Survival Gear Review: Fallkniven PC Folding Knife

Contents1 The best way to fix the problem, every time.2 Stronger than steel, faster than a speeding bullet.3 Fallkniven Knives are made for people with a sense of humor.4 Groin protection for guys.5 …6 You …

I’ve been sitting here, in my bunker, for the past few hours trying to decide what I should write about. My first thought was to go with a review of an awesome knife that would come in handy during the zombie apocalypse. But then I realized that it’s not really a prepper thing and decided against it. So then I started going through all my survival gear reviews and came across this one on the Fallkniven PC Folding Knife . It looked like something worth sharing so that’s why you’re reading this right now!

1. What are the pros and cons of this knife?

2. Is this a good all-around knife for my bug out bag?

3. What is the best purpose of this knife in your opinion?

4. What should I do if it ever gets wet or goes through any water exposure, like rain droplets on a window for example?

5. How durable is this survival blade?

The best way to fix the problem, every time.

There are many different knives that could be an EDC knife. But for me, the Benchmade is my go-to! I have a dozen No products found., and each morning I look forward to selecting one of them in accordance with what day it happens to be. Of course there’s always room for more exploration because you never know when your favorite blade might change (and boy do they come out with new ones every year).

From Benchmade to Fallkniven, I’m on the hunt for more knives that tickle my fancy with prejudice.

Stronger than steel, faster than a speeding bullet.

The Fallkniven PC folding knife was the first blade I had seen with a pinch grip in years. Although this type of design has been around for awhile, it’s something that Spyderco popularized and made me want to carry more blades like these ones back then. The so-called “spyderhole” is clearly revolutionary because it allows you an easy way out from needing thumb studs or nail groves on your pocketknife. As such, when carrying my Police model by Spyderco, Delica by Spydeo and Rescue knives as well…I always carried both Ladybug and Assist models just in case they were needed too!

I drooled over any of the pricy Spyderco designs and carried some of them more as pocket art than for their cutting talents since I considered their steel often robust but still pedestrian. But while the Spydercos still required a blade deployment not to far evolved from a thumb stud, which in turn was still in earshot of hand fingernail grove, benchmade axis deployment won me over with it’s assist mechanism that made deploying easier without compromising on security or safety features like lock strength. And until now, I’ve never looked back

My first thought as I opened the package containing my new pocket clip-less knife was that it would be a disaster. But now, after months of use and abuse from this Fallkniven PC, not only do I feel confident in its durability but also find myself challenging other people’s preconceived notions about knives like mine!

Fallkniven Knives are made for people with a sense of humor.

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My new knife is so sleek and sexy that it’s hard for me to keep my hands off of. Its blade is made out of a glossy black fiberglass reinforced Grilon steel, which has been precision ground with two T5 Torx bolts in addition the pivot bolt. With its price tag around $200 I figured this would be sharp enough for slicing through any organic material with ease, but what about other materials? To put my fears at bay I took some time to dig into reviews on Amazon from people who have used these knives before! One reviewer wrote: “I use mine as an EDC pocketknife or when fishing where you need something fairly inexpensive yet good quality as far as edge retention goes… It’s not

The super steels I tested were impressive, but Fallkniven’s Cobalt steel is even more so. Imagine using your knife every day yet needing to sharpen it only once or twice a year! Sure that might be too good to be true—but just imagining the possibility forced me reevaluate my EDC principles since 154CM dulled in one outing. As I type this, I am packing both of these knives as well: none and fallnivne PC (the “PC” stands for personal carry).

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Groin protection for guys.

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Benchmade is known for their knives that are not only versatile but also aesthetically pleasing. The 300 model knife has a 154CM satin blade and sandstone-colored G10 grips, which make this knife look like it came straight out of the history books to help you take care of your toughest tasks with ease!

