Survival Gear Review: Windham Weaponry Flip-Up Sight

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I’ll be honest, I was never a fan of the AR-15’s iron sights. It just felt like I was squinting through some tiny peepholes to try and see my target. A recent hunting trip changed that for me. Windham Weaponry has come out with an awesome new flip up sight called the XS Sight Systems Flip Up Front Sight . This thing is perfect for preppers who want to get ready for any disaster or emergency situation (whether it be natural or man-made) because you can use this flip up sight in either regular mode or night vision mode! The front blade on this sight is also made of steel so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything if your weapon takes a fall from a tree

1. What is one notable feature of this sight?

2. Did it come with any accessories, like a riser for your AR-10 or other weapons?

A digital communications agency that delivers the future of storytelling.

3. How did it work out at the range?

4. Do you think that this flip-up sight would be a good addition to any AR-15 build?

There is a positive glut of aftermarket supplies for the AR-15/AR-10 platform. I feel like perhaps there may even be too many, especially if you’re just getting introduced to the AR system. Uppers, lowers, rails, grips…it goes on and on. While this situation is a positive boon for someone who knows exactly what they want or has been into rifle building their whole life (like your humble author), it can also leave people staggering in awe with an overwhelming selection that leaves them feeling jaded about its quality given how quickly new models are coming out every year at events such as SHOT Show – not to mention all those other accessories ranging from lights and sights right down to triggers which seem so hard to

For those of us who are looking to modify or build an “oh no!” rifle, we have a certain criteria we look for with parts obtained for said rifles. Simple? Rugged? Lightweight yet able to take abuse and run through high-stress situations without stopping in its tracks? Easy to use, minimal controls that don’t muck up operations under these same conditions? Then you’re in luck because this is exactly what the “Oh No!” Rifle has been designed around:  Simple. Rugged. And lightweight but still tough enough not only withstand stress on any level–but also dish it out during your time when things go south (or just need some fiddling).

There are a lot of different options for AR-15 sights, so how do you know which one to choose? Luckily, there’s an easy answer! If you’re looking for the best parts and pieces with quick navigation (and sights galore!), then turn your search into Google. A basic point here is that we have plenty of choices from flip up or fixed sights to 45 degree angled rear sites. They can be straight ahead shooters or designed around corners using sighting mirrors – but no matter what kind of sight setup fit your needs best, it will come at a bazillion price range too match whatever budget works out well for you in this day and age!

It’s not always easy to find a good, rugged set of sights that work for an entry-level AR. Magpul has the market cornered with their Gen2 MBUS Iron Sight. They are inexpensive and simple enough that they do well in most applications you may have come across on your firearm as it is being used by beginners who need something basic but still reliable at all costs, like myself when I first bought my rifle back during college. However, if there was ever going to be one piece of equipment worth spending some extra money on while getting more advanced into shooting or even just gun maintenance than these would 100% be them because nothing else can touch magpuls’ quality for anything close to this price point!

The primary sighting system is the backup sight, and any optics on a rifle are icing. Optics typically rely on batteries or have higher chances of failure than sights to survive under harsher conditions like being submerged in water or dropped from an extreme height. Heavy-duty sights should be permanently affixed onto rifles for these reasons; they don’t require power and can handle harsh situations that could damage other types of equipment

The Range: Where You Can Be Yourself.

I didn’t want to get stuck in a situation where I couldn’t use my rifle because the battery died. So, I decided that having backup sights would be best for me so if anything were to happen and there was no more power on my Aimpoint Comp ML3  (after 5 years), then at least I still had an alternative sighting system. It’s just common sense; you never know when something might go wrong! That is why steel or aluminum ruggedized tactical flip-up sights are some of the most important additions someone can add onto their AR build. When shopping around for these upgrades, it quickly became apparent what type of equipment other people preferred after doing perusal through Brownell’s catalog as well

I had heard Windham Weaponry just released their own line of flip-up sights made in the USA. I walked into my local store and saw them on display, so I thought it was worth a mental note to check out what they were all about later down the road when we get our hands on one of those rifles for testing. Turns out that come time for us to test some gear with Windham Weapons, they obliged by throwing these new American-made optics onto an already tricked-out rifle!

