Survival Gear Review: Lula Magazine Loader

In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to load a Lula Magazine Loader for survival. You may be asking yourself: “What is a Lula Magazine Loader?” Well, it’s an extremely useful tool that can …

In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to load a Lula Magazine Loader for survival. You may be asking yourself: “What is a Lula Magazine Loader?” Well, it’s an extremely useful tool that can save your life in the event of emergency. It was created by Dave Spaulding and is used to quickly reload any AR-10/AR-15 magazine (with or without stripper clips) so you’re always ready for action! If you’re looking for something helpful during these uncertain times, then look no further than the Lula Magazine Loader.

The beginning of every preppers’ journey starts with taking inventory of their supplies; but what good are those supplies if they cannot be reloaded?

1. What does it feel like to load 200 rounds of ammunition in 15 minutes?

2. How will you know when you need to reload your weapon?

3. Do you think the Lula Magazine Loader would be useful in an emergency situation?

You’ll love this!

4. Will this facilitate “bugging out”?

5. What type of ammo do you typically use or carry with you for your CCL course, hunting and defense?

I was recently introduced to a Lula Magazine Loader that down right surprised me. I have been waiting for it and when it finally happened, the wait is over. A few months back we were on live fire exercise involving AR-15’s, M1A’s 12 Gauge Shotguns AK-47’s among other things like tannerite which can blow up small house if needed. In our friendly gathering with Andy Bell who owns OD Green Supply in Arvada Colorado lots of ammo as well as assortments of fun stuff from Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets made out blood bags filled with pig blood available!

I came across one product while browsing through amazon last week that really got my attention; this

Getting ready to shoot, Andy showed us the Lula Magazine Loader. I had my first thought of “Where have you been all of my life?” Of course then next thing that came up was “Why didn’t I think this idea?” After using it to load several magazines and getting a hang on how it works, now I’m hooked! Then decided that for $25 bucks he wanted outta me pocket-I had test if the loader is worth buying or not–so quick navigation here: The Magpul PMAG loaded with ease into an AR magazine and fumbled only once while learning muscle memory from loading again in just minutes after figuring what muscles did which action..

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While getting ready to shoot at Red Hill Range

I was blown away with how easy the Lula made loading my magazines. I had just become proficient at using it when something unexpected happened: The rubber band that holds in place a spring loaded magazine release lever popped off and onto the ground – out of reach!

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I quickly realized this wasn’t good, as there are no metal springs to push up against with these types of weapons; however, after some testing around the house for things we could use instead (pencils from an old box), by putting them on top or underneath one another like you would two-by-fours used to build walls side by side and creating tension between each other so they didn’t slide apart during insertion into mag well then pressing down hard enough while pushing

Lula Magazine Loader Review

The best way to go.

I had the same experience, it worked great and I was impressed with the speed loading ability. The Lula magazine loader makes reloading magazines a breeze! Field Test: First, I loaded the PMAG by hand to check its effectiveness; that took about 50 seconds and my thumb felt like it was going numb. Then I tried using this nifty little tool called “Lula,” which is constructed of glass-reinforced polymer–it only took 32 seconds total time for me to load up two more rounds in an AR15 (5.56mm) -the handle feels sturdy yet very lightweight when handling.”

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The Lula loader is a device that will help you quickly load your magazine, making it an essential part of any survival toolkit.

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