Survival Gear Review: Nitecore MH12GTS Flashlight

Contents1 Gritty.2 The Nitecore MH12GTS is the world’s brightest compact flashlight.3 Wrap things up with us.4 A game of strategy, tactics and dice placement.5 The Practical Flashlight For Your Pocket.6 Nitecore is the world leader …

If you’re a prepper, chances are you have some survival gear tucked away in your bug-out bag. But if you don’t already know what to get, it can be hard to determine which items will actually help in an emergency situation. That’s why I’m here today with my review of the Nitecore MH12GTS Flashlight!

1. What is the quality of light in relation to how powerful it is?


2. Would you recommend this flashlight to others who are looking for one?

3. Do you know what “throw” is and does it mean?

4. What other brands would you recommend that would have a similar price range as Nitecore MH12GTS or cheaper or more expensive?

For a while now, the flashlight has been considered one of those things that doesn’t need to be updated very often. It seemed like it could last forever and always do its job perfectly well without any complaints or malfunctions – until recently when technology took over. Nowadays flashlights are more-often than not made out of LED lights which have all sorts of advantages such as lasting longer on less power usage, being brighter with better visibility in darkness among other features; there’s never been a time where you needed to rely so heavily upon your old faithful Maglite Heavy Duty Incandescent 4 Cell D Flashlight again!

The Mini-Maglite I used in the field was a little red anodized AA powered flashlight that rode on my belt or inside of a pouch. But as time marched by, this reliable light just couldn’t cut it anymore so when LED technology became more advanced and improved than ever before, there wasn’t much left to do but upgrade!

Flashlights have always been a delicate subject for me. I’ve had this Mag-lite since sixth grade, which is when my uncle showed up at the door with one and said it would be good to keep in your room as insurance against any intruders into our house while we slept – so he handed that duty down to me after all these years. But then some state trooper friend of mine introduced me his Streamlight Stinger rechargeable light; lighter than anything else on the market, but still incredibly rugged–like you could drive over them or if they fell out of your pocket onto concrete (which has happened more times than once). Suddenly my trusty old maglites seemed obsolete—so I bought myself a little something special from work:

That Streamlight LED light served many years as my primary flashlight with outstanding success, but its incandescent bulb simply became outdated one day. I don’t remember when was the first time that I used an LED flashlight instead of a regular fluorescent lightbulb – it must have been sometime in 2013 or 2014 and at some point over the next couple of months, they just completely took off like crazy! My first experience using one blew me away because these newer flashlights were powered by LEDs which can last for decades longer than their traditional counterparts (incandescent bulbs). The reason why is that while an old-fashioned filament technology has to be replaced periodically due to rapidly diminishing brightness levels from abuse such as physical shock and vibration; on top of this complication

When I first started lighting up my room back in high school, it was a simple matter of plugging all the lamps to one power source. Now instead of being plugged into an outlet like they were before, each lamp has their own socket that’s powered by its respective switch mounted on the wall just outside my bedroom door. This way if something goes wrong with any individual lightbulb or fixture and needs replacing then there is no need for me to go crawling through every single cord trying find which connection isn’t working because now everything can be dealt with individually!

The Nitecore MH12GTS is the world’s brightest compact flashlight.

Generally I have found that when you place multiple bulbs together as well as additional features such as multi-function switches your lights become more susceptible to failure than what would happen otherwise

So, without further ado: my first high-performance flashlight was the Fenix PD35TAC. I’ve not really experienced any modern lights that exceed its performance in terms of features or cost until just recently when companies like Nitecore and Olight have released their latest models for under $100. This light has been a personal benchmark for me on what are acceptable standards an EDC light should meet–reliable variable power output, rugged construction, and moderate price tag notwithstanding.

This is not the flashlight of your average Joe. The Nitecore MH12GTS  is a feature-laden powerhouse that will light up any dark space with ease and has an excellent performance ratio for its price tag at just under $100. This new release by Nitecore puts out 1800 lumens which are powered by four 18650 batteries, making it one of brightest flashlights on the market today! You can also switch to three modes – high, low or strobe mode depending on how heavy you need your beam in different situations like driving through foggy conditions late at night or finding something inside a cabinet without disturbing everyone else sleeping nearby who’s trying to sleep peacefully too.

