Survival Gear Review: Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet

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It seems like everyone is preparing for something these days. Whether it be the entire world ending or just your average rainy day, there are always a bunch of people buying up all the water and food. As someone who has been prepping since I was born (I’m not kidding), I have had my fair share of survival gear to try out. One product that I recently tried out was Stihl’s Pro Splitting Hatchet.

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The hatchet came with two different blades – one straight edge blade for chopping wood and another curved blade which is perfect for carving various objects such as bowls or spoons from logs you may find in the woods (or your backyard). The axe also comes with an ergonomic handle design with a built-

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If you’re looking for a reliable tool that will help make those firewood splitting tasks much easier, the Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is your best choice. This durable hatchet has an Ash handle with thick neck and weighs in at 2.75 pounds – perfect to tackle all of life’s big logs!

The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is a lot more than meets the eye. The first time you get your hands on it, you will notice how well-made and sturdy this tool really is – not to mention affordable for what amounts to be an amazing deal! It does everything from chopping wood for kindling or splitting logs with ease so that they can then be neatly stacked in piles. In addition, its lightweight design lets me carry all of my tools around without any trouble at all while I work outside throughout the day.

The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is a large, two-handed hatchet with an enlarged head. The sharp bit on the front can be used to split wood and make short work of even thick logs. It’s great for big jobs or small ones that are too much for your smaller splitting axe!

Stihl is the name that most people associate with chainsaws, but it also manufactures axes in its German forging plant. Their axe design philosophy has not changed much over time and they are still using old methods to produce their durable tools today.

The Stihl Company is a little-known brand name that offers the quality of Swedish axes at an affordable price. In 1926, it released its first chainsaw to customers and as time went on they added more power tools for everyday use in the forestry industry. The company’s founder Andreas Stihl was born there 1896 where he started his career designing saw blades before developing one of their most popular products: electric chain saws.

The Stihl family has been producing high-quality handcrafted items since 1878 when Robert Wilhelm Ludwig founded what would become Europe’s largest maker of woodworking machinery, but only began making branded gear after World War II due to pressure from competitors like Husqvarna who had already begun exporting premium

Stihl, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in power tools and hand-held chainsaws for professional users such as fire departments, tree surgeons and farmers. Their first ever product was a gas powered machine that helped revolutionize wood cutting with its six horsepower engine weighing 101 pounds. This may sound like an incredible feat now but at the time it weighed less than five pounds lighter than their electricity powered older brother which is impressive considering how much more we use those machines today!

Prior to 1900 there were only a few recognizable features common among even primitive chain saws until 1929 when Stihl debuted their famous gas fueled model named after themselves called “Tree Fellers”. It marked a turning point in mechanical technology since then and weighs over 100 lbs

Hickory is often used for axes and hatchets, but the Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet has a grip made of ash. Ash wood isn’t as brittle so it can withstand harder hitting axes or special purpose tools like this splitting axe from Stihl that would otherwise be too dangerous to use with hickory. For comparison, baseball bats are usually made out of ash over hickory because they see more violent use than an average tool does in its lifetime; however, if you were going to wrap up your bat in padding before using it then perhaps there could also be another choice at hand other than just one type of wood: Hickory will always reign supreme when it comes to all-purpose outdoor activities such as

Whether you go for the Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet or its lesser priced brother, ash is not only cheaper but just as efficient. You can also find it at your local hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowes! The handle of this axe makes up a lot of weight so make sure to test out how heavy that will be before buying it in person. This hatchet has an overbuilt design which should last if taken care of properly; try putting some extra oil on the metal parts from time to time with proper cleaning after each use – we recommend using rubbing alcohol instead when possible because water could rust these metals especially fast since they are inherently more susceptible than others due to their thinness.

