Survival Gear Review: Valkyrie War Cord Survival Frag

Contents1 What do you want to drink?2 Survive the apocalypse with your favorite drink.3 The Survival Frag is the ultimate survival tool that breaks out into a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker and window punch.4 “Powered …

“I’m not a prepper, but I have to admit that after reading this survival gear review it’s starting to sound like a pretty smart idea. In fact, I’m feeling kind of stupid for not getting in on the craze sooner.”

What do you want to drink?

“So what is this Valkyrie War Cord Survival Frag?” “It’s an emergency kit made up of premium quality cord, with a built-in knife and fire starter. It’s small and lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket or bag – just in case.” “If you’re looking for something durable and easy-to-use when the SHTF hits, check out more about this product here!”

1. Given the chance, would you ever use this product?

2. What type of environment do you think it would be best to use in?

Paracord Survival Gear Review
Paracord Survival Gear Review

3. Is there a downside to this survival tool?

4. Have you ever used any survival gear from Valkyrie War Cord before?

Survive the apocalypse with your favorite drink.

5. If not, are they on your list of possible tools for emergencies or short-term disasters?

Paracord is a must-have item in almost every survival kit out there, and for good reason. Paracord has been used to tie down shelter from the elements, keep food off of the ground while camping or fishing and can even be tied around an injured limb as a makeshift splint!

Valkyrie War Cord Survival Frag Review

When I have to be prepared for anything, the first thing that comes to mind is paracord. It’s lightweight and can come in a bazillion colors – perfect when you want your survival-gear backpack or bag stand out. Plus it’s rugged and purposeful so there will always be something fun around my house! Preppers like multi-purpose stuff too because if one item can hold many things or accomplish different missions small or large, we love them even more than they already are. For example: find me someone who doesn’t own a Leatherman type tool (or an imitation). Another reason why prepper gear has been trending recently is due to how creatively items with paracord wrapped around them function; this fashion trend

There are many reasons as to why paracord bracelets have become so popular, but the main reason is that they can be easily customized and outfitted with all sorts of different items. You could weave in a fishing hook for easy water access or some flint striker fire steel just in case you need it when camping outdoors. The latest trend seems to be adding compasses into these woven creations which not only provides an emergency tool should your other equipment go haywire; if someone gets lost while on their own journey this simple bracelet might save them from having one less thing weighing down their mind at night!

The Survival Frag is the ultimate survival tool that breaks out into a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker and window punch.

Paracord bracelets are becoming more prevalent because people realize how customizable they really are–people often add things like fish hooks (for

Paracord Survival Gear

I was already a fan of crafting and survival gear, but the thought that there might be something new piqued my interest. I clicked on their link to see what they had in store for me – it didn’t take long before I found myself peeking at an ad with “Valkyrie” written across it (which is clever branding if you ask me). The first picture looked like some kind of odd grenade-type thing which caught my attention immediately; everyone seems to make bracelets or keychains these days! It took one more click through the page until I saw exactly how Valkyrie managed to cram so much into such small package: by using this ball as sort of self contained kit including all sorts necessary tools – from fishing hooks, fish weights

I contacted Chris Baldwin, the owner/operator of Valkyrie War Cord — after some jovial banter he sent one to my door in a custom color scheme just for me. Upon inspection you’ll notice that there’s not much to see: on top is an incredibly small compass and at the bottom are 3 feet of paracord wrapped around it with various other key chain items attached including fire steel. The most intriguing part about this object though is what lies inside – its frag grenade which can be wound into your hand before use! This ensures more accurate throws as well as less risk when carrying these deadly weapons close up during combat or demonstrations (literally).

The paracord, compass and fire steel that come with this kit are just the start. You’ll also get a 1″ key ring if you want to clip it on your backpack for easy access during an emergency situation or hang from your Christmas tree as part of your survivalist decorations! It’s great because not only does it have these awesome features but there is so much more – trust me, I’m not going to spoil all the surprises!

The survival gear is contained within a clear plastic ball that’s neatly ensconced in thin, colorful strings.