But this isn’t about all those other lights

The MH12GTS is a an affordable all-around flashlight that will suit the needs of most people. This light falls in between smaller compact models and larger tactical lights, making it perfect for use as both your go to everyday carry or as a backup on hikes at night when you might need more power than usual.

The MH12GTS feels powerful, yet surprisingly lightweight and sleek. It has a knurled grip that is sure to provide the stability you need when in use. Compared to its previous model of flashlight, this one comes with many more perks such as two lanyard holes for added safety measures and an attractive black finish so it looks great on your house keychain or belt loop during those late night walks home from work!

The moment I saw the MH12GTS, I was convinced it would be a great flashlight. It has some of the same features as other flashlights in its price range and is almost identical to them appearance-wise. Now that this doesn’t seem so impressive anymore, let’s take a look at all those accessories they included with this light! There are loads of extras for you to choose from – one accessory can make your experience ten times better than before because each attachment will allow something new about how you use/carry your flashlight around continuously changing things up every time without spending any extra cash on more equipment or anything like that. The pocket clip is black steel which makes me feel confident even though it seems quite flimsy when actually handling

With the added tension, users will be able to ride and install their flashlight in a more comfortable manner. Unlike clips from other lights manufacturers who may have an annoying tendency of launching off into parts unknown when drawing out your light from front pants pocket, this clip is not problematic at all. The retention on the MH12GTS Flashlight has been positively received by consumers because it does not slither away every time you try and retrieve it as well! To make retrieval even easier for our listeners we are offering this giveaway that includes: one (1) $50 gift card with free shipping anywhere within North America OR five(5) copies of Episode 5- “Flashlights” podcast! If interested please email us back right now so we can

The tactical ring allows for easier gripping on your flashlight, and provides a finger-grip area when using it in conjunction with sidearms. I found that the best use of this product was to keep my flashlight from rolling off flat surfaces such as tables or desks.

Keeping your hands free is one of the great benefits of throw lights, but when you need to use both for stability reasons or just don’t want them weighing down pockets and making it hard to walk up hills, a lanyard can be very helpful. To keep their light from slipping out of your hand at an inopportune moment – like if they fall over water’s edge while fishing!  – many people wear theirs around their neck with slack that drops below waist level so there will always be something holding onto it whether lit or not.

The belt-mounted holster is a decently made unit, constructed of nylon with a flap that hides the flashlight and keeps it firmly in place. It’s an excellent option for those who don’t like carrying lots of gear on their person because this light can be worn securely by way of its hook and loop panel. The MH12GTS may not fit comfortably in your pocket, so you’ll appreciate having another option to carry it around!

The shoulder strap makes wearing these lights even more comfortable than they already are as well – especially when paired with our Large Utility Pouch which has ample compartments for extra batteries or spare parts (you never know what will wear out first). You won’t go wrong choosing one up today at www

With the extra rubber O-ring and rechargeable battery, this light seems to be ready for anything. The body of the flashlight is different from other tactical lights as well in that it has a metal band around half way up with grooves cut into its sides. Not only does this protect your hand while holding onto the flashlight but also helps catch fingerprints so they don’t show on your lens when you are using it at night!

An additional accessory included with an MH12GTS LED Tactical Flashlight is a spare rubber O-Ring which provides waterproofing by sealing off any gaps between tailcap or head sections during use. Additionally, there’s also a NL1835HP 3500 mAH Rechargeable Battery along for all

Wrap things up with us.

The tailcap has grown two protective ears that keep the rubber “N” embossed power button from being engaged unintentionally, turning on and depleting your battery or announcing your presence blatantly in a dark environment. However, these tailcap ears allow you to stand up vertically on flat surfaces with the MH12GTS illuminating a room by shining at white ceilings or drawing attention to an area via its beacon flash function

The MH12GTS has a tailcap that is designed to allow the light to stand in its upright position. It also offers protection for the metal ears on it, which are vulnerable when not allowed room under the surface of anything where they could be protected. Additionally, this flashlight allows you momentary illumination with just one tap and will stay activated until turned off or if there isn’t enough juice left in your battery pack – regardless of how long you leave it active for!

A game of strategy, tactics and dice placement.

The tailcap switch is also programmed to remember the last setting it was used at and start at that power when powered on again. The next detail I noticed about this flashlight were its side switches, located just aft of the lens around a quarter of the way from either end; one circular silver metal button for functions and another more rectangular black plastic rocker-style switch with three small LED lights indicating battery life status (low, medium or high). These two buttons stand out enough so they can be easily felt by hand but not too much as to get in your way while using them.

