Survival Gear Review: MSR Dromedary Bladder Review

What’s the most important piece of survival gear? The water you carry. But what if you don’t want to lug around heavy cans of water on your back all day long? What do you do …

What’s the most important piece of survival gear? The water you carry. But what if you don’t want to lug around heavy cans of water on your back all day long? What do you do then? Well, I’m glad you asked because today we’re going to review the MSR Dromedary Bladder from REI Co-op so that hopefully, one less person has to ask this question in a post apocalyptic world.

1. What are you most excited about trying with your new MRD bladder?

2. Have you had any prior experience with hydration systems?

3. How do you typically store water or other drinks in the wild?

4. Do you think MSR bladders make much of a difference to the outdoor survival community at large, or just specific niche demographics?

Water has been central to human existence for millennia, as it’s a necessity of life. People have had water containers such as clay pots and bamboo canteens since the dawn of time; with these early vessels, potable drinking water could be transported safely without spoiling or spilling out in unknown territory. As humans progressed technologically so did our means to transport this precious liquid–metal containers were introduced that provided better durability while also keeping things sealed tight from leaks!

The hydration bladder is my way of getting water on the go. It’s becoming more and more popular since it eliminates the need for bulky canteens or bottles that take up space in your pack, but still gives you a hands-free option if needed. When I first set out into the woods to test my bugout bag, one thing was immediately clear: 39 ounces would not be sufficient enough for me! This realization led me to try something new – an old time favorite: goat skin bladders from our ancestors who were tough as nails without all these modern day luxuries like coffee pods and refrigerators with freezers inside them.

These advancements have provided us with some pretty important gear including modern day goat skins which function similarly to

With the MSR Dromedary Bladder, I never have to worry about water again. The bladder is made of durable material that holds up for many adventures and it folds over when not in use so you don’t waste space or weight on your backpacking trip.

This is the only product you will ever need to wake up.

I love to go camping and I know my family does too. We all bring our essentials such as water, food, clothes etc., but it can be really frustrating when something breaks during the trip or we don’t have enough of some essential items. One thing that has always been a problem for me is storing extra water in case anything happens with my bladder – what if it leaks? Luckily MSR came up with an amazing solution called the Dromedary Bag which solves this issue!

I’m not sure how many people are familiar with these bags because they’re relatively new on the market so let’s talk about them briefly. The design was created by Mountain Safety Research (MSR) who wanted their customers to experience less hassle than ever

The tough exterior of the Platypus Gravity Works 1,000D Cordura Backpack is perfect for rough use and outdoor excursions. I have never had a leak or any issues with carrying water on my back in this backpack!

I can’t imagine a better design for hydration packs. The bladder holds water well and the pack is tough, so I cannot see any problems with it except that sometimes you may not know if your level of water has gone down because there are no windows to check on how much fluid remains in the bag’s reservoir tank. However, this isn’t really an issue, as one alternative option would be checking by weight – or just knowing when to fill up again!

The MSR Dromedary is a bladder that slides into your pocket with relative ease, but if you opt to use it without the hydration hose then be sure not to forget any other equipment!

The MSR Dromedary Hydration Bladder is for you if your gear needs to be able to take punishment and last. I count on this bladder not just for a day hike, but also in the event that my hydration system breaks or leaks on me. It’s hard being thirsty when all one has are dirty water sources; it can feel impossible sometimes! The taste of plastic was mild at first, though now it tastes like what ever liquid I put inside of it.