Survival Gear Review: Vargo Titanium Wood Stove

Contents1 Protect your clothes from life’s messes.2 The only app that can refuel your car with the touch of a button.3 Ditch the gas, and get your fuel from Mother Nature.4 The Black pots that …

When you’re planning for the end of the world, it’s important to have all the essentials, like a Vargo Titanium Wood Stove. This stove is perfect for cooking and staying warm in emergency situations. It’s made out of titanium which makes it lightweight and easy to pack up when disaster strikes! Check out our review below to find out if this stove is right for your individual needs.

Protect your clothes from life’s messes.

1. Is this really just a titanium stove design?

2. I would like to know if the ability that it has to be used with wood and alcohol fuels is a major attribute of the stove?


The only app that can refuel your car with the touch of a button.

3. Did you see any mention of this being able to have a lantern on top of it for light?

Ditch the gas, and get your fuel from Mother Nature.

The Vargo Titanium Wood Stove is a surprisingly light and compact way to cook outdoors. It folds up flat, weighs just 4.3 ounces, uses wood as fuel (no petroleum required), and provides heat for cooking or keeping warm in the coldest conditions without needing anything else!


The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is a great option for campers looking to cook their food or boil water with minimal weight. It’s easy and quick to assemble, light-weight at less than five ounces including the hexagonal velcro pouch for matches and other small items like utensils, so you can take it anywhere without feeling bogged down on your backpacking trip.

The chimney of a wood furnace is only about 7 inches wide. With such little area, it’s hard to imagine how the heat would be distributed inside of this tiny space for optimal heating capabilities. However, since pure titanium has an average melting temperature that exceeds 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and will never soften at any point in time during use; your worries might just dissipate into thin air as you get amazed by the metal giving off its intense radiant glow while producing warmth like no other material on earth can produce- making sure that every inch from top to bottom receives some love!

The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is a set of seven hinged panels all folding flat into a quarter inch high plane. One panel, the hexagonal base, and six other triangular walls fold to create this ultralight portable space heater for any adventure where fire might be needed or desired. The piano hinges connect all the panels together so that they can easily assemble in mere seconds when unpacking from storage – no tools necessary! With one simple notch on the base providing support and alignment with wall panel notches on each side (for added stability) as well as another spring clip holding it altogether these sturdy pieces are ready to go anywhere you need them most: camping trips away from civilization; an outdoor festival without electricity nearby; your next cabin get

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This stove is so easy to use, and it folds down into the size of a briefcase. When I’m in need of fuel for cooking or heat, all that’s needed is some wood with a quick snap-together assembly process. This way you can have your campfire anywhere!


The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is a great morale building tool because it’s heavy on the smoke, smell and evidence. Plus most folks new to campfire cooking make way too big of a fire and end up making an even bigger mess. What makes this stove so efficient though are its 19 hexagonal-shaped ventilation holes in the base which help provide oxygen for those much hotter fires than when you would use normal logs sitting on the ground – plus they must be kept off their feet or else air can’t circulate underneath them!

Wood-fired stoves are not the most efficient of all heating appliances. To keep your stove burning efficiently, you must ensure that it is set up off ground level and there’s a good amount of space between its base and combustible material such as snow or ash. The hot end at the top has five V shaped vents on panels with six total to allow flame escape from inside in order to create an updraft around pots for better efficiency. There’s also one small door vent which corresponds with where this smaller hole would be if it were higher up instead – keeping air circulating near cooking vessels while maintaining safe levels so any flammable materials don’t get too close!

The V-shaped notches on the top of your stove also serve an important purpose. By placing small metal rods, tent stakes, or four inch steel grabber screws across the top of your stove and securing them with a grill-like cap you create plenty access for pot blackening carbon to coat both sides of anything that might be sitting atop it without worry about blocking air vents or door hinges from opening all while providing ample room for cooking pots above raging flames. The stainless steel water bottles will need this mod done before they can function well in their new home inside your kitchen appliance as long as you keep paying attention to where those pesky kids’ fingers are at!

If you want to add a grill surface, consider adding four or five-inch square of screen. I don’t recommend using the stove in this kit for grilling as it will expose all the wires ends from cutting out that shape. The more extras and mods you put on your DIY fire starter kit, then the less lightweight and simpler (and cheaper) your original investment becomes! But if you love cooking meat with veggies right there on top of an upside down pot–you could create a simple little stove by placing one inside another while adding some modifications like legs so they can sit up off surfaces too hot to touch with bare hands without burning them .

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You’ll be going into the Hexagon Titanium wood stove with a perpetual intake of pencil-sized sticks as it’s insatiable appetite. The Vargo doesn’t eat your usual firewood, instead preferring to feast on high surface area kindling only. This is because its hungry hearth has an extremely small interior and burns at such a fast pace that even one low grade piece of lumber will have flames flaring up instantly without any hesitation from this beast!

One of the things that I have really enjoyed about my Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove has been how quick it is to boil water. You get a nice concentrated heat and you can even see this when your pot starts boiling right away!


You may not know it, but boiling water is tricky business. There are many reasons why your pot’s time to boil could be longer or shorter than you expect: wood type and quality (hardwoods burn slower), starting temperature of the stovetop with respect to outside air temperature, shape of cooking vessel/pot size; all these factors play a role in how long it takes for that pot on top of the flame to reach 212°F. Other variables such as altitude, lid usage when applicable…even wind can affect what should otherwise be a simple process!

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The Vargo outdoor wood stove is a perfect low-impact way to cook in the wilderness. It’s small, lightweight and can burn any type of fuel you put inside it (as long as its tiny enough). The black nylon pouch included with the stove keeps soot contained giving your gear that new smell while still saving on weight. With this efficient windscreen which doubles as another cooking surface, not having an extra pot for boiling water won’t be such a big deal anymore!

The Vargo Outdoor Wood Stove comes equipped with all sorts of awesome features like keeping soot from contaminating other items when packed away thanks to the nifty little black nylon pouch. Not only that but there are two ways to use one – by using alcohol or

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When it comes to camping, safety is a huge concern. For this reason, I always use single-walled cookware and avoid double-walled cups if at all possible because they can explode when heated. The downside of the Vargo Hexagon Titanium Wood Stove is that its small size limits your water capacity for cooking since pots aren’t designed to hold much more than 1 quart in total volume – but there are ways around this problem!

The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is three times as expensive as its steel counterpart and it’s ridiculously lightweight.

The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is a gas-less alternative to the traditional campfire. This one use and it will have permanent blackened walls with lightly rainbow patina, live with it as you can scrub some of the carbon off after cooling down by using sand or dirt. I’ve wire brushed mine before but usually not worth my effort because next time when we fire up our stoves again, they reblacken themselves! The simplicity of a campfire has always been its main attraction so adding titanium tech into this concept isn’t much of an issue since people should enjoy having their own little piece in any bug out bag and survival kit.

The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is a sub-4 ounce, ultra low profile cooking and boiling station. Often when I go camping it’s easier to get by with just my Jetboil but what if there was an open fire ban in effect or you need to keep your cookware hidden? The hexagonal design of the titanium frame takes up less space than traditional square stoves and enables me to stay out of sight while making dinner on one side while warming hot drinks for breakfast early next morning using nothing more then some twigs from nearby trees.