Survival Gear Review: Ontario Falcon Knife

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This knife is a must have if you are prepping for any type of disaster. It has been featured on the show Doomsday Preppers and it was created by Ontario Knife Company. The knife features an ergonomic design with a rubberized grip handle that will keep your hand from slipping even when your hands are wet or dirty. There is also a compass, thermometer, fire starter rod, whistle and sharpener built into the sheath so that you can be prepared to survive anything nature throws at you as well as man-made disasters like terrorism or natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes.

This survival gear review will help get you ready for anything!

Fly Like An Eagle.

1. Which survival situations is the blade most useful in?

2. What are your thoughts on Ontario knives and tools as a whole?

3. Would you be caught on the trail without this knife by your side?

4. What makes it any better than a typical utility knife or even a regular hunting knife? Why should I buy this over any other types of knife out there for survival purposes?

5. For those that can’t afford it, could you recommend what is comparable to it but not as expensive?

The Ontario Knife Company’s Falcon is an underrated survival knife because it has many contradictory features that keep this blade out of the spotlight. It was introduced in 2011 and contains a leaf-shaped clip point, which makes for excellent piercing abilities; serrations on both sides create keen cutting edges ideal for dressing game or sawing branches to make shelter quickly; its spear point provides better control while swinging through vegetation or defending one’s self against assailants with less risk of accidentally slitting their own throat during combat scenarios. The only thing about this weaponless wonder we don’t like are those parts made from stainless steel instead of high carbon content metals used by other knives but given how these tools have been designed they still do well at taking care of business when you

The Ranger Falcon hunting knife is perfect for small or large game, but that’s not the only thing it excels at. The blade on this tool was specifically designed to act as a survival and combat knife in extreme environments–and Ontario knows knives. With company roots going back as far 1889 when Benjamin Harrison was president of the United States, OKC has made cutlery here since 1894 making them one hell of an American manufacturer with decades worth of knowledge and experience under their belt.

How to pick a survival knife

The Falcon is the thinnest knife on this list. The blade has a thickness of less than an inch! This makes it ideal for slicing and dicing, but not so much chopping through bone or cutting thick materials such as animal hide.

The length blades are perfect for whittling firewood into arrow shafts – I can’t imagine doing that with my Fallkniven A1 10-inch survival knife! With its super sharp edge, there’s no need to sharpen your knives at home because they’re always razor sharp when you get them out of their sheath thanks to 5160 spring steel which also happens to be tempered in oil over three days before use so that it doesn’t rust prematurely like most other stainless ste

In addition to being short but thick, the steel of the blade contains some molybdenum which makes it springier than other knives. In fact, because this survival knife is so tough and hardy—being able to withstand up-to 45 degrees without bending or losing its shape—it can be difficult for a person with normal strength to bend. The Rockwell hardness on this particular 5160 model ranges from 53–55 HRC, making it softer when compared with most average 60ish blades seen in common survival knives

The handle is one of the most interesting aspects of this knife. The Micarta grips are wider than they are thick, and short compared to what you might expect on a big blade like the Falcon. If you have small hands then these scales may not fit well in your grasp because there’s so little room for extra grip area left over from such an extensive scale design – which begs the question: do customers with larger-sized mitts need as much space?

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The Falcon is a small, lightweight knife with the perfect size to be used in tight spaces. It gives you an amazing grip and allows for more control than other bigger knives. The blade has been tested by experts to ensure it can handle various tasks such as self-defense or chopping off your finger if needed!

We’re not your typical resort.

Best Survival Knife

The Falcon is not a machete; it’s more of an axe. The blade has a flat grind which keeps the sides thin and straight until they converge on the cutting edge, giving this knife its deadly chisel feature instead of hacking (which would be better suited for chopping).

The only blade you need for the zombie apocalypse is a flat grind! The green Micarta scales attach with two eighth-inch hex head bolts on each side meeting in a threaded brass collar. This will allow your knife to be sharper than ever before and always ready to cut through anything that stands in its way, even if it becomes dull from time to time.

