Survival Gear Review: Surefire FirePak

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The Surefire FirePak is one of the most important survival tools you can have. The kit contains a waterproof match container, a fire starter and matches that are naturally tinder-proof. This is perfect for when you need to start a fire while it’s raining or snowing outside! You’re also getting four blanks to make your own emergency signal if needed. The kit has everything you need in an easy-to-carry package–it even includes two booklets with instructions on how to use the items inside the pack.

It’s never too early to be prepared for any survival situation! Read more about this product here: http://www.surefiresurvivalgearstoreshoponlineheretoday/products/survival-

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Allowing is to observe.

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You deserve a better way to send money.

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5. Does the FirePak have any drawbacks that you’re aware of, or has it been generally a great investment for survivalists and preppers like yourself?

Who needs a flashlight? Surefire has been around for many years, and they are well known as the maker of some of the world’s best flashlights. Recently, however, their lighting magic seeped into new territory—smartphones!

The Surefire FirePak is the perfect solution for those who love to party all night in dark clubs. You can now take selfies and videos without worrying about poor lighting conditions, thanks to this powerful LED light that’s enough like a 100 watt bulb!

Lights you up.

The FirePak sounds like the perfect thing for all of us who can’t stop obsessively looking at our phone screens. This product is a rectangular block that contains an LED light with two asymmetrical 10mm reflectors designed to specifically illuminate your smartphone screen from any angle in order to make it easier on those poor eyes we’re always straining while scrolling through instagram or playing games late into the night. It also has USB ports and rechargeable battery!


The creators behind this amazing invention are trying their best to get people off of there devices by making them more accessible, functional, and convenient so they don’t have as much temptation when using technology without sacrificing quality or style due its unique design which makes it look more like something you


The FirePak features a flickering light that is adjustable to the right brightness for your cell phone camera. You’ll always have perfect lighting no matter where you use it, and won’t get dark spots or vignetting like with other products!

The best way to avoid sunburn.

The Surefire FirePak is a light that can be controlled up to 10 meters away by the apps and has many different settings. The runtime for high output lasts about five hours, but you might get one and half recharges if used only for your phone’s battery or ten hours off low setting of 100 lumens.

The Surefire FirePak can be charged in a variety of ways and is perfect for use at school because it never runs out. You can charge the light with an outlet, solar power or even another cell phone charger! The bright beam will shine 20 yards away so you don’t have to worry about not being able to see what’s going on when walking through dark hallways after hours.

The closer you are to a light source, the brighter it will be. If you double your distance from that point of origin, within four doublings in intensity is lost. This principle means photons have an inverse square relationship with distance- meaning when just one inch away they’re at their brightest and as we move two inches further back over time this beam loses its brightness by half – but doesn’t stop until eight or nine feet out!

Light output also changes depending on where these invisible particles hit us: UV rays travel farther than infrared before petering out so if we stand under fluorescent bulbs our skin’s health could suffer because the longer waves can penetrate a bit into our bodies; however some types of artificial sunrays like those emitted through halogen

The FirePak is a slim and sturdy smartphone case with an attachment system that lets you mount it to your phone. The sliding rails make attaching the device easy, while also ensuring stability so you can use the flashlight in any situation without fear of breaking anything or dropping something on accident. It’s available for purchase now!

The Surefire FirePak is an innovative new product that has been designed to provide photographers with more control of their shots. The App, the Surefire FIrePak Illuminator, allows you to take full advantage of all this incredible technology and use it for creative purposes like grid overlays or exposure brightness while also having on-screen light controls available at your fingertips!

Sounds like a great night to turn on the party lights. Whether it’s in your tent, bivy sacks, or anywhere else you go for camping…the FirePak is ready! You can control its light output from off to 100 lumens up all the way 1500 lumens and because of Bluetooth connection-you’re not limited by distance. So if there happen to be any noises coming through while you are out there trying to get some shut eye at camp? No problemo: just reach over and flick that switch right before bedtime so when our friends come knocking around midnight they’ll know we aren’t open yet 😉

The Surefire FirePak is a new frontier in portable lighting. The app on your phone not only offers the best of both worlds when it comes to emergency, and domestic use but also enables you get up close for those long-distance shots with its LED flashlight that provides an impressive 800 lumens of light without consumption or weight issues!

The FirePak offers a brand new perspective on how useful flashlights can be. It’s like having your hand in the light without getting burned, since it provides an even more powerful beam of light to any room you need to see into or search out around corners with ease. The only downside? You might get addicted and never want anything less than this super-bright flashlight that just keeps going!