Survival Gear Review: Gerber Parang Machete

The Gerber Parang Machete is a blade that just needs to be in your survival gear. It’s been around since the late 1800s and has served as an essential tool for farms, campsites, or even …

The Gerber Parang Machete is a blade that just needs to be in your survival gear. It’s been around since the late 1800s and has served as an essential tool for farms, campsites, or even as a weapon if need be! Whether you’re chopping something up or making dinner, this blade will get the job done. The best part is that it folds down small enough to fit into a backpack so you can take it with you on any adventure!

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The Malay machetes or parangs are handy tools for cutting through thick jungle terrain. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common is a long blade with an attached handle made from wood rivets.

The machete is a utilitarian blade with many variations of design, size and weight. Originally created as a tool for cutting through dense vegetation, the sharpened edge has now become an iconic weapon used by soldiers across history from ancient Greece to modern day Afghanistan (Read 5 Types of Machetes). Uniquely able to cut through thick brush or undergrowth where other blades would be ineffective due to their shape – machetes are typically heavy-duty tools designed specifically for chopping work on farms: roots in soil that need clearing out; branches fallen trees left lying around after storms; weeds needing plucking before they can grow into full plants.

The article discusses five types of machetes along with some information about how these knives have been

How to buy a machete

The Gerber Rendition has a blade designed to cut through the toughest materials.

Gerber has introduced a new “parang” machete that is modeled after the original Malay designed parangs. The blade of this design features an angled edge which can be used to clear brush and chop trail paths. Made with high carbon steel, it should sharpen easily while also retaining its sharpness over time because of its full tang construction (the metal extends all the way through into where you grip). This tool’s specs include being 19 1/2 inches long overall and having a 13-inch blade length – perfect for tackling those tough jobs in your yard or on larger projects around home!

Despite it’s weight, the grip feels great in your hand and is a perfect tool when hunting. The sheath has an attached cord that can be wrapped around for extra protection from slipping off during use.

If you want a more ergonomic swing with an angled blade, the cord loop on this machete will help. The down slice cutting motion also has natural momentum that is enhanced by the angle of the blade. If it’s not sharp enough for your liking when you get it in person, don’t worry- just run through some basic maintenance and keep your eye out for any potential issues cropping up during use!

In thirty minutes of trimming hanging vines from a tree positioned in front of my hunting stand, I noticed no signs that the blade had gummed up or dulled. Once finished with this job and after wiping it down with gas soaked cloth to clean any remaining debris off the machete, I then applied a light coat of oil for protection against rusting before sliding it back into its nylon sheath which has snaps on one side along all four edges. These metal snap closures gave me a secure feeling but not as much so as other ones have given me; they seemed more like just “OK”.

Bear Grylls is a survivalist who was born in the UK but now resides with his family and youngest son on an island off mainland Scotland. He has written many books about wilderness adventure, outdoor life skills, leadership development, as well as children’s stories that teach valuable lessons to today’s youngsters about overcoming obstacles and celebrating diversity.

I know it may seem like Bear just enjoys living outdoors more than most people would ever care for–or admit–but keep this interesting fact from him: he grew up without running water at home or electricity! And because of all those years spent adapting to nature where you could find shelter under trees during rainstorms so your clothes stayed dry while fishing by streams for food-he knows what works best

What if your life depended on it? Would you be able to survive in the wild without a knife or machete? Probably not. That’s why Gerber Parang Machete deserves its place among survival equipment and is worth every penny of what they charge for it. The workmanship, quality, and materials are second-to-none—and this is coming from someone who has tried them all! When I first saw one at my local outdoor store there was something about that blade that made me stop with intent fascination; maybe because I could see myself using such an instrument under less than ideal conditions as far back into human history goes….