Survival Gear Review: goTenna Off-Grid Device

Contents1 When you need to know the range to target.2 Your own personal cell phone tower.3 The goTenna connects you with your friends and family on a peer-to-peer network.4 It’s time to get a life. …

When you need to know the range to target.

Gotenna Feedback

Howdy, preppers! Got a review for you today. I’m not going to get all technical on you because that’s what goTenna is for. Just want to give an overview of the product and my experience with it. It’s just like any other piece of survival gear except this one can help you contact someone, even if they’re miles away from where your signal reaches! And as far as we know, there isn’t another device out there that does exactly what the goTenna does so it has its own special place in our hearts (and bug-out bags). The only downside is the price tag but hey – if you’ve got money to spare and want something different than everyone else then this might be worth checking

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1. What are some of the limitations that come with this device?

2. How does it work when you’re going off the grid?

3. Is it better than relying on WiFi or cell towers to communicate with people while out in the wilderness?

4. What are your thoughts on when goTenna won’t be as effective for survival gear needs?

5. Do you think there’s anything else we may have forgotten about that will prove to be a more reliable method of communication for adults and children alike in high-stress situations outside civilization in natural disaster scenarios like those experienced during Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, or Ike?

Facebook is good for at least one thing. I was scrolling through it mindlessly when a promotion caught my eye that made me think of something else to do with my free time: goTenna Off Grid Device, hailed as being an  radio-based device which lets you send texts and share location data without any power source or Wi-Fi connection! It offered the perfect excuse not to have this happen again in the future so I checked out their Facebook page then migrated over to their website.

The goTenna looked like a promising new-fangled device, and soon I had a pair of them winging my way for review. Quick Navigation. Meet The goTenna! With the ability to chat with other devices nearby using an app that you can download on your phone (which is free), this was looking pretty handy from where I sat as someone who does not travel alone in remote areas often enough anymore thanks to commitments at home or work.

The goTenna is a small device that allows you to send and receive text messages with other people who have them. You can also use it as an emergency communication tool if the cell towers are down or during disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires etc., since they work independently of cellular networks – using long-range (151-154 MHz) radio waves to communicate instead. It’s not just for emergencies though; GoTenna users in remote locations find themselves relying on their devices more often than those around cities because of its ease of use: “The idea [behind] going without voice or video calling was so we could focus all our energy on creating something minimalistic,” said CEO Daniela Perdomo about her creation’s goals.”

Gotenna Range

The goTenna is a small, lightweight device that can be used to send messages and information. It’s perfect for emergency situations like power outages or natural disasters where it might not be possible to make phone calls using your normal cell service provider.

The goTenna has a small, dust-proof door that conceals the micro USB charging port. The indicator light flashing on the outside of its casing can be used to communicate if it’s paired or searching for other devices and once messages have been received using different patterns such as one long flash followed by three short ones which means there is an incoming message.

The goTenna is a durable, but expensive piece of equipment that can be used to communicate with other people who have the same device. It has an internal battery and cannot be replaced or removed at any time; however, it does last years before showing signs of decline in quality. The goTenna is water resistant and dust tight so you don’t need to worry about getting it wet during rainstorms unless your pack submerges underwater!

The goTenna is engineered to be durable and it has been tested by the company for being dropped from waist height multiple times with zero ill effects. This device can help hunters, fishermen, mountain climbers or anyone else who might find themselves in adverse conditions that require off-grid communications.

The goTenna is a robust tool for maintaining contact in the field. It can withstand ice and snow, even during tough winter conditions – I have personally tested it while fishing lakeside on Christmas day! The interface with your smartphone ensures that you will never be left out of touch again as long as there’s cell service to back up the device.

Your own personal cell phone tower.

The goTenna is a wireless device that will allow you to text anyone, anywhere. It works with all smartphones and requires no internet connection or cellular data plan for use on the go. The company recommends going through their website so as not to miss out on any of its useful features like weather alerts and emergency broadcasts in your area!