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The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is like bringing a tank to gunfight. The way the hatchet blasts through western pinewoods with ease makes it one of my favorite tools in camp! Some features that make this an awesome tool are its thick neck, accented toe and heel on handle, as well as how powerful it feels when you use it

The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is one of the most adored tools that you will find in your shed. It has a heavy and sharp blade with plenty of weight to it, so whether or not its used for splitting logs or cutting through brush there are no worries about this tool getting lost at any point during work. The grip on top allows even those who aren’t as strong their full force behind every swing because they can have more control over how hard they hit the log thanks to the swell along both sides of what would normally be just an axe head if it wasn’t part of a hatchet design!

The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is a modern take on the traditional axe, and has two highly functional modes. In the first mode, one can slam it into their workpiece with more force to split wood efficiently. Secondly, if you hold it still while using your weight as leverage against its head-shaped blade in this position; much like many hydraulic splitter axes do today – you’ll be able to bring down logs of any size without breaking a sweat or risking an injury!

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The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet makes the task of chopping firewood easy and fun for kids. Kids will be fighting over who gets to baton next thanks to this lightweight, but versatile tool that can work with one hand or two so you’re not all alone in your campfire endeavors.

Knives are a great way to chop food, but using knives for anything else is dangerous. For example, when carving meat on the dinner table with your knife and fork you need to be careful not to cut yourself. It’s easy enough if there’s something solid between you and the blade that it can’t slice through completely-say a long piece of bread or an unpeeled orange–but how about chopping vegetables? Using what would ordinarily be called “knife skills” isn’t so safe anymore because most people don’t have many years experience handling sharp blades in various situations like carvers do; they just know which foods require cutting up into tiny pieces before cooking them (e.g., potatoes).

Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is a must-have tool for any lumberjack. With this handy axe, one can have the power to split wood with just a swing of their arm. However, care should be taken not to drive the Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet into dirt and rocks whilst splitting apart logs because it will lead you down many paths after they go flying apart in all directions! One way that I found helped me keep my hatchet sharp was by using horizontally grained backstops as opposed to vertical ones which tend dull your blade too quickly during heavy use from constantly being driven into them time and again.

When not in use, this hatchet includes a blade cover that barely hangs onto the tool with just one patch of velcro. The vinyl-like material is hardly impressive and doesn’t instill much confidence if you’re wearing it while using your Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet out in public. I’m considering upgrading to an aftermarket leather axe sheath for my splitting maul instead because these types of covers are expensive!

Splitting a log into sheets doesn’t have to be difficult; with the right tools, it can be quick and easy. The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is one such tool that cuts even logs like butter when you get the hang of its blade angle. However, there are many splitting hatchets and axes without metal collars protecting their handles from damage during use – so if I find an aftermarket solution for my handle neck below where this head hits the wood on contact? That would top off what already makes this axe great!

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One notable flaw in this hatchet is that the handle and head are not well made. The grain pattern on the wood of which it was created, for example, has a significant number of imperfections – but don’t be fooled! This may look like just another cheaply-made product to some people who have never used a splitting axe before; however those with experience know how much more difficult it can make an otherwise simple task such as chopping up firewood or taking down small trees during hunting season …

One other small negative about this Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is its durability: although solidly built from high quality materials and designed for heavy use jobs (such as removing tree stumps), there exist noticeable scuff marks after

The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is the versatile tool for all of your chopping needs. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry with you anywhere, while still being durable enough to handle splitting logs, saplings, or any other type of cutting job that may come up.

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The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is a more than capable companion during those long days when gathering firewood seems an endless chore without stopping – but don’t let its small size fool you!

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The right size, all the time.

The Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is a camping tool that can make short work of wood rounds and quarters with its efficiency. It won’t fell trees, but it will quickly become the go-to campfire fuel supply maintenance tool when you use this aggressive mass hatchet.

When you need your rounds blown apart and kindling piled up right now, the Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet is there to give you its full support. Just by using this amazing tool’s reverse configuration it becomes a safe tool for even the youngest of fire maintainers. With control that rivals an adult arm muscle launch at wood with speed and precision; if delivers nothing but accurate splitting blows into any piece of timber in no time flat!