Survival Gear Review: Sphinx Arms SDP Compact

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Ready to go off the grid? It’s time to stock up on some survival gear. Whether you’re a prepper, hiker or camper, Sphinx Arms SDP Compact is your one stop shop for all of your tactical needs. This review will be going over the features and specifications of this gun but first we’ll just have a chat about why it’s such an important purchase for you and anyone in your life who loves spending time outdoors.

The Sphinx Arms SDP Compact is unlike any other weapon on the market because it can do everything from shooting targets in close quarters combat to long range shots with accuracy that will make snipers jealous. The compact size makes it perfect for camping trips or hikes where space is at a premium while

A little bit nerdy, a whole lot of cool.

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1. What are your thoughts on the Sphinx Arms SDP Compact?

2. Why did you choose this product over other brands?

3. Which aspects of it helped you decide on that purchase? How do they compare to other products sold by this company or another competitor brand name if applicable? Is there anything else you would like to say about this product that hasn’t been covered in the post yet?

4. How has having a gun helped/hurt your personal survival plans since purchasing it (if applicable)?

5. Would you recommend a compact firearm as an addition for everyone’s bug out bag or is it that necessary, considering how low recoil guns can be bought nowadays and the costs of ammunition required to

In the early 2000s, a small Swiss firearms company called Sphinx Arms was making waves in engineering circles with their pistol. The Sphinx 3000 is based on one of the most popular pistols ever made —the CZ 75— but features some innovative design changes and tweaks that make it more durable than its predecessor. Though only distributed to select markets at first, this little-known gun would soon become very sought after by American buyers who were looking for an alternative to what seemed like every other modern firearm brand being imported from overseas these days.

The Sphinx 3000 is a highly accurate, handmade pistol that has long been sought after by elite Special Forces groups and competitive shooters. It was mostly unknown to the outside world until 2010 when it teamed up with KRISS, an innovative company known for producing high quality sub-machine guns such as the MP5 series of which Cindi Thomas exclusively uses in national competition shooting among USPSA Women’s Team members. In recent years they launched their more affordable SDP Compact model pistols – all designed around making sure every shot counts – whether you are out on your ranch hunting coyotes or competing at Nationals during major competitions like The Best Or Nothing where Cindi used her distinctive Sphinx 3000!

The Sphinx Arms Company produces finely crafted handguns that

kriss pistol review

When I first held this pistol at the 2013 SHOT show, it felt like an updated Sig or a CZ 75. It was well-balanced and comfortable in my hand with its ergonomics and weight. The heritage of Sphinx pistols reminded me of Mercedes Benz’ slogan, “The best or nothing.”

The ambidextrous de-cocker and magazine release (which is reversible) are both easily operated with one hand. The serrated bobbed hammer for SA operation was also easy to operate, as were the slide stop lever and thumb safety on my left side of the gun grip. I could tell right away that this particular firearm would be a top contender in any competition because it felt like someone had made sure every detail was precise down to its material composition – steel slides, aluminum frames, polymer grips; all put together by Swiss watchmakers!

I was never able to get my hands on a Sphinx until I got one of the new SDP Compact models from my buddy. It’s amazing what you can do with two birds, and in this case it just happened that they were both guns!

When I picked up this $1000 pistol, the Sphinx At The Range, my friend was expecting me to be brutal. However when we got to our range and he saw that it felt great in hand with its factory supplied medium grips; long but smooth double action trigger pull (@10#) – his expectations were shattered like a mirror on concrete!

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The trigger on the gun is short and crisp, with an extremely quick reset. You don’t need to adjust your grip much when shooting because you can just pull back the trigger again right away. I found that sliding was very smooth, as well – it didn’t jerk or feel rough at all in my hand! The magazine followers are bright red which makes checking for low ammo even easier; one look tells me if there’s any left in a clip.

I wanted to see this gun fail. We were shooting Federal American Eagle ammo, which is mid-range pistol ammo in my opinion. I decided that I didn’t want the Sphinx to have a chance of failing so we shot it right out of the box without breaking it down and lubing or cleaning anything before hand; eventually 300 rounds went off with no hiccups whatsoever! The only adjustment needed was making sure you got your sights lined up on target but even then, 13/15 shots hit their mark first try when fired at steel targets from 20 paces away!

These sights are sightly different than the competition, but they work great and allow for quick target acquisition.

The Pros: These new Sig Sauer X-Five Competition – trigger system is very easy to use. The grip design really allows me enjoy shooting this pistol with ease of movement which never got in my way on a shot when I needed it most because its so big enough that you can get plenty out from your hand without any problems at all shooting and fight against recoil if need be . You will have no problem getting used to these features as well since there not too complicated or difficult like some other guns on the market today!

The GLOCK 19 has been a staple of law enforcement and military service for years. The design is highly versatile, with an ambidextrous safety that can be activated using one finger on either side of the weapon to disengage or engage it without obscuring your target from sight while shooting. With this gun’s small size you will not sacrifice performance as its short barrel length provides quick ejection time which reduces reloading frequency when facing multiple threats in close quarters combat situations

Sphinx pistols are well known for their ergonomic design and high-quality craftsmanship. Disassembling the gun revealed an impeccable finish, with every detail custom fitted to ensure reliability when firing rounds. The barrel’s fit was so perfect that I had trouble removing it from its position in order to replace parts during reassembly!

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Welcome to your new addiction.

When you first pick up the Sphinx SDP, it feels as light and precise in your hand as a feather. You can spend hours just running the slide back and forth to admire its precision engineering for yourself, but there’s no denying that once this firearm is put into action on target duty or competition shooting range-stage – whichever suits you best-, anything less than stellar performance will be unacceptable. The gun’s design has been attributed to competitive use of firearms from world class shooters like Doug Koenig so if accuracy matters most then these are certainly enough reasons why buying one would make perfect sense!

I’ve seen my friend a few times since we shot the Sphinx SPD Compact at the range. He now carries this pistol as his CCW (CCP). Each time I see him, he has let me handle it again and each time I have been impressed with how tight these guns are made. Just like any other gun that gets carried around all day is going to get knocked loose from its spring tension eventually, but not one of these pistols in sight! The design on them make for an excellent grip which really comes into play if you’re doing rapid fire or shooting long distances because your hand won’t slip off the weapon’s grips due to sweat or pressure points against your skin working their way through close contact combat training exercises.


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Laugh all day with the funniest memes.

The Sphinx SDP Compact is a pistol with great features and will satisfy any aficionado. It has 15 1 capacity, so you can take the magazine out without worrying about reloading if needed. Its match grade accuracy ensures that every shot hits its mark while still being highly concealable for those days when it’s just too hot to wear something heavy and bulky around your waist or ankle area like most guns require of their owners nowadays. If this pistol isn’t on your Christmas list yet then I’m sure someone who loves pistols as much as you do would be happy to receive this beauty in return for all of their constant support over the last year!

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