Survival Gear Review: Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide

Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide are the two best inventions in survival gear that I’ve come across. They’re both made by Brite Strike, a company committed to making innovative products for preppers. The first thing you need …

Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide are the two best inventions in survival gear that I’ve come across. They’re both made by Brite Strike, a company committed to making innovative products for preppers. The first thing you need is a quality piece of cloth, something tough but also soft so it doesn’t scratch surfaces like glass or metal as you wipe them down (or yourself). Tuf-Cloth has all these qualities – plus it’s treated with silicone for extra protection against water and grime. And if your hands get dirty from handling things like raw meat, well there’s Tuf-Glide to help clean those up too!

1. What provisions do you keep in your bug-out bag?

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5. Which one item that we discussed are you interested in exploring first: Tuf-Cloth or Tuf-Glide?


Your solution to workplace safety.

I’ve been looking for a product that would clean, lubricate, and protect my tools. I carry an everyday knife with me wherever I go so it faces quite the amount of dirt and grime on any given day-to-day basis while also having to deal with occasional dust or lint floating around in certain environments. My wife carries one as well but because we sometimes use them as utensils when we are out at restaurants or hanging out somewhere like our living room; keeping constant coat oil is not such a good idea since there could be food residue left behind which defeats the purpose of protecting against rusting even more! So what should you do? Well Sentry Solutions has come up with something called Tuf Cl

CZ 75

Tuf-Cloth’s microfiber cloth can be used to wipe down knife blades, firearms, or any metal surfaces that need to be treated. Tuf-Glide is a non-toxic lubricant that bonds with the surface and creates an invisible barrier of protection from dirt or water attachment on its steel surroundings!

Tuf Cloth Tuf Glide Review

I have been using Tuf-Cloth for a week now and I am very impressed with the results. My experience is that if you prep your surface by cleaning it, letting it dry then rubbing down the area to be treated with Tuf-cloth, you will get best results. The directions say to use about 2 sq ft of cloth per side on an average vehicle but only 0.5 square foot is needed for lubricating 15 knives or so according to my own testing (but this may vary depending upon how smooth they are). It took me 20 minutes doing 5 cars and in those same vehicles from driving around town 3 days later I found virtually no signs of wear where as before there were noticeable scratches after just 1 day’s worth

I’ve used the 0.5 oz precision applicator for most of my work with Tuf-Glide, and it has a needle applicator which makes it easy to lube hard to reach places. My wife’s EDC knife is a Benchmade Pink Mini-Griptilian, and she had packed so much grime in her pivot that I couldn’t get the blade free from its resting position without some help – until now! After applying Tuf-Glide on both sides of her hinge washers (where there are no springs), then greasing up all other moving parts with this lubricant, my little lady friend’s Blade returned back to full functionality just like new again:)

I was shocked that my wife had been using a knife with so many issues, but after I fixed it she opened and closed the blade without any problems. It also became easier to open all knives in our kitchen!

I used the 4 oz spray bottle and the Tuf-Cloth on my CZ 75B, which has a gloss finish that I would hate to see rust. After field stripping it, I sprayed one pump of CLP onto the slide then wiped down with 0ne swipe from the Tuf-cloth before moving on to each frame rail and trigger mechanism – giving them all a single drop of lubricant too. Once everything was dry again, I took out this mighty gun for another test run: function check passed! The action felt smoother than ever without any hint or squeaking as usual thanks in large part to perfecting its care routine with some help from your high quality products like those found at Clp4less–for less!

When I go away on overnight trips, I make sure to pack my pistols as close to the outside of the case and far from any cold air. This time it seemed like Tuf-Glide really paid off because there was no condensation at all when we arrived in our hotel room!

When I got home from work, the first thing that I did was apply Tuf-Glide to all my CZ mags for rust protection and help them drop free easier. The next day when I show up at the range with EDC Knives in tow, it pays off as well; They’re still slick enough so they don’t get hung up on anything just after a rinse. For my Spyderco Sage 2 knife though – which has titanium scales but no flow through design – It doesn’t need any lubrication because of its smoothness out of box already combined with having an o-ring saturated space behind those blades right near where you grip  it most often anyways!

Tuf Glide Review

The Worlds Best EDC Knife

As a knife enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for ways to take my collection up another level. When Tuf-Glide reached out with an offer from their new product line and asked if we would be interested in reviewing it, I eagerly accepted! What intrigued me most about this product was that they claim (and after testing) that you can use it not only as a lubricant but also as cleaner by using hot water. The first time I used Tuf-Glide there were small bits of debris left behind so when cleaning the blade following application, I immersed them in boiling water overnight – what came off afterwards amazed me! My Sage 2 has usually been stubborn to open over its lifetime but now opening is effortless thanks to those

I put a new Emerson knife back together with Tuf-Cloth and enjoyed the feel of it. The blade would fly out if I just applied pressure to the pivot screw, lockup was much more solid than before where there is now no dirt or dust buildup in my handle because it’s non-free flowing

Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide are a good solution for those looking to lubricate and protect their gear. I used these products on my 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun, which is much smoother after the lube soaked into its pores. The knife user can use this product too – it will wipe down knives like new!

Sentry Solutions offers a variety of products to clean your gear and protect it from corrosion. You can use Tuf-Glide or Marine formulations on firearms as well, which are both in the Field Kit that includes other cleaning supplies such as a ceramic knife sharpener.

When you are busy and forget to maintain your EDC knife, Tuf-Cloth can help. This product was designed specifically for knives because it is made from a space age material that has nylon fibers in the mix so they will not scratch them up or collect dust like other products on the market. Simply spray some water on both sides of this cloth before using it to wipe off any dirt or grime accumulated during use; then clean with soap and warm water afterword