Survival Gear Review: SureFire LX2

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I’m going to start off this post by saying that I am not a prepper, but I know what it’s like. In fact, I’ve been living in the woods near Lake Tahoe for the last five years. That said, if you’re looking for an EDC flashlight that will be able to withstand abuse and keep on shining bright no matter what then SureFire has got your back! This is my review of the SureFire LX2 which is a single AA battery LED light with a max output of 32 lumens. The LX2 is equipped with a durable polycarbonate lens and rubberized O-ring around its head as well as tail cap so there’s less chance it’ll break when dropped or run into something sharp

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A rechargeable flashlight that’s always ready when you need a light.

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The modern world is a scary place, which may be why more and more people are becoming or just confirming their prepper status. In addition to the standard bug out bag with food and water rations in it, many of us now have an emergency home kit that includes things like medicine we need for specific illnesses or allergies as well as tools such as wire cutters. And don’t forget about your EDC items – this could include folders full of important documents you might need at work on top of our keys for various locks all over town including ones on cars! We’re also not forgetting those who enjoy camping trips but want some extra protection against what they can find lurking around outside so if that’s you then check out something from SureFire called the


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The LX2 is a tactical two-stage flashlight with momentary and constant modes. Press the button for one second to get an adjustable low beam, press again for 200 lumens of high power light–ten times as bright as your standard 2D cell flashlight! Twist once more if you want just a dim glow that’ll last longer than any other option on the market. The possibilities are endless: accessories can include IR filters or specialized pouches; there’s even an awesome lanyard system available too!

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The LX2 includes a lanyard system that can be worn like a necklace around your neck or adjusted quickly and easily to keep the light in one hand while you navigate.

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Product description: Cons

Ever since I was a little kid, pocket knives have always been my favorite. The LX2 is the latest addition to that collection and it has exceeded every expectation of mine. This light’s design allows for both utility in any given situation as well as being an amazing self-defense weapon with its 150 lumens on high output mode setting which can easily identify targets up to 125 meters away!

Surefire’s LX2 excels in low light conditions, capable of temporarily distorting the vision an opponent at ranges up to 30 feet. It is too bright for close range testing or fear of damaging the assistant’s eyesight though; it was able to hold its own against some high wattage headlight beams from a family car. Surefire has a reputation for making ruggedly built lights and I am happy that this one made it through accidental falls, trips on concrete steps leading down off my 8 foot ladder as well as being put through both cycles inside our washing machine/dryer all while still functioning afterwards!

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The LX2 is a superb flashlight in every sense of the word. It will last as long or longer than any other light you’ve ever owned, and it’s amazingly durable to boot!

Product description: Pros

The LX2 is a powerful and versatile flashlight that has earned its place in the market by being one of the brightest flashlights available. The light not only shines bright but also features different modes to meet your needs no matter what you are doing- such as camping, taking out garbage at night or looking for something under furniture during an emergency power outage! But don’t think this shining star comes without some drawbacks: it can be costly if you buy batteries when they run our; there aren’t any readily-available alternatives like AAA’s which would make them easier to find; and unfortunately we found complaints about poor customer service with Gearbest. Luckily though, these shortcomings haven’t stopped people from picking up their own Lx2 because even on Black

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The SureFire LX2 is a powerful flashlight that can be used for everyday carry or in your bug out bag. The most important features of this light are its brightness, run-time and durability testing which includes self defense (knocking someone down at night) and falling off an 8 foot ladder only to turn on afterwards! This one was built with TEOTWAWKI in mind so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when the SHTF.

The SureFire G2 is a tactical flashlight with an output of at least 300 lumens. It has two modes, one for brightness and the other more strobe-like in nature. The battery life lasts quite long lasting up to 10 hours on high mode before needing recharging or replacement batteries while being waterproof as well!

It’s the perfect companion for every adventure.

Surefire’s G2 provides some excellent illumination options from its lightweight yet durable aluminum construction which takes up minimal space when packing it into your gear bag.