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The design of this knife is perfect for hunting trips. The steel has a coat under the scales, making it easier to grip as well as paracord if desired. It is equipped with two holes in its handle that could be utilized creatively by hunters who may want to work on their grips but don’t have many options otherwise because there’s no jimping anywhere else on the blade and only one finger choil located near the tip which offers some control when inside animal bodies during surgery or while gripping slippery meat during butchering process

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More than just a leash, it’s the perfect solution for hands-free pet parenting.

The FALCON is used for cutting small logs to be turned into firewood. It has a convex blade grind that can help prevent binding in the wood, which makes it easy to use on smaller pieces of timber like birch or pine. You may want some wedges if you need more leverage though! The shorter grip limits its strength when prying apart larger logs – but then this isn’t really designed as an axe anyway…

How to choose a survival knife
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Determining what the perfect survival knife is, can be a difficult task. But one of many advantages to the Falcon Survival Knife is its incredible durability and strength despite being lightweight in design. This flagship model from CRKT utilizes both “less-is-more” philosophy with it’s slim profile blade, as well as an abundance o “if some is good then more must be better.”

The reasons this particular knife should come out on top are that not only does it have two different blades but also because no matter how sloppy your attack may seem against any given target area; you will find that they’ll slide easily down towards their final destination thanks to high quality steel material and sharpened edges which help provide optimal cutting potential for all scenarios imaginable

Breaking with tradition is an opportunity to make something new. For example, a knife can be used for more than cutting and slicing food; it also becomes useful as other things like an opener or hammer because of its unique properties.

Gripping this knife is quite comfortable in any forward grip as well as a reverse grip with edge out (RGEO). And no matter how you hold it, you certainly don’t have to baby it. The softer steel of the blade will roll a little after repeated pounding, stabbing, jabbing and hacking but sharpens right up with little effort. This strength combined with its thicker design make for an excellent all-purpose utility knife that should never be underestimated simply because of its modest size!

On the contrary, this knife has a flat grind that makes it thick in the middle and is great for chopping. It’s also very durable because of its steel alloy – 1095 Cro-Van 41 Layers Rockwell Hardness 57/58 HRC Blade Length 4″ Handle Material: Micarta

For those who only want a knife to do one thing, the Falcon will be your savior. The Canadian-made blade screams for jobs that involve wood and bone. For this price range, it is quite durable steel with an intense grip when in use of its talons digging into severe bladework such as wooden surfaces or animal skin. If you are looking for more than just a single purpose out of your knife but also have not much cash on hand then the Falcon might fly highest if faced with mean-looking tasks where it can dig deep down within itself by using all its strength against these different materials during hunting excursions while maintaining minimal size without sacrificing quality construction from Ontario’s factory line

The falcon occupies the rare but enviable intersection

Sure, this dog can hunt. But crunch the numbers- a quarter inch thick and four inches of flat grind blade on a three inch handle? This bad boy’s got skills other knives fear to go up against! With that said, it’s hard for me to endorse the Falcon as my primary blade in my kit because with all these features put together I could find any number of blades who are more capable than he is at handling jobs like opening boxes or cutting rope. He doesn’t get out much either – so if you want him around your neck better be prepared for some serious fighting spirit coming from his little body when someone tries messing with you!

The Falcon’s Nest. Ahh, but the sheath

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Spring forward to a smarter, healthier you.

The heavy-lifting and wet work is not what I’m looking for in a survival scenario. The Falcons Nests are versatile enough to be used as battle blades or household tools, so when it comes time to crack open my BASH Box of essentials; I won’t need two separate knives on hand – just one!

The nylon MOLLE compatible sheath is great for carrying the knife on your leg or back, and has two adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit.

No doubt the Kydex Krowd will want something else; something noticeably more durable, cool, and engaging. In reality this bird is for fighting your way towards the future when chaos reigns- hunting as camouflage but it’s not enough. We can all play Ontario’s PR game if we choose to with a smirk or smile while knowing that in times of trouble our Ranger Falcon knife from Doc Montana will be there to protect us no matter what even though you may think its just another hunter’s blade…

No doubt the hunters out there who value durability and usability over beauty would love an upgraded version of their favorite knives on offer by Ontario Knife Company – one which features prominently in many outdoorsman blogs thanks to its excellent design qualities