The Nitecore flashlight has an illuminating ring around the button that makes it easy to find in the dark.

When the light is on, a blue guide ring will illuminate to help you find it around your home. The more that charge runs low and lights start blinking red, prepare for an emergency like no other!

The MH12GTS is a dual-fuel light in that it can use two standard CR123A batteries or an 18650 Li-Ion battery. The USB port on the tailcap of the flashlight allows users to recharge without removing any batteries from their product, but our preferred option is with an NL1835HP battery which offers in-light charging capability and saves space by not needing separate chargers for different types of cells.

The Olight H2R Nova is the best rechargeable flashlight available on the market. This light offers incredible output and has a battery that can be recharged without hassle through its own body, which means you never have to worry about running out of juice when it matters most.

The MH12GTS is a brutal power monster of a flashlight that offers 1800 lumens. This means you can run from invading Communist forces in the dark while camping, hunting and Wolverine-style by charging your battery with solar panels or through USB ports on an external charger.

When you’re out in the dark, a powerful flashlight is worth its weight in gold. But today’s Maglite can’t hold up to modern standards of performance and power efficiency – it just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore! The MH12GTS offers an impressive range that makes old-school flashlights look like childs’ toys with only 226 meters (roughly 700 feet) on hand held light output; this will definitely illuminate your way when walking down long stretches or finding things stored away in dim corners at home. Opting for LED technology over traditional bulbs, these bad boys also generate less heat so they don’t wear themselves out by generating too much from one single source: if run continuously without any breaks every few minutes as programmed

The MH12GTS comes with multiple power settings to choose from, including the Turbo setting which is only available when you use 18650 lithium ion batteries. CR123A Batteries will provide a lower 900 lumen light output that won’t be as bright but are still critically important for emergencies and other applications like hiking where weight matters.

If you spend most of your time reading books in the dark, or need a flashlight that won’t blind oncoming traffic, then Nitecore might have just what you’re looking for. The lowest power output is only 1 lumen – perfect for map reading and working close-in at stationary locations. For those moments when it isn’t enough to light up even one block down the road but not so much as to be blinding yourself or passersby with high levels of lumens – like 900 lumens – our review shows how easy it can get ratcheted up accordingly using their side switch if increased brightness is required.

The 1 lumen setting will give you about 250 hours of use from a fully charged 3500 mAH 18650 battery; 70 lumens is rated for 19 hours, 240 lumens will last for just under 6 hours, and 900-hour mode can be used to produce two minutes worth of light before the power runs out. Along with the adjustable output options (1 lumen up to 1800) this powerful flashlight also offers strobe capabilities in several forms: flashing with quick double tap on side switch or full-on/full off via main button.

The first flashing mode is a random-pattern strobe, used for the sheer purpose of confusing or disorienting an intruder. Next double-tap will yield you morse code that repeats endlessly while your battery lasts; pair this with tailstanding capability and notify passing aircraft to come rescue you if lost at night in hope of drawing attention!

The last flashing mode is a straightforward beacon, with the light flashing at 4-second intervals to – like an S.O.S.- attract attention to its location . I really love that you need different activation functions for switching power output and changing between strobe modes; this ensures if it’s too bright or dimmer than needed, you don’t accidentally switch on one of these crazy fast flashings! The strobe has been IP rated – in my case as well -to 2 meters submersion depth so there’s no chance someone will be able to hurt themselves just because they were trying out your flashlight when they found it sorta hidden amidst some leaves next fall

The double aluminum tube construction ensures that a one-meter drop will be shrugged off with ease, and the CREE XHP35HD LED bulb should have a lifetime of over 50,000 hours – which is not 6 years. The bezel is non-crenelated – meaning it doesn’t offer flesh gouging capabilities like some tactical blades do – so if you’re stopped by officials on the job they may use friendlier dispositions towards you.

For a flashlight of this magnitude, the Nitecore MH12GTS is surprisingly simple to use. The light bezel can either stand up or lay on its side and both are able to produce an impressive amount of brightness for any situation. However, it’s important not just that you find yourself in these situations but also remember what happens when using such power – namely heat!

I carried the Nitecore light with me practically every day for a couple of months. The size is small enough to be put in my front pocket and not get noticed by TSA agents either way as I went on trans-border flights from Boston to Winnipeg, Canada.

