Survival Gear Review: GunfightersINC Ronin Concealment Holster

Contents1 Some people found the Ronin to be too much of a “one-trick pony”.2 We’ll be your wingman in the wild, wild west.3 This is your chance to be a hero.4 We’ll wrap up your …

I have been prepping for a zombie apocalypse since I was in high school. I’ve amassed an arsenal of survival gear that would make the cast of The Walking Dead jealous. But one thing has always eluded me: my perfect holster, something that could go with anything and wouldn’t draw attention to itself like these bulky tactical rigs or those gigantic contraptions from Alien Outfitters! That is until now…

1. What are your thoughts on the size of the gun?

2. Did you find it difficult to holster a knife while wearing this holster? How did you manage that?

Some people found the Ronin to be too much of a “one-trick pony”.

3. Were there any other things, like handcuffs or pepper spray, with which you had difficulty holstering when using this product?

4. Do you find yourself getting dinged in bureaucracy after showing up to work with a Ronin Concealment Holster on your belt containing what is essentially an illegal weapon for their jurisdiction?

5a) If yes: can they check it without drawing attention to themselves and making like they’re doing something official-ish (such as stopping someone coming out of courthouse)?

5b) If no:

There is a plethora of custom kydex holster makers in the world. I recently search Facebook for one and found more than six thousand results! On this social media site, there are forums with people who share their opinions on what they believe to be the best holsters for specific guns – all you need to do is inquire about your gun type (make/model) and wait as you get bombarded by responses. This example was from an Sig Sauer P320 board that has over 6000 members but other boards have many different types of weapons ranging from handguns, rifles, shotguns etc.

You know, I once had a coworker who carried his gun in an inside-the-waistband concealment holster. He swore by it and even went so far as to buy two more for different occasions: one black leather model made especially heavy duty for nighttime use; the other that would be invisible if worn with slacks or something similar during the day. Personally, though? I’ve always found these holsters uncomfortable enough on my strong side when wearing jeans all day long let alone having them against bare skin at night while working!

In 21 responses from our readership we got 14 brands of concealed carry holsters named along with 16 models each – this was only scratching surface after reading through everything and doing some online research

One day while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed an advertisement for the “Kenai” chest-mounted holster. We were looking to have a new firearm in home with our family and we already had one that was not being used too often anymore so it made sense to get another gun! After some research on GunfightersINC’s website, I found other firearms accessories like holsters which caught my attention as well such as their Ronin Concealment Holster.

GunfightersINC, a veteran-owned company founded in 2010 and making holsters for pistols like the HK USP45, was started by an individual disillusioned with all of the options available.

GunfightersINC’s holsters are made by Americans in Leavenworth, Washington. They believe that ergonomics and simplicity will revolutionize the world of quality kydex holsters with their US-made materials for all types of people who carry guns.

The Ronin’s practical designs are some of the best in this industry. With belt-mounted magazine pouches, shoulder holsters and chest mounts for pistols and rifles alike, you’re bound to find a holster that works with your needs!

We’ll be your wingman in the wild, wild west.

Best Survival Holster

The Ronin are a small, upcoming company that specializes in designing holsters for concealed carry. Their product line is simple and straightforward; they offer an outside-the waistband holster with no bells or whistles to clutter it up. Enter The Ronin Concealment Holster: all kydex belt mounted design available online at the low price of $39.99 (with coupon code “Roninspecial”).

A holster is a piece of gear you wear that helps keep your gun secure and close to the body. It also protects other areas around it from being damaged in an event where the firearm needs to be used. There are lots of different types, but they all have their own benefits for certain situations or applications.

A well-designed holster will make sure everything stays hidden when not needed yet easily accessible if necessary – this means spending time on placement and design aspects like belt loops/clips, rivets vs screws, cant angle (angle at which weapon sits), material choice etc., as well as considering how something fits with regards to coverage over sensitive parts while keeping weight off hips so wearing one doesn’t become too bothersome day after day!

The Ronin Concealment Holster is a product that has been designed to work well for those who keep their firearm on them at all times. It takes time and experimentation before the holster becomes truly great, which is why designers have put so much thought into every detail of this particular design. For example, what you notice first about these holsters are its belt loops; unlike most kydex holsters out there today, they’re spaced farther apart from one another in order to accommodate more than just your basic two point attachment system as seen with IWB or OWB carry systems alike.

GunfightersINC offers a state-of-the art solution to holster fitment, comfort and security. They offer hand formed loops that hug your body contours for an extremely close fitting feel without binding or chafing you when carrying the gun on your belt. The loop prevents any movement of the gun from side to side against its wearer’s frame while simultaneously maintaining a snug grip with frictionless draw speed.” For those who are looking for total peace of mind in every way possible, this is one investment worthy consideration!