The kit includes:. – Three Stormproof Matches, Suunto Compass, 3″ Fire-Steel Rod with Mini LED Light w/ Spare Batteries and Tinder for 20ft Spiderwire Fishing Line – Two Red Octopus Hooks (for two fishing swivels), Wire Ring Saw -P38 Can Opener to open up cans of juice or water

Chris didn’t cheap out either; the 12′ Trip Wire is 550 Paracord which can be cut into smaller lengths if you need it

The Survival Frag is a collection of survival essentials that come in an attractive and durable tin container. With the No products found compass, you can find your way home or to safety no matter where you are!

Paracord Survival Gear

The Survival Frag is a small aluminum flashlight that clips on to the edge of your clothes. It can be used as an emergency light or just for style!

The little light throws out a few feet of illumination, but if you’re in the dark and have nothing else to work with this is an excellent find. The package comes with 4 more small flashlights so it doesn’t break as easily or run out faster! I asked Chris about buying one for my keychain when he said that only their survival frags come equipped them- all other customers are left in the dark (literally). That also means these lights aren’t common on store shelves which makes them even harder to get your hands on.

“Powered by the force of sawdust.”

Paracord Survival Gear

Spiderwire is a braided fishing line that can be used in an emergency to help people survive. The braids give Spiderwire more strength than the equivalent diameter monofilament, so it will work great for catching fish- and we hope that you never need to use this knowledge! But if ever there’s no other option, do what Valkyrie does: take out her 10lb test of Spiderwire from her kit. It also has all your standard small items such as Band aids with brand name on them which are handy in any situation (god forbid!), split shot lead weights made by Octopus hooks and swivels just like she needs because they’re not big enough at stores or anywhere else.

The most fun you can have with your clothes on.

The P-38 can opener is a pretty regular silver item; it’s used for lots of things from being a fishing sinker to tearing open fish and gutting them if you have to. Oh yeah, you can also use the P-38 as an alternative way of opening cans with enough patience and grip like Iron Man. The water purification tablets are in small blue sealed containers that may require creativity or ingenuity out in the wilderness when needing this resource but only has half portions vs full ones on offer here at home – they’re not much! Saw Test

Paracord Survival Gear Review

The most popular military issue weapon among WWII soldiers was undoubtedly the M1 Garand rifle which could take care of large groups at once due its semi automatics firing capability (one bullet

I generally think ring-ended wire saws are poor quality, but after going out in the woods with my son Andy and giving this one hell, I discovered that if you tried to wrap the ends down past where a limb is located before pulling on your saw from below it sucks. However when we were able to keep tension spread evenly without bending or wrapping our wires around limbs as they went through trees in just a couple minutes at 3″ diameter dead tree was convenient for us.

Paracord Survival Gear

I’ve always been one for the outdoors. I prefer to sleep under a beautiful sky full of stars or enjoy an amazing sunrise over any other luxury that life has offered me so far. No matter what, my favorite season is Fall because it’s when nature really starts reflecting back on all its beauty in preparation for winter and hibernation from the world just above us. It can be hard out there though: especially if you’re caught unprepared with no tent, food water, matches etc… Luckily we have this little thing called “survival gear” which helps get by during those times where Mother Nature might not make things easy enough as she usually does. When hiking through Southern Maine recently (which happens more often than people know) I found myself

I walked to my fire pit. As I approached, a sense of calm and peace washed over me as the smell of pine permeated through the air. The snow was so thick that it muffled all sound around me except for crunching from stepping on fresh powder with each step closer towards my destination in search for kindling amongst dead leaves and small twigs gathered within reachable heights between two saplings nearby where abundant dustings white blanketed everything they could touch like delicate layers icing atop an ice cake.

I plopped some tinder onto one leaf while using another to scrape shavings off Frag’s little P-38 tool which seemed more suited for smaller hands but wouldn’t have been able to light this larger pile up

I tried to strike a storm-proof match on my zipper and it didn’t work. I went over to the concrete steps, which are usually easy for me since they’re always so close by, but that wasn’t going well either. Chris told me these matches were guaranteed not to fail; he’s such a liar!

