. I found out that my buddy had an MPX-C, which has different threads than what I own on my SIG Sauer 9mm silencer so it didn’t work with any attachment we tried!

The price of the kit is a bit steep, but there are benefits to it. I feel that Windham Weaponry could have done more with this rifle’s design and aesthetics though as they were just okay out-of-the box.

The suppressed report will be saved for now because the thread adapter for an Octane 9 costs about $90, which would make a tax form in my future very probable! The attachment only makes sense given what we know today – right? Right!

The Colt collapsible buttstock is a throwback to the CAR-15/XM177 design of the 1960s, and has not changed since its introduction in 1982. The black nylon sling strap offers no quick adjustments when attached between two points on the rifle: one being an accessory rail mount for attachment near front sight or rear iron sights; and the other point at which you can tighten it around your shoulder before putting your arm through it via a slotted opening that’s wide enough for most any size person to get their arms into without having to disrobe first!

I had been struggling to find a way to mount my sling on the rifle I was issued, as it didn’t have any mounting points. One day, while performing drills at the shooting range with some friends from work and feeling like an idiot because of all my time wasted trying different ways to get this set up right myself, someone in our group suggested we try using Magpul’s CTR buttstock for their two-point sling mounts. It turned out that they were absolutely correct! My cheek is no longer forced into contact with hard metal when slung over or pulled off quickly; instead there are now rubberized pads which will not let go until you want them too thanks also due to Teflon inserts built inside these Red/Black stocks by

For those looking for a budget-friendly alternative to an AR-15 that is still reliable and high quality, the Windham Weaponry 9mm carbine fits the bill. The only thing you’ll need are four small upgrades: $20 worth of MOE grips, $60 on a CTR stock, $55 on sling mount adapters (if your rifle doesn’t have them already), and lastly one more modification – swapping out their commercial buttstock with its Mil Spec counterpart.

Windham’s factory setup may be serviceable but it has some room for improvement in terms of ergonomics as well as utility options which can easily be remedied by simply upgrading parts like stocks or pistol grip due to how inexpensive they are!

Windham Weaponry was founded by brothers Jim and Dave Windham in 1997. They’re a company based out of Maine, with the slogan “Maine made for America.” I checked their website to see if they offer any different extensions or stocks than what other companies do – turns out that most rifles come from them with commercial extensions because it’s smaller at .03 inch (compared to military specifications). Just be forewarned: these are good quality products but you might find yourself wishing there were more colors or configurations available on this site as well.

The BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 is an excellent upgrade to the stock style charging handle that I installed. It was necessary for me because, while it may not be more difficult than a right-side extension when shooting left handed or with your support hand on whichever side of the rifle you desire; there are some drawbacks associated which make this modification helpful if want increased leverage and don’t mind shelling out $70 bucks from WalMart (they have their place). The other thing worth mentioning about my new AR15 carbine setup is how important sights and optics are – they can cost anywhere between 39 dollars at Walmart all the way up to 800 dollar ACOGs!

The Windham Weaponry 9mm AR carbine’s picatinny rail will gladly give any of them a solid home. Yeah, But How Does It Shoot? Ahh, here’s the question I know most of you are dying to know the answer to. As soon as this little beast was in my sweaty palms, I grabbed some boxes and headed out into an open space for real-world testing against targets placed at various distances with varying levels of cover from left to right across their field. A No products found., mounted on top rails along with folding sights made easy work off sighting in each target before it came time for live fire demonstrations where rounds had no trouble punching holes through paper silhouettes or tearing chunks outta wood

I was excited to have the opportunity to test out a rifle that I had never used before. The SIG Sauer MPX came with an already loaded Magpul 17-round magazine, so it only took three shots for me to find my target at 25 yards. After shooting another four rounds touching one another, I was more than happy with this gun’s accuracy and performance!

The rifle was a shooter, better than I expected. After adjusting for the bullet impact at 50 yards to bring it about an inch high and confirming that paper target from fifty steps back remained in place with no movement, I proceeded to shoot five shots kneeling down then standing up again before taking aim on my 1-liter Coke bottle just as accurately inside of ten minutes after we set out together.

