Survival Gear Review: Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle

Nalgene is one of the most well-known brands in water bottles, but it has a great line of outdoor gear. The Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle is perfect for any prepper or traveler. It’s …

Nalgene is one of the most well-known brands in water bottles, but it has a great line of outdoor gear. The Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle is perfect for any prepper or traveler. It’s leak proof and durable with a wide mouth opening that makes it easy to fill up and clean. Check out my full review on this product here:

1. Why is the grey color (or matte) so useful?

2. What are some ways that you can use the Nalgene in your day-to-day life?

3. Do you think currently there are any factors limiting this item’s utility to extreme climates or particular circumstances?

4. Have you had a chance to really put it through the ringer and test its limits?

We’ve got your bases covered.

I could never keep up with the Joneses, so I invested in water. Literally and figuratively speaking. Clean drinking water is a valuable commodity that will soon be worth more than gold or silver – not to mention it’s better for you! It might sound like an odd move at first but think about all of those bottles we throw away on a daily basis because they are full of toxic chemicals from being processed through plastic manufacture plants? With clean running tap waters dwindling across America due to drought and political unrest abroad, pure natural spring-fed sources have become harder to find while premiums soar ever higher as demand skyrockets exponentially every year! Now imagine if this was your only source of plain old H2O… So what do

The Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle (OG UTB) by Epic Water Filters is an affordable, portable water filtration system that solves the problem of dirty drinking water. Quick Navigation: Thorough Filtration System In The UTB; Systems for cleaning water can range from a few dollars for tablets to hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on what you’re looking to do with it and how big your budget happens to be. I wanted something reasonably priced, mobile – like this $36 bottle sold on Amazon!

The Nalgene OG Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle by Epic Water Filters provides clean drinking water without having any bulky equipment in tow thanks its easy-to-use design and low price point at only $36 USD

The Epic Outdoor Adventure Filter will have you drinking like a fish in no time. With one purchase, the filter can produce up to 100 gallons of drinkable water! That’s equivalent to filling around 3-4 standard sized bathtubs with pure H2O on just ONE dollar investment – it doesn’t get much more “outdoor adventure” than that.

The best part is when my friends and I went out camping for this weekend trip we made sure to pack our EPIC outdoor adventure filters too because they’re so easy and efficient at making your own clean safe water while there’s absolutely nothing better than being able to stay hydrated during an intense hike or other unpleasant situation without having any fear about what kind of nasty bacteria might be lingering

Just because you’re not a celebrity, doesn’t mean you can’t be as smart.

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The Epic Filter is the ultimate solution for removing impurities and contaminants from water. Unlike other filters, it has been independently tested to EPA standards and NSF/ANSI Standards so you can be sure that there are no toxins or contaminants left in your drinking water. The filter removes 99% of heavy metals such as aluminum copper lead mercury radon 222 arsenic trihalomethanes chloroform PCB PCE pesticides DDT chlorine unpleasant taste odors silt sediment cloudiness, making cooking easier than ever before while also cleaning up any foul smells! And not only does this system work wonders on all types of tap-water but it’s made by an American company too–so feel free to do away with those expensive bottled waters once and

The water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated with filtered water wherever you are. Buy your own today!

Testing it out.

I was excited to try this bottle and filter because the idea of having a filtered water on-demand is such an attractive option. I replaced my old Outdoor Adventure Filter with the new one that came in this package, put it inside, rinsed out 3 times before getting the filter wet (just like they said) then filled up for some quality testing time – which took about 2 minutes total! The draw is so easy now that you get used to how much pressure you need: just give it gentle squeeze while sucking lightly. This makes life soooo much easier than carrying around all those bulky jugs or bottles when we’re camping/hiking etc., as well as not affecting your arm muscles any more either – yay!


I was really happy to find out that I could get an American made water bottle. The Nalgene