I had been really looking forward this camping trip with friends from college who promised an epic adventure in nature together when we all reunited back east after years apart – especially since one of those friends is now engaged too! But instead things started off badly because none of our gear would start fire at first go no matter how hard any of us struck or lit them up.

I’d never needed the Survival Frag before, but I was glad to have it when my matches went out. Luckily Chris had tested them and knew they would work – so either this is a bad batch of matches or you are just too aggressive for your own good! Either way these three matchsticks will come in handy once we start making that fire, as tinder should be easy with all those flames around us.

I asked Chris about this survival kit he gave me last year and luckily he’d pre-tested each component beforehand because otherwise I might not know if any one part failed on me now…

I hunkered over the pile of magnesium, taking a break to catch my breath. I was so close- it could be just another minute and then I’d have myself an easy fire! But all that work had taken its toll on me; sweat dripped down my forehead as frustration boiled inside. Using only what tools were in front of me from our kit, these last few steps would prove more difficult than expected. The P38 did throw some sparks when pressed against the blade for enough pressure but nothing else happened- until…I found out how hard you needed to push with this tool before it lit anything up at all! It took about 15 minutes longer than anticipated, but persistence paid off: finally light started sparking through the shav

I tried it with my Gerber pocketknife, and sparks leaped off the fire steel and started a second fire no problem. However, I have experience starting fires using tinder sticks;  I would heartily recommend getting this practice one (GobSpark Armageddon) to get adept with. Getting The Survival Frag Apart

The sharp edge of my knife allowed me to scrape more easily at the GobSpark Armageddon’s survival frag than when using just bare hands or any tools that don’t offer as much purchase for scraping metal against flint rock. After only five scrapes on both sides in less than 10 seconds time an ember was visible from where bits of metallic shavings had collected near the groove between two prongs stuck

Paracord Survival Gear Review
Paracord Survival Gear Review

The paracord package is a perfect survival kit that can be unraveled when you need it. Pulling the cord out to get inside will take time, but once its undone there’s no going back!

This is a really interesting item, and it’s one of those you don’t want to mess with unless you need it! The handle has the tag end in which holds the fire steel. I used mine for testing purposes and just had my workhorse at Valkyrie War Cord put all back together when they saw me coming (I’m sure they were tired of seeing me!)

There are two tag ends on the “handle” of your new firestarter. These need to be pulled apart and unraveled so that you can access the steel rod inside, which is perfect for starting fires in any conditions…even when it’s wet!

Paracord Survival Gear Review

You’ll get to the end where you can find the tag on one of your ball cords. Keep unwinding around and pulling out as you go, it’s going to take some work! You should be able to pop off a compass at this point too if needed. The ball cord will loosen up more with patience so that after just about all is unraveled, there are no worries for accessing those fun things inside your plastic balls.

Paracord is a must-have accessory for any outdoor adventurer. When I measured 39 feet, it equated to close to 4 hours of walking around with my arms outstretched and hands clasped behind me like an ape – not so fun when you can’t move, but that’s the price you pay if your life depends on this little bugger! Luckily, there are some highly visible colors available in high vis paracord which will help break up all those tree branches from looking alike.

The Valkyrie War Cord Survival Frag is not your average piece of gear. I was suitably impressed, and it sets itself apart as a very useful item in a sea of mass-produced paracord crap. Worse comes to worst, you could cut the cord away to access the frag innards in an emergency situation. Speaking of the frag innards: they are packed tightly inside that little plastic ball! When you pop them open things WILL fly out so be careful holding it over clear area when opening if any items may drop out on accident; but don’t worry about anything getting lost too badly because this handy kit includes nylon string for easy tying up all those loose ends once again securely back into place (and no need for knots either).

Paracord Survival Gear

The Valkyrie War Cord provides a convenient toolkit for survival in an emergency situation and is available at the price of $50.00, which I think is worth it considering what you get.

The Valkyrie War CordDrew is a tactical EDC (every day carry) kit for the woman that’s always on-the-go. The compact, lightweight pouch includes essential items such as an emergency blanket and mini flashlight to keep you safe when your Bug Out Bag isn’t within reach.