Survival Gear Review: PWS MK214 Battle Rifle

The PWS MK214 Battle Rifle is a weapon system designed for law enforcement and military use. It has a free-floating barrel that reduces the effects of recoil, making it an ideal choice for precision shooting …

The PWS MK214 Battle Rifle is a weapon system designed for law enforcement and military use. It has a free-floating barrel that reduces the effects of recoil, making it an ideal choice for precision shooting at long distances. The rifle also comes with two different rail sections that allow you to customize it to your liking. I personally love the ergonomic design which allows me to shoot this gun all day without any loss in accuracy or fatigue. When you’re out hunting game, don’t forget about this one!

This blog post will review the PWS MK214 Battle Rifle – perfect for preppers who want to survive when SHTF!

1. What are some of the different features/adjustments on your gear that you would like to learn about?

2. Do you think military discounted pre-owned tactical gear is a good idea for preppers and veterans?

3. How much time do you think it takes to acquire a battle rifle that could be an adequate stand-in for the MK214 if necessary? And was it worth the price?

4. If someone in America was interested in acquiring this weapon, what are some of the steps they would have to take before they can legally buy one?

If you are looking for the ultimate battle rifle, then look no further than the MK214 Battle Rifle. This urban environment weapon was designed by Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) and is perfect for those survival situations that require medium range combat. The AK-47 may have been a great gun in World War II, but when it comes to 20th century warfare with its long distances of engagement and precise shooting requirements – this time around we send our troops out there armed with PWS’s latest technology: “The Battle Rifle.”

Zombie Apocalypse Approaches? No problem, just grab your rifle and head out to the range! The MK214 is an excellent survival gun for those of you interested in getting a well-rounded firearm that can do it all. These guns are chambered with 7.62x51mm ammo while maintaining some AK47 reliability qualities because they’re internally powered by long stroke piston systems like this one here at SurvivalCache’s testing station, making them great choices for any zombie apocalypse survivor who wants versatility and power from their firearms. Plus look how cool these rifles are – I mean what would be cooler than packing around something as sleek looking as this during the inevitable end of days?!

The PWS MK 214 Battle Rifle is a lightweight, piston-driven rifle that features Magpul MOE stocks and grips. Other additions include the XT rail panels for attaching accessories to your weapon of choice on top or bottom with ease. The 20 round PMAG magazine ensures you never run out of ammo when it matters most!

The best cause of blue balls since a bike seat.

The PWS MK214 uses a piston system that eliminates the dirt and other problems inherent in its predecessor, which used direct gas impingement. The single-piece design of this rifle’s bolt carrier is what makes it so reliable at higher pressure levels than those generated by conventional ARs because they use two pieces for their bolt carrier assembly.

The PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube is designed to eliminate carrier tilt, which increases bolt shearing in other piston systems. The fit between the upper and lower receiver of a standard AR-15 rifle can be loose at times with wiggle room for play—not so on this gun! I wasn’t able to get any wiggle or give while assembling my kit together. They also chose not have an “AR” style pistol grip like many other manufacturers do; instead they opted for something different: the AK Style Pistol Grip. This means you’ll enjoy more ergonomic benefits such as flexibility when shooting from positions that require your body close up against it (ie prone).

PWS Rifle Review

The AR-10 is the perfect rifle for those who are looking to take your shooting range game up a notch. It has all of the accuracy and precision that you will need when it comes down to long distance shots, but even if this isn’t what interests you in particular there is still plenty more about the AR-10 that makes it worth its salt. For one thing, with an adjustable stock (which they make sure not only locks securely into place) as well as enough weight being distributed over a stable surface thanks to its monolithic upper receiver made out of solid steel; The stability alone can go miles towards improving your aim at any target across various distances. This means whether or not longer ranges are on tap today we know

I was surprised after sending the first round downrange how little recoil I felt. The blast is less severe than what you would expect from a .223 but it has an incredibly strong push and barely any kickback, similar to that of firing a larger caliber rifle like the M249 SAW or MK14 EBR. Follow up shots were easy even when standing unsupported with my gun braced against my chest which made shooting very comfortable!

I couldn’t believe it – there’s virtually no recoil on this thing at all (much more comparable to smaller calibers). And because of its design, if your shot isn’t perfect then just fire again; each bullet will hit close enough for accurate range purposes due to the weapon being capable of both sem

The best thing about this rifle is its ability to shoot accurately while still remaining on target. The long stroke piston and muzzle compensator/flash hider make it easier for you stay in control of your shots, which reduces the risk that you will miss a shot or hit an unintended target. I have also read reviews mentioning that the upper rail may get hot after shooting high volumes with full auto firing; however, I am not sure if they updated their rails system because my upper rail never got too warm even when using fully automatic fire! Furthermore, unlike other gas-powered guns like ARs (I’m looking at you), this gun does not lose much accuracy over time as opposed to losing significant amounts of accuracy from minute one due to

There is nothing more intimidating or exhilarating than unloading an entire magazine of bullets in a few seconds. But you don’t need to fire it on full auto mode all the time, unless if there’s someone attacking your position and needs suppression cover from heavy guns like RPGs (rocket propelled grenades).

I always preferred point shooting over spraying rounds uncontrollably, especially when I was overseas with my team mates who had heavier weapons that they could use for suppressing enemies while we were covering other parts of the orchestra such as close-quarter combat. You really never know what type environment will come up next so having both styles available has been invaluable

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PWS MK214 Rifle Review

I like to pick a target, pull the trigger, see what’s left to shoot. The Magpul BUIS sights were fine for the test fire but I definitely want to get some optics on it and see what this Battle Rifle can do at distance. That will have to be another article though – right now I’m looking at trying figure out how best equip my rifle with Leupold Mark 8 CQBSS 1.1-8x24mm M5B1 Optics!

I’ve been shooting this rifle for a little over two months now and it has proven to be an excellent Close Quarters Battle Rifle. Recently, I tried taking shots at around 300 yards with the MK214 and will let you know how those go soon!

PWS MK214 Rifle Review

What you’ll need for a rainy day.

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I’ve had my eye on this PWS M14x Modular Rail System (MK-214) since before Christmas but have not yet pulled the trigger so to speak. This is due largely in part because of all that was going on during December – there were just too many distractions from what should really matter most: family time