Survival Gear Review: Magpul Terrain Sunglasses

Contents1 The last mat you’ll ever need.2 Built to beat the elements.3 When you want to see something new4 It’s time to get real and have some fun. It’s not every day you find a …

It’s not every day you find a pair of sunglasses that can withstand being crushed by your truck, but if you’re looking for the perfect accessory to help shield your eyes from the harsh glare of an apocalyptic wasteland, Magpul Terrain Sunglasses are just what you need. These glasses have been my go-to eyewear during all my outdoor adventures and I’m happy to report they’ve never let me down. The lenses are coated with a special anti-reflective material that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays – which is especially important when facing off against hordes of zombies or other hostile survivors. You’ll also love how these glasses won’t fog up on those hot summer days thanks to their hydrophobic nano coating

1. Every prepper knows the importance of good gear, what are your thoughts on these sunglasses?

The last mat you’ll ever need.

2. Do you feel that there is a certain “dress code” necessary to be ready for the apocalypse?

3. How do you decide what is worth purchasing and what isn’t?

4. The Magpul Terrain Sunglasses retail for $139, whats your opinion on affordability in survival gear?

5. Whats the most expensive equipment you own and why?

Magpul, a small company who’s been around for years but not yet known to the general public has finally come out with their own line of sunglasses. With more and more people moving into cities where there is an abundance of smog and pollution on top of sunlight glare, it was time that someone like Magpul stepped up to make sure our eyes were protected in any situation possible. They came at just the right time too; as we all know now about how dangerous UV rays can be without protection!

Built to beat the elements.

One of the toughest competitions in sports is deciding what shades to wear. After years with Wiley X, I was fully committed and thought my game couldn’t be beat. But then Magpul came along! And when they put their minds to it – well you know how that goes…

Not only did they hit a home run but slid into the crowded arena like an athlete; bowled over competition as though there were no tomorrow; promptly dropped the mic — BOOM–I recently introduced a pair of Magpul Terrain Polarized sunglasses-to my face and this is my story: Quick Navigation-Magpul Terrain Sunglasses. For years, Wiley X has nose perched on me whenever eye shading duties present themselves – shooting

Magpul’s Terrain series of sunglassses provides users with unparalled field-of-view and comfort while wearing hats or hearing protection.

The Magpul Terrain is the perfect choice for those who love hunting, fishing and even just watching sporting events at home. The frames are made of TR90 NZZ material that won’t shatter if they’re bent or deflected which makes them durable enough to resist any impact from stray bullets or ricochets!

Magpul, the company best known for their AR-15 magazines and firearm accessories has come up with a creative way to combat sun glare. These funky sunglasses are made of flexible materials that have been proven to be durable enough even in tough conditions like Afghanistan or Iraq where extreme temperatures can cause brittle plastics to melt due to intense heat.

In point of fact, Magpul’s Terrain line is so lightweight and flexible that it might surprise you how strong they actually are! The frames feel flimsy at first but after twisting them around 100 times or more I was able to make these glasses into pretzels without any problems whatsoever! They’re good quality too–they won’t break easily when dropped on concrete from 10 feet high (though

The anti-reflective (AR) treatments on the inside of these lenses eliminate distracting mirror reflections and never make you feel like your eyes are being stared at. The oleophobic coating is included to keep liquids from building up, maintaining clear vision for longer periods of time.

Terrain glasses are so durable that they can withstand being hit by a bullet. The military will not approve any product which doesn’t meet their requirements for ballistic protection. Terrain is the only company to make such tough, nearly indestructible eyewear and frames with fashion-forward design!

When I put on the Magpul Terrains after wearing my old Wiley X P-17 glasses, it felt like sipping a glass of refreshing, ice-cold fresh squeezed lemonade in 100 degree weather.

The Magpul Terrains are so lightweight they feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. The nose pieces and temple arms are made of rubber, which doesn’t irritate my face in the slightest! What really caught me off guard was how well-made these glasses were for their price range; you can see every detail without any distortion or smudging on the lenses thanks to a special polarized bronze gold mirror coating that blocks out 99% of glare while still letting 100% natural light through.

