Survival Gear Review: Leupold LTO Tracker Thermal Imager

Contents1 We’re the newest, most exciting, and best-kept secret in town.2 For those that need to get the job done, Thermal Dynomite is for you.3 What’s in the box?4 You will be the life of …

“If you’re like me and enjoy the idea of being prepared for any situation, then I have a product that can help you out. The Leupold LTO Tracker Thermal Imager has been designed to give you an edge in survival situations. This device will allow you to see your prey at night or through fog and smoke so you don’t need to carry a flashlight or flare with it.”

-Kirsty Campbell

1. When was the Leupold LTO Tracker designed?

2. What are the benefits of having a thermal imager in your kit?


We’re the newest, most exciting, and best-kept secret in town.

3. How does the night vision differ from that of day-vision goggles or devices?

4. How many infrared scanning modes do you have at your disposal?  Do you have a list of them available to view, please and thank you! 🙂

5. Does this come with any kind of warranty – if so, what’s the time limit for return or fix, per se?

Thermal cameras, like night vision goggles, use infrared light to see in the dark. However, rather than using reflected IR (which is visible with special optics) thermal cameras detect heat signatures from objects and animals that are invisible to the human eye when they emit radiation as part of their natural process. Like a rifle scope or binoculars for your eyesight!

For those that need to get the job done, Thermal Dynomite is for you.

Those new to Thermal Optics or TO, are in for a surprise. Cool tech gives you the ability to see inside windows from across the street without breaking and entering! And now Leupold has put their durable LTO on market with six viewing choices and 1x-6x zoom capabilities – let’s just hope it doesn’t break anytime soon like Apple products tend do… Quick Navigation: The LTO offers 6 different viewing modes including “Thermal Dynomite”. This smart device runs 10 hours on one CR123 battery which is as strong as any superhero could ask for!

The Leupold LTO is a must-have for anyone serious about hunting. The scope can be used with the naked eye to see through brush, and even at night!

What was once invisible to us now comes into view with the use of a thermal camera. The Leupold LTO’s range is astounding, from spotting an enemy in war-torn lands to finding your lost pet at home on a cold day. It can be used for various purposes and it provides multiple options depending on what you are looking for: whether that’s seeing animals or people without being detected or just keeping track of them when they’re out roaming around during hunting season.

You never know what the next subject might be that you need a pallet for, but luckily there are options out there to make sure your Leupold LTO is ready. There are animals like rattlesnakes and other infrared hunting subjects who see in heat patterns just as well or better than humans with an LTO scope can. This means they could have some advantages over human hunters while using it in their natural habitat – so if this sounds interesting to you then maybe look into getting one of these scopes!

Some people prefer looking at things through lenses instead of binoculars because it provides them more detail without having less depth perception due to distortion from how close objects get when viewed up close. The Leupold LTO would


I found a nifty accessory for my Leupold LTO, the Nitecore flashlight case. This is perfect because you can use it with your thermal camera on one side and still be able to protect both lenses from scratches or getting dirt in them by using its Velcro closure flap that covers the eyepiece but also allows the other lens open for business!

What’s in the box?

Leupold has designed a one-hand buckle cover system that flips open the two end covers and frees your optics for viewing in just seconds. This will be handy to have, especially if you are using this Leupold LTO on life or death missions where it can find itself in hard use environments with potential damage from all angles. Given these reasons, I believe carrying the Leupold LTO around should not only come easily but also comfortably!

The LTO is a crosshair sniper that remembers its last thermal color setting and fires up at 1x. It has the ability to zoom by clicking or holding down on the button, zipping through digital magnification levels in an infinite circle from one to six then dropping back down again. The Leupold LTO also contains some odd features like how when you toggle off/on switch it displays crosshairs for targeting.

The Leupold LTO proved to be a disappointment for me because I wanted it mounted on my rifle but the crosshairs did not provide any specific imaging info.


Imagine the next big thing in night-time ops: a thermal optic that’s rugged enough to withstand abuse on combat missions. One with all sorts of high tech features, just like your state-of-the art Leupold LTO scopes.


Do you have any idea how much more useful $800 would be if it was able to see through concealment? That’s what happens when things go bump at night; and while nighttime operations may call for an NV scope, there are plenty of times where thermal imaging can spot concealed objects hiding within shadows. Remember Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev being found by police after blowing out his boat windows during April 2013 manhunt?

The Thermal Imaging System is a device that detects heat and light in the electromagnetic spectrum. Thermographic cameras can be used to identify harmful fires, overheated electrical components, people or animals hidden by thick smoke, recently driven vehicles on streets at night during winter when snow shields their infrared signature (thermal camouflage), body temperature of subjects for medical diagnosis with fever detection or injuries hot spots; they also are able to see through walls – potentially finding hidden compartments from which criminals could take flight if there were an alarm activated as well as doors not visible due to being concealed behind wallpaper. The TIS even has some capability against weapons concealment like under clothing where it’s outline might otherwise show itself despite its thermal shielding properties thanks to natural skin respiration giving

You will be the life of the party with this one-of-a-kind ring!

Looking for an injured animal or person? The Leupold LTO has six different viewing modes to help you find them. It can identify the living from the dead, and is easy on your eyes with its field of view at 21 degrees! And don’t worry about focus; this device doesn’t need it since behind that Curtain there’s a single CR123 battery providing 10 hours of continuous use – all month long if used 20 minutes per day.

To access the battery compartment in a Leupold LTO, you unscrew two halves of the unit by spinning them with your hand. The flexible circuit is meant to span any gap and give easy access to an included pocket for batteries up to 40mm long. Check Out: Secure This House! Operating Temperature ranges from -4 F all the way up 140F degrees Fahrenheit; this allows use even during extreme weather conditions on hunting trips or when it’s cold out at night while camping.

The operating temperature range means that hunters can keep their eyesight sharp because they don’t need special gear required if they were outside right now (-40). We also found that there will be some resolution issues due to how small these screens are (240x

As a result of the relatively small size relative to other screens, people have an additional level of detail when looking at images on  the Leupold LTO. That is why it’s important that they are able to view these crisp and clear moving pictures with no interruption or lag time in between frames; this is called refresh rate. The Leupold runs at 30hz which means there will never be any jerks or jumps because the frame rates always stay above 20 where human eyes can detect them

Fanciful, witty and sad

As a Leupold Gold Ring product, the LTO has an excellent warranty that protects it for up to five years. You can be assured of having one of the most reliable hunting scopes on your rifle with this durable and waterproof scope!

The Leupold LTO is the best weapon of survival. I know there will be blowback when suggesting battery powered devices for survival situations, but if it doesn’t and they don’t you have some incredible superpowers in the meantime! And remember that many disaster scenarios are short-term so any help we can get during this time would be great. But what happens after those first few hours? Days or weeks go by where you need as many things to survive as possible because your life depends on it – our lives depend on them! The Leupold LTO really does give us these abilities with its amazing features like saving power, save mode (for a long period), and daylight readable display screen !”