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Get your goTennas now while they’re still on sale! Shipping is free, and you can choose between four awesome colors. Download the app for free from The Google Play store or iTunes to get started.

Once you have the app installed on your smartphone and turn it on, your phone will initiate a simple setup that creates an account for you. Once paired with goTenna, choose between three options to play around in: The main message overview screen shows all of the messages sent; import contacts so they can be saved onto this list or just send one-to-one messages from here.

With goTenna you can contact your friends by messaging them on the app. You have three different options to choose from, as well: a group chat for communicating with many people at once; 1-to-1 chats that allow users to message each other like they would send an SMS or text message; and shout messages which are sent out publicly so anyone in range will be able to receive it.

Be Prepared. When you need to send an emergency message, goTenna is ready for the task and will alert all those within range of your location in a matter of seconds.

The goTenna is a small, lightweight device which pairs wirelessly with your phone to enable communication without cellular signal. If the message was sent successfully, you will see a tiny green check mark in the corner of your text; if it wasn’t able to send that particular one but has been successful before and just needed more time or connection strength then you see an exclamation point instead. It also informs users about their last attempted transmission so they know when messages are not going through as planned! One handy feature on this app allows for “Pings”- another user can request location information from any other person who uses this technology (provided both people have agreed beforehand). You can block someone at anytime too if desired by using those

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The goTenna connects you with your friends and family on a peer-to-peer network.

The goTenna app will allow you to share your location with others, even if you’re off the grid. You can download maps ahead of time for obscure places like northern Colorado so that when it becomes necessary to do this sort of thing in those areas, all one has to do is fire up a map and see where they are while not connected any more than someone who’s on the data network would be able easily find their way around an area such as theirs without being lost or frustrated.

Once downloaded by users, this application communicates with GPS signals from cell phones within its vicinity; moreover , people may “ping” other devices through text messages and have their current locations shown on a given map – which saves them from relying upon

The accuracy is very good, and the location services are great; I’m not sure about where they can be off by. Whenever you use it, a blue dot will show up on your map of exactly where you know that you’re located at because my goTennas have excellent battery life to begin with so there’s no need for me to charge them yet!

The goTenna is a portable device that can be used to communicate across long distances without relying on cell towers, but it does have some limitations. It’s always draining battery life when turned on and constantly sending or receiving messages, so if you’re using the app for short message exchanges throughout the day then expect your charge will run out faster than 24 hours of continuous use. If you plan ahead by scheduling specific times with each contact in advance through their own goTenna unit (rather than being connected all day), then your battery should last much longer – days even! The one downside I’ve experienced is there doesn’t seem to be any way of checking how much power remains until it actually reaches zero; my hope would also be for more

What is the range of goTenna? This device seems to be a great way for friends and family who are camping or hiking along trails in remote areas to stay connected. It’s that simple! The company claims it operates by line-ofsight principles, but what does this mean exactly?

The new goTenna is a small device that serves as a communications hub in order to send text, pictures and GPS location data from your phone up into the sky and then back down again. It uses amateur radio frequencies which are unregulated by law so you may be surprised at how far it can reach depending on where you set sail or roost. I loaded the app onto my LG G4 phone (a widely popular model) in order to test out this nifty gadget for myself!

The first opportunity I had to use the goTenna was when we were ice fishing up in Northern Maine. We only gave it a couple tries, but over clear ice, across about 2 miles of open air with just an island between us and our message exchanges were quick and easy even considering how drunk (or should that be “drunk”) we all got!

Next, I coerced a 60-year-old coworker to download the goTenna app on his Samsung Galaxy S4. We work in a 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility with metal racks and concrete walls without any wifi signals so he couldn’t get access from anywhere else except for near my office which was conveniently located by the corner of this large building.

I then walked around the entire facility, stopping to message at key points neat equipment, material or other possible reception intrusions. The goTenna worked flawlessly throughout the entire building even though walls which impressed me. I honestly didn’t think they would pass through this big concrete building test and was surprised when it did! As a final step of my review process for these two pieces of technology that caught my attention on Kickstarter recently- one being an underground communication device called goTenna -the second is Prepper Monthly Checklist app created by “The Survivalist” Rob Thompson , who has been in survivalism since 2008 .