The Magpul Terrain sunglasses look as though they’re built by NASA engineers – but don’t worry, this is just an optical illusion created by its amazing construction quality paired with subtly designed features such as folding hinges and sleek rubberized

I remember the first time I wore my new Magpul Terrains. We were at a shooting range and it was raining, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself! The terrains slipped comfortably under my hearing protection so they would seal properly. It made wearing earmuffs much easier for me because the lenses let you see without getting in your way during target practice or snuggling up to get into position when aiming down sights on a rifle buttstock lining up with your cheekbones perfectly like an adult puzzle piece locking together seamlessly as if begging lovers not to be apart any longer…

At the range,  the Terrains slid easily underneath my Howard Leight Impact Sport hearing protectors while still allowing them enough room for full

I was really blown away by the performance of these glasses. Not only were they comfortable to wear, but I could see everything just as clearly and sharply with no added reticle flare – something that isn’t true for other eye pro I’ve worn in the past! And yes, while it’s not a ballistic test per se (I didn’t shoot at them!), I did put them through what we call our “blowback test” on my Windham Weaponry 9mm carbine rifle: direct gas instead of DI system from standard ARs.

Red dot and holographic sights performed wonderfully through polarized lenses without any silliness or additional reticle flare—something ​I can’t say about most makes of eyepro ​

When you want to see something new

The 9mm carbine has a major downside to the blowback design- it sends hot gasses around the bolt and back into your eye. This effect is similar to someone aiming an intense hair dryer at you, right in front of where their eyes are going! It’s disconcerting for anyone that experiences this phenomenon. Sometimes these gases will make it past protective eyewear if they’re poorly designed which can be even worse than wearing nothing at all because then those particles get directly impacted on your retinae or ocular lens.

It’s time to get real and have some fun.

As a man who’s spent countless hours slaying targets in the range, I know that my eyes are often left unprotected and exposed to hot air or unburnt powder particles. The Magpul Terrain is an excellent safety eyewear for people like me because it reliably manages these dangers with flying colors while also meeting rigorous quality standards.

For those that aren’t looking for an over-the-top “operator” look, the Magpul Terrains are perfect. The designers have ensured they do not interfere with peripheral vision and can be worn in a wide variety of settings from work to driving your daily driver. You’ll love how light weight these sunglasses feel on top of all their benefits!

The Magpul Terrains has updated my daily life by providing excellent field view as well as no heavy framing or obstructing arm when wearing them while driving around town – something most other designs fail at doing so successfully

I had no idea that polarized lenses even existed until I put on these Magpul Terrain sunglasses. The first time it happened, I was using my phone and the screen went black for a second – but then returned to normal once again!

I knew something wasn’t right when suddenly both of us experienced this weird phenomenon at about the same time with our phones while we were wearing these glasses. It turns out that smartphones screens as well as sunnies like mine have polarized coatings- which block light waves travelling in certain directions or frequencies- vertical or horizontal (hence “polarized”).

When you have a polarized filter on your face, it can make what is usually an easy-to-read smartphone screen seem blurry and distorted.

Smartphones are frustrating because they’re so small, but this technology is finally changing that. The polarization filters on your phone’s screen align with directional light waves when you hold it horizontally instead of vertically which allows for smartphone screens to be seen through polarized lenses; making them easy and convenient to use outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions. I found my sunglasses from Terrain to be a blast while hunting grouse up north last week! It was really helpful having the glasses sit right at eye level without falling off or being too heavy (they’re very lightweight!)

More than once, I found myself with my glasses missing – pulled off by a wayward branch or heavy brush. When that happened, it would be backtracking to find the glasses and hard to hunt while looking for them! A retention system similar to those on my Wiley X P-17s sunglasses would be hugely welcome. There are times when you want your strap/cordless so you can take it easy in heavy brush fishing or roughhousing with kids … Magpul? You guys might know what’s going on here; this is something of an invention…. Sunglasses aren’t just about keeping out the sun anymore…

Magpul has introduced a new product, the Terrain. This is an extremely lightweight and high quality platform that incorporates UV protection, glare reduction, dust/chemical defense and ballistic protection into one easy to use package without compromising on style or comfort. The availability of lenses in both polarized as well as non-polarized varieties make this something for everyone’s needs with prices starting at $109 (non-Polarized)and going up to $159 (Polarized).

The Magpul Terrain features include: ultraviolet light rays blocking capabilities; chemical