I found that the group size of a 9mm carbine varied heavily, but all ammo produced usable accuracy. When I was testing handloads and other factory ammunition through my Windham Weaponry 9mm Carbine, some load types did better than others when it came to grouping in 100 yard increments at 4 inches; namely Hornady FMJ 124 grain bullets which grouped with 1-2 inch variance from one shot to another – as well as producing an average velocity around 1250 fps.

The Vortex on the Carbine was fast and accurate, but I think it could have done better with a proper optic. High-end defensive ammo shot markedly better than other loads firing from this 9mm carbine. The rifle is reliable for any handloaded ammunition or steel casings if you ever need to use it in self defense

I have been through close to 3,000 rounds of 9mm with my carbine rifle and it has yet to malfunction. I make sure that the gun is clean by wiping off all carbon buildup on a regular basis due to its blowback action which creates more residue than most rifles or handguns. Recently in Maine, at SRT Concepts (a top training company), I took a course called Carbine Training where they focused mainly on how well someone can shoot from different positions like kneeling down behind cover while providing support fire for your team mate who may need help taking out an enemy shooting back from his position as he pops up briefly over said cover before diving right back into safety when shots are fired towards him again just seconds later – you get better and faster

As soon as I heard about the pistol caliber carbine course, my interest was piqued. It’s a chance to learn something new and enhance skills with another type of firearm that doesn’t usually get too much attention in civilian training circles. A rifle is not just for hunting or tactical situations; it can also be used on patrol by law enforcement personnel where rounds fired have more distance from which they could strike an innocent bystander than those shot from pistols would after ricocheting off cars and walls before coming back down range towards their intended target.

Choosing between the two guns for this review was an easy decision; it should come as no surprise that I went with my 5.56 AR, even though its barrel is heavier and of longer length than the 9mm carbine’s 16″. The difference in recoil would be negligible considering how low-powered these calibers are to begin with – a small price to pay if you consider all those extra rounds!

Choosing which weapon out of my Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM-308 rifle or Brownells BRN9MMKG gun kit wasn’t difficult–I opted for the former due purely on caliber size because pistols around here can go through ammunition like nobody’s business.

The 9mm and 5.56 rifles were both incredible to shoot, but the difference in accuracy was very clear at longer ranges with a superior trajectory for the 500 yards mark on up from there.

A “running man” drill with 90 9mm rounds at all distances from powder-burn range to 100 yards, and launching bullets from a variety of positions including prone, offhand, weak-side transition, and firing the rifle laying sideways or behind cover. I used a mix of Winchester “White Box” 124 grain FMJ rounds as well as some handloads throughout the course without any issues whatsoever. The recoil was so light that it almost felt like shooting airsoft guns instead!

The 9mm carbine was a more comfortable, quieter rifle to use. The 5.56 AR’s muzzle brake made it sound like an air cannon when I fired and left my neighbor with their shirt flapping in the wind every time I shot!

I tested this 9mm carbine with and without a muzzle device. With no muzzle device, there were not issues with the gun’s barrel jumping up or blowing out in my face. This is great for anyone who needs to use it indoors – whether they are law enforcement officers serving warrants on dangerous criminals, homeowners defending their family from intruders, or just shooting at targets inside your house because you’re bored of video games during winter break! The quick handling characteristics made me feel like I was doing some sort of wild-west style fast draw competition when running around on the range target practicing (although that would be pretty difficult). And if safety matters to you as much as accuracy does then rest assured knowing that even though it has an annoying tendency towards jam

Glock’s design causes Windham Weaponry magazines to rake back in the mag well and requires a different insertion angle when reloading from the shoulder. This small difference caused me some grief, but overall I’m still happy with my purchase!

The 9mm magazines are a pain in the butt to insert into your rifle. I tried inserting it straight up, but that didn’t work too well since they have an odd shape and size compared to 5.56mm mags; fortunately for me someone told me about this cool technique where you slant it forward so one side of the magazine has more surface area on top than other making insertion easier!

I found that the 17 and 15 round pistol mags would sometimes hang up when performing a reload while there was lateral pressure on them. For example, leaning against barricades or cover could cause this to happen more often as it pressed those rounds of magazines into place where their polymer came in contact with aluminum.

