Survival Gear Review: Surefire E2D and E1D Defender Flashlights

The Surefire E2D and E1D Defender Flashlights have been battle-tested by the military, law enforcement, and prepared citizens. If you’re looking for powerful LED lights with a lifetime warranty that can withstand any weather condition or terrain, then these are the flashlights for you.

The Surefire company has been designing high-quality tactical equipment since 1972. They’ve designed everything from combat knives to weapon sights and suppressors to advanced electronics products like these two stun grenades — which come in handy when you need to incapacitate an attacker without killing them (although they will be temporarily disabled).

1. What are your thoughts on Surefire flashlights?

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2. What was the best thing about this product/the one thing that made it better than other products on the market?

3. Did you find anything you didn’t like about this product that might be a problem for users in the future?


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4. Is there anything else we should know about this product before considering to purchase it for ourselves or someone else as a gift?

The Surefire E2D and the E1D are two of my favorite torches to carry for a variety of purposes. At about $100 each, they’re not cheap but I find that their quality is worth it as well as their reliability – both models have an LED emitter with more than 100 lumens which makes them good choices for anything from reading signs in dimly lit parking lots to scanning your surroundings when walking home late at night.

These two lights have a lot in common. Beyond the obvious similarities of LED technology and aircraft-grade aluminum, these flashlights also share extreme brightness levels (200 lumens), two light intensity settings, tail click switches with crenelated bezels for easy grip control under any circumstance. The only differences are that one is brighter than the other by about 100 lumens max; it has fewer CR123 cells to power its larger lens size; they’re not exactly heavyweights but both weigh more than you might expect from such bright sources -though their weight difference isn’t as drastic as you would think when considering how much lighter this second flashlight is compared to most others on today’s market.; They do differ slightly in length though neither measure up next

The Surefire E1D

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