I sent my son a message, who replied that he was having trouble getting replies back. I had engaged airplane mode to make sure data couldn’t go through and closed all of the other apps on my phone as well.

The first thing I noticed about the goTenna was that it allowed me to communicate with my friend, who could be up to 15 feet away. This is made possible by Bluetooth range of approximately 20ft or 6m. However, as soon as he went outside and took his iPad out on a couch, we were able to keep communicating through our GoTennas! The antenna in both houses worked together seamlessly which meant no more text messages being cut off mid-way though sending them! When measuring distances between points using Google Earth for example (because why not?) I found that there’s actually an even bigger difference when you’re using your phone instead of just walking around; every step takes you far enough so that if you have signal near one side

I was close to being out of luck, but thankfully when I put my antenna up high in the air it managed to find a signal. After that momentary success, there were no other signals for miles – until finally after moving on and finding higher elevations where there are less trees blocking the line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver.

I had been driving around trying different locations with only minimal amount of success before coming across an old elevated railroad track which allowed me have clear sightlines at 3,499 feet away from home base: this is because as you get closer to lower ground (such as valley floors) or go through densely forested areas such as these woods – elevation tends not be kind either way!

I haven’t had the chance to go long, over clear ranges or in large urban areas as of yet. But based on my tests so far, goTenna’s predictions about how it works have been pretty close to spot-on. I plan on using the device this fall up in Northern Maine where communications and coordinations have historically been bad due to a complete lack of cell phone reception; hopefully the device will be just what we need! The good thing is that they are encrypted for privacy: an 384-bit elliptic curve point-to-point encryption process providing them with security while out there hunting together during Fall season

The goTenna is an interesting communication device that I’ve been using for the past few weeks and really enjoying. The first thing you should know about this product, before we dive into more detail, is it allows one to send text messages without a cell phone or any other type of internet connection needed. It works with your smartphone via Bluetooth by sending a signal up to 160 miles away from where you are located! So if their isn’t service in my area because there’s no reception (or even Internet), then all I have to do would be carry my iPhone around with me until it finds someone else who has goneTomna powered on at least once within range – which can sometimes take just minutes- rather than trying find people

I tested the goTenna with a wide range of phones, including an iPhone 4S, Motorola DROID RAZR M, Samsung Galaxy S4. The app ran flawlessly in all devices and my 60-year-old technologically befuddled coworker was able to use it without any coaching from me!

You can always rely on your smartphone for a go-to communication device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in all situations like the outdoors or when there’s no service available to make calls and send texts. The good news is that you might be able to keep talking with friends by using an off-the grid communications tool called “goTenna.” This simple kit includes two antennas (one each) which allow messaging between individuals who are up to 30 miles apart from one another! Range may not seem very far but if you’re at a campground, hiking trailhead, climbing spot…or even just shopping downtown then this range will come in handy – especially since once these devices have been set up they require zero data connection or cellular capabilities

With their portable, rechargeable design and weather-resistant properties the goTenna is an ideal device for a zombie apocalypse. The app’s ability to allow two users with smartphones or other devices connected through Bluetooth to chat without reliance on WiFi or cellular network connectivity means that you can stay in touch with your squad no matter how many zombies are trying kill you!

It’s time to get a life.

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The goTenna seems to be a viable solution for off-the-grid communications. Even if you have a large group of people in your crew, you can send text and GPS location to one or multiple people at the same time without service. To find out more about this product click here: www.gotennadotcom

It’s something worth considering when looking for an answer for off – grid communication solutions – even with having many members on your team . You’re able to transmit texts as well as their current geolocation data (including altitude) simultaneously , whether or not there is any coverage available . Take some time before exploring other avenues regarding how best obtain these types of services because we’ve found that the goTenna actually