Training and repetition will help you through both of these issues decisively, but I found that swapping back between the 9mm and 5.56 platforms had me confused when it came time for fast reloads. Keep in mind if you like having lots of different rifles! The BCM charging handle (left) is better than a standard one because its built-up half circle area makes quick manipulations easier on your hand during rapid firing events or transitions to using another platform with an alternate ammunition type.

Every time the rifle went off, hot gasses from the expended cartridge made their way back through my charging handle keyway and rushed into my eyes. It was uncomfortable to say the least – I never noticed it while wearing eye protection 99% of this time, but that one day when I didn’t wear any protective gear for some reason- well let’s just say things got a little too close for comfort! Hot gas blowing backwards like they did could cause me to not only get dry eyes but also have other debris blown right onto them by those powerful exhausts.

The first lesson is to always wear eye protection. The second lesson I learned about AR-style rifles was that the stock charging handle leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not hard at all for hot gasses from firing your rifle can get into your face and burn you, which will give you an unpleasant day ahead of time with headaches or worse! To avoid this horrible situation, ditch it altogether in favor of one like BCM Charging Handle (or any other brand might work just as well!). These are built up on top so there’s no chance these bad boys won’t deflect those pesky hot gases away from anything important – especially my eyes!

The best advice I received when buying a new AR-style rifle came down

Think about the last time you were up late at night and someone kicked in your front door. What did you do?

A couple of years ago I was woken up from a deep sleep by three hard knocks on my bedroom window, which is just ten feet away from where I slept. They’re coming for me! Panic set it until they started banging harder this second round – those weren’t fists but guns firing into thin air outside the house (it turned out to be fireworks). The whole thing lasted maybe five seconds before everything went quiet again, so naturally that’s when our dog decided he had enough excitement for one evening as well and commenced barking his head off like nothing else mattered anymore – all because some idiot with too much money bought M

If you want a 9mm carbine for your survival gun, the Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM is worth looking into. It comes with interchangeable parts that help make it less expensive in case of need to repair and maintain as well as using Glock magazines so there’s no proprietary ammo supplies needed!

The pistol caliber carbine efficacy debate has been one I’ve wanted to tackle for some time now; however we’re going to assume that you plan on purchasing a .223 or 9mm calibre rifle because those are bigger sellers than other types such as 5.56 NATO chambers which have garnered more attention recently due their popularity among police forces across America. And with good reason–the versatility inherent within these weapons makes

No longer will you have to keep multiple types of magazines, ammunition calibers, and other accessories. The Glock-mag fed 9mm carbine has a solution for all your firearms needs! It is the perfect choice when it comes to training rifles or if you are looking for an arm that’s easy to use in close quarters situations.

I recently got my hands on the Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM and I’m frankly blown away by how accurate it is. The design is near perfect for a 9mm AR, as each detail was considered with care before production began. It’s clear that this rifle has been made to last in any circumstance you would put an armed combatant through during their day job! This gun can be used right out of the box without accessorizing thanks to its good sights, but if you want more options down range then just slap some optics or suppressors on this bad boy – whatever your heart desires because there are tons of possibilities available when using such a well built base model like this one from Windham Weaponry.

The Windham Weaponry R16FTT-9MM carbine is the most affordable rifle on our list, but it costs a pretty penny. This gun has made its way to #1 because of four factors: Quality design and finish; reliability that comes with quality craftsmanship; fit for an optimal shooting experience (even if you’re left handed); customer service that won’t let go until your needs are met.

If you’re a fan of AR-style rifles, but are skeptical that they can be made to work in the 9mm caliber, then let me try and change your mind. I have been shooting both .223/5.56 rounds out of my Windham Weaponry R16FTT for years now with excellent results – this carbine shoots just as accurately as it did before when chambered in 5.56/.223; however one thing has changed: recoil! The kick felt from firing off multiple shots is noticeably less than what was experienced previously thanks to the gun being lighter on its feet due to the decreased weight by switching over into 9mm ammo….And there isn’t much difference between an AR-15 rifle

When the world falls apart, you’ll be prepared for anything with a gun and ammo.