I was surprised by how innocuous the Tactical Ring light felt. The ring didn’t feel like a threat even though it’s an everyday carry device and I removed it for pocket-carrying in order to avoid damaging my clothing, but you can put on or take off as needed when carrying the light elsewhere. It sits above your pockets so that if there were any interference with retrieving this EDC flashlight – which is likely due to its size – then you wouldn’t grab onto something else such as clothes instead of pulling out what feels natural – at least without noticing!

I was not expecting the MH12GTS to be significantly taller than my Fenix PD35TAC. This is a tradeoff for being able to run it in AA battery mode, which means I can easily replace batteries on-the-go if needed. The ⅜” – ½” difference of height between these two lights does make them less compatible with each other and more likely they will bump into things when carried together or even brushed up against articles of clothing while stored away neatly during daily wear, but this slight inconvenience seems worth it for having an easier time changing out batteries without needing any tools at all!

The Practical Flashlight For Your Pocket.

The pocket clip’s retention- both on the light itself and on the fabric of my pant pockets – was impressive. The flashlight never came out when I tried to pull it, even without a tactical ring! However, in order to test whether or not this would happen easily during ordinary wear (especially if someone were carrying something other than their hand), I purposefully caught it with cloth and tugged laterally – but found that despite being difficult enough for me to get one handedly undone by pulling hard against its grip strength; yet no matter what angle I pulled at from now onward, the holster stayed put. When testing again using fingers instead of clothing as an anchor point: same result!

The Nitecore MH12GTS is an all-purpose, powerful light with many uses. This compact flashlight offers a great balance of power and size that makes it perfect for any situation. It can easily take you through your daily routine from walking the dog to searching around the house in total darkness!

The first time I used my flashlight, it was to light up a shoreline on the lake after dark. At 1,800 lumens or higher, the Turbo mode lit up every inch of beach and pier with incredible detail – but regrettably blinded me in turn as well when I waved my bare hand or white sheet paper carelessly around while using it. The 70 lumen setting is really more useful for everyday use because you can see what’s happening close by without blinding yourself if something crosses your path unexpectedly like an insect buzzing near your face at night.

Nitecore is the world leader in quality flashlights.

I will say, my experience with the Nitecore MH12GTS was 100% positive. The USB capability always worked and I appreciated that because it made things easier for me as well since I could charge so easily without needing a power cord. It has really good light out of this small package which is perfect when you are looking under furniture or investigating something else in your home but also can be useful outside like checking on what might have caused those strange noises coming from under the car! When someone needs to use it at work though (such as my brother who works at a rural working farm/zoo) they were able to take advantage of all these features too especially if their workplace doesn’t have any electricity available nearby – even better

Eradicating rats, rodents, and coyotes at night is part of what he does around the place. Along with tending to lions and bears every day, his daily routine includes a rigorous list that I couldn’t even handle as well. He has been using this light for a few weeks now in order to test it out thoroughly before sending me back an honest review about how it fares on different tasks like looking under sinks or inspecting dark corners across rooms without any hassle than regular lights provide him with when they go dim after just one use. To say the least-the flashlight is insanely bright! Just playing with it within our home resulted in my wife threatening to hide its size because she found herself constantly bumping her head against things from overshooting

When I first started carrying a flashlight on my belt to EDC, the size was tough for me. Now that I’m used to it though, this tiny MH12GTS is perfect! You can slip in any pocket and forget its there but still have access when you need it – or use the side zipper of your pants like [he sent picture] if they are big enough. Thinking about what he said about taking his light out at night over sending him mine back made me realize how bright these things really are too- even more than an AA mini maglite!

The Nitecore MH12GTS is a moderately priced flashlight that offers features such as an easy-to run on demand single LED and three levels of lighting. The light has been touted by some consumers for its simplicity, while others have found it to be lacking in quality. Still, the product remains a good option for those looking for this specific type of function without breaking their bank account with higher priced options.

The MH12GTS is an utterly wondrous gateway light to the world of high performance lights, and a worthy LED upgrade for your slowly aging incandescent arsenal. Now I’ll go see if my brother will give it back…

The 12000 lumen output makes this one great choice when looking into upgrading from your old standard flashlights! With all that power in such small package, you can easily stash this on any occasion – whether taking out with hunting or camping trips, or just keeping it handy as a backup flashlight at home…