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back up iron sight review
Back Up Iron Sights

Windham Weaponry is known not only because of its high quality firearms but also due to how many different kinds there are as well as being Made In The U S A (and proudly showing off). They’re always coming up with

Back Up Iron Sight

The Windham Weaponry flip up sights are great for hunters, shooters and anyone who wants a solid sight system. These beefy, well-made steel units have an excellent reputation in the industry because they were made to last by some of the best gunsmiths around. The design is simple but reliable with its clean lines so anybody can use them right away without any trouble at all!

The first time I used my new rifle was on this hunt where one of our guiding partners insisted we take it out into prairies around 25 meters from anything that might be shooting back. One push down lever flips these sturdy metal pieces over onto their backs revealing two sets of crosshairs which you line up using your optic scope or iron sights for accurate

The bases are machined out of ultra-durable hardened aircraft grade aluminum, secured to the gun with a steel locking plate. They measure an even 1.255 inches wide and 0.707 inches high for minimal snagging when holstering your weapon in close quarters environments where every inch counts! A long bevel up the front edge minimizes any chance of catching while drawing or reholstering it quickly and easily at all times outdoors – rain or shine!

You can tell that these sights aren’t going anywhere. They were made to last and take whatever you throw at them, so they are on a “stalks” that fold down against the rails when not in use instead of spring-loaded like other Magpul MBUS sights which automatically pop up.

Back Up Iron Sight Review

When you press the button, it makes a satisfying click and your sight will be locked into place until you want to take another shot. Once they’re up, these sights are sturdy enough that even with some of the most heavy duty recoil rifles imaginable on them like an AR-15 or AK-47 in full auto mode – shooting over 3 rounds per second!

A humorous take on the world of tech.

back up iron sights

The pin provides the sights’ vertical adjustment, in a standard AR-15 fashion; namely, you depress the locking pin and turn it clockwise (in) to raise point of impact or counterclockwise (out) to lower point of impact. I don’t know how many clicks each front sight offers for POI but after going out on a range trip with my fellow gun enthusiasts we all agreed that every click is roughly 1.5 MOA or 1 ½ inch at 100 yards which about falls into what most people might be used too if they have ever had an experience using an AR-15 before

A hunter will never have to worry about losing their front sight, as it is protected on either side by two rounded wings that keep the pin from getting bumped off anything larger than it. At only .085” thick they do not obstruct too much of a target area and are rugged enough for any hunting situation. The rear sight can be adjusted using windage knob located just below its mount with elevation adjustment controls placed above this windage knob making them easily accessible even while wearing gloves or in poor light conditions.

I’m not a fan of big, bulky knobs that protrude from the side of the sight for windage adjustment. Windage is really not what you adjust when looking through your sights; elevation would be where we make adjustments depending on range. Therefore, in my opinion, I think it makes sense to fix whatever windage was set and leave those clunky knob things alone – they’re useless! So kudos to Windham Weaponry who have decided against including any unnecessary large wheels or dials but instead opted for two small steel dime-sized flat discs which are flush with either sides of their back iron sights providing easy access without getting all obstructed by other gear slung over one’s shoulders (or wherever).


The right-hand adjustment wheel on the M6A2 is easy to use and offers an ingenious solution for windage correction. There are specific slots in this wheel that allow you adjust your firearm’s sights with a coin, cartridge rim or screwdriver. The adjustments are approximately 0.5 MOA, which translates into 1/4 inch at 100 yards! The system of locking these plates down can be hard to grasp by hand but still tough enough so they won’t budge when fired off either way without excess pressure from users hands needed too push them past their limits

The sights don’t go the way of svelte, minimalist, sexy lines. There are two apertures: one for up to 200 yards and another aperture that is wider and designed specifically for ranges over 200 yards. When you flip between these settings they lock in place so there’s no need worry about them moving around when you’re out on an intense hunting trip or competition shooting match! The reticle has windage markings right below it with a pointer indicator which makes adjustments easy as pie–no more guessing game! You can also co-witness your sight by using Aimpoint Comp ML3 dot sighting system; this will help make sure all shots land just where intended without any calculations needed while aiming down range.


The AR-10 is a rifle for those looking to shoot long range. These rifles are not the largest of all firearms, but they do require more rail space than your average rifle due to their size and weight. While it’s difficult at first glance, I’ve found that these guns provide an excellent sight picture through its front sight wings (which resemble H