Survival Gear Review: Trucker’s Friend

Contents1 Trucker’s Friend. A serious prepper tool.2 The best way to find the right fit online.3 Keep your fly fishing gear in working order.4 When the apocalypse hits, you’re ready. I’ve been prepping for the …

I’ve been prepping for the apocalypse my whole life, and I can tell you that it’s not always easy to find a good survival tool. Sure, there are tons of knives out there with blades as long as your arm, but most of them aren’t practical enough to be worth carrying around. My favorite is Trucker’s Friend – a multi-tool made specifically for truckers which has 15 uses! This one isn’t just an awesome knife or saw; it also has pliers and screwdrivers built right into it so that you’re never left unprepared! With this in your pocket, you’ll have everything on hand when SHTF (or when the zombie apocalypse strikes).

Trucker’s Friend. A serious prepper tool.

1. What is your favorite survival tool?

2. What’s the most indestructible thing you’re willing to bet someone can’t destroy it with?

3. Knowing how important truckers are, have you ever thought about a prepper kit for them?

SHTF Crovel Survival Tool

The best way to find the right fit online.

4. Have you tried or heard of a little water bottle fridge that keeps fluids cold for a long time?

The Trucker’s Friend is a versatile tool that can help truckers, preppers and everyone else. This one-of-a kind item has been called the best all around utility knife for its ability to cut through just about anything with relative ease while being compact enough not to get in the way during work or emergencies. For those who have trucks it will come in handy as they drive their rig across country so they never miss out on important runs because of circumstances outside of their control like broken down vehicles blocking lanes, traffic accidents slowing them up or already closed roads due to weather conditions such as snowstorms where each second counts when lives are at stake by adding time wasted trying circumventing these obstacles into fuel needed allowing more distance traveled per gallon

The tool is heavy duty and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. The features are many with it being able to hack, pry, pull down walls or trees while using the butt end as an anchor point like in demolition work but also usefully as a hammer when pounding stakes into hard ground such as that found on construction sites.

After reading about the Trucker’s Friend tool, you have to wonder how anyone can go on without one. The design features built into this handy little lifesaver include a hammer and nail puller for dealing with any nails that might be holding down your roof through hurricane winds; tire chain hook to help remove safety seals from leaking gas tanks during an emergency fuel shortage; wire twist for removing pesky plastic wrapping around foods or medicine bottles in case of contamination, ice/debris remover which will come in very useful after natural disasters like tornadoes clear up downed trees and power lines all over town (not only does it work as an axe but there is also a pry bar at its front end); finally before anything else gets done make sure you use

The Trucker’s Friend is the perfect tool for any worst case scenario. It can be used to break glass and destroy objects instead of building them, which makes it versatile in a wide variety of situations. This shear has been designed with an ergonomic handle that grips well even when your hands are wet or oily from other tasks like changing someone’s oil on their car – this means you don’t have to worry about dropping it as often!

The handle on this axe is a solid grip and will not slip. The blade of the tool is cast alloy, made from hardened steel with added strength which makes for long lasting use as well as reliability while chopping or swinging it in any direction. In addition to that, the fiberglass handle can be inserted into its shank without needing tape or anything else to make sure you have good control over your swing!

Keep your fly fishing gear in working order.

The sleek black design looks sophisticated yet simple enough for anyone who needs an extra hand when doing yard work such splitting wood logs.

A black rust resistant finish is the perfect choice for a tool that will be used in harsh outdoor environments, and it’s just as durable when being stored indoors. The handle won’t conduct electricity to your hand because of its non-conducting feature which makes this tool versatile enough for many working applications – not only carpenters!

Crovel SHTF Tool

The Gerber EAB Black Matte Finish Carpenter Tool Set contains all you need from hammers to chisels with one purchase so there’s no more cluttering up your home workshop or truck bed with tools bought individually over time. You get the same durability on both indoor and outdoor jobs like cutting boards, fences, decks etc., but don’t worry about scratching it outdoors since scratches are easily buffed out by

The Trucker’s Friend is an all-purpose tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. The hammer head has been designed to protect the user from injury while using it and features a rectangular shape with slight radius edges, which allows users to apply force more effectively than if they were just swinging their arm through air. I tested this by dragging out my wooden pallet in search of nails – after finding some, I proceeded to use the Trucker’s Friend on them! A cool feature about this particular type of nail driver is its ability accept any size or style nail without damaging either itself or what you’re nailing down – something no other traditional metal claw hammers are able to do as well because these tools lack such versatility due

Hammering a nail into the hard oak wood can be tough at first, especially for beginners. The weight of this tool will send it thrusting in with ease but make sure to use caution when swinging: you have to remember that your blade is coming towards you during each swing! When removing nails from their post there are two different ways one could do so; using either an extractor claw or by hammer and prying motion. Extraction claws work well but they don’t always grip onto those small pesky nail heads which might slip out due to its size while on occasion I had better luck with my old-fashioned method – pounding away like crazy until the entire head pops up off

The design of Trucker’s Friend proved helpful as both options

The Trucker’s Friend is a high-quality tool that can be used in many situations. When I bought it, I wanted to see how it could help with some of my yard work projects; but when the package arrived and opened, one root from our water willow was blocking its way into the house foundation so this project gave me an opportunity to use The Trucker’s Friend! It has two different functions built right on – there are pry bars at both ends for leverage during extraction tasks and also sharp edges for chopping fresh material or cutting up overgrown roots as needed.

The Trucker’s Friend is a great tool for both on the job and in prepping. The handle has been made to be durable, so it won’t break under pressure or with use- which makes this multitool even more versatile! Whether you’re using your trucker’s friend around town while transporting goods across state lines, or as part of an emergency kit at home base camp; whether that location may change from time to time–the versatility of such tools benefits all users regardless if they are outdoorsmen looking for ways to improve their campsite life, farmers who rely on them during harvest season when dealing with heavy machinery might not always suffice.

When the apocalypse hits, you’re ready.

The Truckers Friend can do wonders in any setting because it was designed by professionals

Your back is aching, your fingers bloody and raw. You’ve been working hard all day to set up the new camp site for everyone else in la familia de mi corazon (my heart). Sometimes you need time off from work just so that someone can do it once for awhile!

Crovel Survival SHTF Tool
Crovel Survival TEOTWAWKI Tool

The Trucker’s Friend is a multipurpose tool that includes the ability to bust open skulls and smash in zombie brains. It can also be used for other purposes like chopping vegetables, whacking branches off of trees or blocking incoming objects with its hefty weight! In addition to being made here in The United States by our friends at Innovation Factory, it comes backed with an “hassle free” lifetime replacement guarantee (should you ever need one!). If this heavy duty gadget doesn’t survive your next camp out due SHTF? You’re probably going into deep doo-doo. Keep close tabs on yours and buy more than just 1!