We all know how amazing the Grand Canyon is. Well, I’ll tell you that this knife also delivers an incredible experience; except with less of a chance to see dinosaurs! The layered G10 is exposed like sedimentary rock stratification common in the Morrison Formation where one can find dinosaur bones mixed amongst layers of sandstone and shale. Fallkniven literally means folding knife or folder as it’s known elsewhere around the world, and their P-series embodies just that: folders for every occasion whatever your need might be. In my case? A tool not only for life but worthy enough to share its beauty even more so by taking up residence in my pocket while never breaking out into action unless needed – much like Superman was made from cobalt steel according

Anyone new to the PC folder is understandably stunned into silence by sticker shock. Yet anyone familiar with Fallkniven would be surprised by how well they keep their prices low while still making a high-quality, cutting-edge steel blade that’s worth every penny of it’s street price just under one Benji.

The Fallkniven PC is a cheaper alternative to other Benchmade knives, but don’t let the price fool you- these blades are insanely sharp. They’re so expensive that they start at $290 and there’s no way I’d ever afford one of those. But it was hard not to be impressed by how well this knife cut through everything in sight with such ease– from rope climbing knots on an old oak tree rootball or just slicing open boxes for recycling like butter!

The Fallkniven PC is one of the sharpest knives in its class, making it a must-have for your kitchen. The molecular metal limit and traditional liner lock are only two features that make this knife as reliable today as when it was first introduced over 30 years ago!

The Grilon scales are secured with two T5 Torx bolts in addition the pivot bolt. Made in Sweden, it has a black fiberglass reinforced handle which is wrapped and textured for added grip security during use. The head-to-head comparison of this knife to my Benchmade Mini Griptilian shows that while the S30V blade loss sharpness before its cobalt steel counterpart, edge retention was equally important for me so I have been using it heavily ever since getting one from Amazon as well!

One of the most interesting aspects about shaving is that when you find a razor blade with what feels like an edge, it’s really only on one side. Many people use disposable razors which have now overfilled our landfill and are not sharp at all to begin with. These two blades were tested for their ability to maintain this alleged “sharpness.” The PC-7 was much sharper than its counterpart in both design and precision while still being comfortable enough for everyday tasks such as trimming your mustache or beard around your neckline.

The BM mini’s blade is fairly traditional for a folding knife. On the other hand, the PC looks traditional but cuts far beyond its apparent pay grade. Related: Sypderco Bushcraft Knife . The scales do have one flaw I discovered though as if you pack cheese in between them it can be hard to remove again there was more than enough times that this happened because of how much cutting I do out in nature with my Fallkniven PC which has locking mechanism done by way of liner locks made from spring steel

The BM Mini’s Blade Is Fairly Traditional For A Folding Knife; However, This Isn’t What One Might Expect From Paring It Against Other Knives Priced Comparable To Its Own-For Example

The knife is durable and resistant to corrosion due in part to the teflon-bearing blade. The five bolts that secure it together are easy for quick cleaning, which comes in handy if your pocket has a lot of lint like mine does!

I had a bit of an issue with the Fallkniven PC. When I was carrying it in my pocket, sometimes when I would pull it out to use it, if happened that the blade migrated left or right and got stuck on either side of my pants zipper. But then at other times when this occurred (which admittedly didn’t happen all too often), rather than struggle with getting the knife back into place myself as though like some sort of puzzle game gone awry, instead just ran one hand up and down along its outer fabric until once again snug against both sides seams while simultaneously being narrow-side-down before returning said object back to where you first found him — whether high or low…when not anything more than 2 3

The PC is larger, more attractive and has better steel than my Benchmade 470. However, it only costs half to two thirds as much. The thing that really makes the difference though are all of these colors!

The Fallkniven PC knife is one of the most popular models in its class. It offers high performance with an understated package–the perfect blade for tactical enthusiasts who want to stay discreet yet still be prepared for any situation that arises.

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You want a knife! Benchmade Knives, and more.

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The traditional liner lock and black fiberglass reinforced Grilon scales make this a durable, reliable option worth considering if you’re looking into EDC blades or are already invested in the market!