Gunfire Inc.’s new patent pending technology allows them to customize their holsters by measuring square inches on either thigh and calf muscle groups at three specific points: upper left quadrant near hip joint; lower right quad

The belt loops are able to stay tightly in place, and you can move them around for better positioning.

The Ronin Concealment Holster is my favorite for a couple reasons. The belt loops are secure and the friction grip tape adds extra security to prevent movement of your holster when it’s installed on you with an appropriate gun belt like Magpul’s Tejas El Original, which I use as well!

The Ronin holster is one of the best holsters on the market, but it does have a few drawbacks. Adjusting this bad boy takes some patience and consideration for where you want to wear your firearm most often because getting that perfect fit can be tiring work. However, once you find your sweet spot with this quality accessory there’s no need to worry about bumpy rides or falls; nothing will knock him off his perch! The grip tape also may not last long enough depending if usage frequency increases over time which could result in potential belt loop damage due to less resistance against movement.

The Ronin Holster comes highly recommended – after all we’re talking about an industry-leading product here! That being said adjustments take effort so

I can tell you that the holster works fine without grip tape, but it has a bit of trouble staying in place. With grip tape added to my belt and the gun for extra friction, I was able to find a comfortable position with ease when drawing out my firearm. The material is high-quality kydex which makes me feel confident about its durability against wear and tear over time as well as how secure this product will be on your body every day you carry it! Notably, GunfightersINC says “Retention Defined” because their holsters are so perfectly molded around your weapon; even accessory slots were made into an outline of each type – including where ones exist or not at all depending on what handgun model they’re meant for

As I’ve drawn the gun, it makes a fun “brrrrrt” noise and all those pistol rail stations have to slide through that holster. It’s so much more interesting than other holsters with only one or two slots!

GunfightersINC offers a variety of camo patterns and fabric coverings to choose from. Customers can also customize their holsters by specifying what type of embroidery they want included on the holster (unit insignia, for instance) or any other special custom touches desired at no extra cost. As summer arrives quickly in the Southern Illinois area, customers may be tempted not to wear something heavier like an OWB Ronin Holster; but with lighter clothing choices come sweatier backsides!

When my exterior shell clothing was long enough to cover the holster adequately, I found that this Ronin Concealment Holster design made carrying a large pistol easy.

I was excited to put the Ronin holster through its paces, and I am happy that it didn’t disappoint. The formed belt loops really suck the holster into my body nicely, reducing printing when carrying a full-sized duty pistol while wearing jeans or cargo pants with an elastic waistband. With a smaller P320 Compact in place of my larger Glock 17/19 hybrid setup (which can be uncomfortable if worn for extended periods), much less grip printing is present under even loose T-shirts due to how close everything lines up against your natural form thanks to this well thought out design on Vedder’s part.

This is your chance to be a hero.

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The Ronin holster is one of the most comfortable holsters I have worn. The mag holders at your waist and shoulder are not only convenient, but they feel like an integral part to my body–almost as if it’s a second skin. To pull off this level comfortability, you need a gun belt that offers sturdy support for both weapons attachments on opposite sides of your torso.

We’ll wrap up your presents for you.

GunfightersINC Ronin Holster Review

A good gun belt doesn’t allow the holster to flex, pivot, or pull away from your body. With a quality rig like this one you won’t have any problems with foliage and other debris getting in between your skin and holster while you are out fishing, hiking, or canoeing.

Best SHTF Holster

Pistols banging on gunwales and catching shirtsleeves is a malady I’ve encountered with previous holsters – so far, the Ronin has combated these problems with comfort and excellent firearm retention. While this holster may be marketed for concealment in mind, it also comes into its own as an outdoor general purpose carry apparatus that will stand up to rigorous use of one-handed draw drills or reloads.

The Ronin is the ultimate comfort and support shoe.

I love the Ronin holster. The draw is lightning-quick, and I get easy access to my weapon with one hand while still being concealed in a jacket or other coat from behind. It does take some getting used to as you have 10 degrees of forward cant on your pistol; this was great for me because it allowed me more mobility without sacrificing gun retention when needed during emergency situations (especially if drawing off-side). What didn’t work so well about the Ronin? There are only two problems that deserve mention: firstly, there were scratches left by taking out my firearm too quickly – these will occur with all kydex holsters though! To be fair they weren’t noticeable unless looked under close inspection – which would not

The edges of the holster were left sharp, which is a problem for people with sensitive skin. After sanding off some rough spots and modifying one side to fit better on my hip, I found myself much more comfortable carrying my firearm around.

I have been using this holster for my M