Survival Gear Review: Suunto Clipper Compass

Fly without fear. Suunto Clipper Compass is an essential part of any survival kit and it’s one of the most useful items you can have on your person in a disaster situation. Whether you’re navigating, …

Fly without fear.

Suunto Clipper Compass is an essential part of any survival kit and it’s one of the most useful items you can have on your person in a disaster situation. Whether you’re navigating, planning or assessing risk, this compass has all the features that are needed to help with navigation. The Suunto Clipper also provides reliable readings from anywhere in the world as long as there’s at least some light available. It can be used for orienteering, map reading or even geocaching. We love how durable this compass is; it has a tough rubber housing that makes sure we won’t break if we drop it!

The Suunto Clipper Compass is our favorite piece of gear because it combines versatility with durability for an amazing

1. What is your favourite compass and why?

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3. How can I best use the features of this Suunto Clipper Compass in my region to ensure I am on the safest route possible?

4. Do any of you have any experience with a Suunto Clipper Compass that you would like to share?

5. If not, what kind of compass do you find most helpful when planning routes and navigating during high-risk situations such as hiking or skiing?

The survival compass is a key tool for any adventurer to have on them at all times. The problem with most compasses, though, is that there are so many different types and qualities in the market; it’s hard knowing which one will fit your needs best without trying out several models first. Suunto makes an excellent line of compasses catering to those looking for convenience when choosing their new navigational companion because these navigation tools are always within easy reach no matter where you go thanks to its small size and light weight design – something not offered by other brands!

The Clipper compass is a tiny, light and cheap Suunto device. It can fit in your pocket or on any other surface with ease thanks to its small size. One of the best features that makes this product unique are the needle’s fluid movement inside an enclosed compartment which ensures accuracy as it swings freely without being impeded by wind or air currents unlike those found outside where they could be affected easily due to their large surfaces area exposed to these elements.

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Reading has never been so simple

The Silva Clipper 10-Degree Compass is a navigation device that offers the basic features you need for wilderness exploration. It’s small enough to fit on your belt or pack, but it isn’t completely accurate if used in an area outside of its hemisphere designation.

I’m not the type of person that would typically be out hiking and orienteering, but I have been proving myself wrong. My old compass was just a button on my backpack with some basic coordinates printed on it to tell me where north is at all times. Needless to say, this wouldn’t suffice for when you are deep into uncharted territory without any landmarks in sight like during an apocalyptic event or if there’s something blocking your view from seeing anything other than what lies directly ahead. That’s why I recently upgraded to Suunto CLIPPER global needle compass which has a lot more features than simple directions: altitude meter (in meters) measurements; barometric pressure readings relative atmospheric air density as well as temperature (Fahrenheit); directional bearing

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I used to keep a cheap compass because it was my only momento of the places I’ve been. But, when you’re walking around with an expensive GPS and map app on your phone, there’s really no need for something that just tells north from south without any other extras like measuring distance or bearing direction. So now if I come across one at conferences as swag or even in stores? Ready for this confession: yeah…I throw them away right then and there! Seriously though- they have absolutely no survival advantage anymore according to today’s technology standards so why would anyone want one? If bling is what you desire instead try out some cool new SUUNTO CLIPPER L/B NH compasses suitable for both orienteering AND

If you like the outdoors, then chances are there will be a time where you get lost. It’s an unfortunate inevitability of being in nature and it can happen to anyone. What do we do when this happens? You need to always have a compass with you because if not, finding your way back home is next-to impossible! The Suunto Clipper gets its name from the clip mechanism on the back of the compass which allows for different attachment options so that it can work even better than just around one wrist or strap (See Tips For When You Get Lost in Woods).

Get a Realistic View of Size.

A Suunto Clipper is a compass that comes in the form of an easy to use watch. The face contains a large, obvious triangle marked with ‘N’ for North and smaller triangles marking West (‘W’) and East (‘E’). A branding mark at one end points south (S) while on other side it reads “Suunto.” This humble tool has helped many become found when they have been lost or are navigating unknown terrain. When someone becomes lost, they often follow circles until the help arrives but this clever invention makes sure you go straight home!

You’re struggling to find your way home, out of the dark woods and into a safe place. Your arms are scratched up from branches that show no mercy on you as you fight through them in desperation for safety. You’ve been running all day without food or water, but it is cold outside so at least there’s warmth…or was it? With night time approaching quickly with only sparse glimpses of daylight left behind, soon enough darkness will be upon us like an unwelcome guest wanting nothing more than to keep me lost forevermore. That is why I must have my trusty compass by my side if I want any chance whatsoever in finding my way back home again

The Suunto Clipper Compass is a small but durable tool that can be used for navigation in the harshest conditions. It also fits easily into your pocket and will not cause an issue with airport security, making it one of the most convenient tools you could ever have on hand when traveling!

I wander around my neck of the woods and always have a Suunto Clipper with me. I like to use them for map work or when adventures require an integral compass, but even then they stay on hand in case something happens that requires a backup. It’s not often you find yourself without one!

The Suunto Clipper compass is the perfect tool for adventuring and outdoor activities. It boasts a small size that can attach to your sleeve, watch strap or backpack with ease so you never have to go without it! This super compact, liquid-filled jewel bearing compass has luminescent markings making navigation easier in all terrains including those of Northern Hemisphere where this balanced configuration excels.