Survival Gear Review: Fallkniven Jarl Knife

The Fallkniven Jarl Knife is a Swedish-made survival knife with a 6.3-inch blade that can be used for cooking, defense, or chopping wood. Since it has an ergonomic handle and comes in at just over one pound in weight, you won’t have to worry about the strain on your arm when trying to chop down some firewood. The blade’s quality steel also means that this knife will last through almost anything without breaking – perfect for preppers who want to make sure they’re prepared no matter what life throws their way!

Survival is for the weak.

Best Survival Knife

This blog post features: A review of the Fallkniven Jarl Knife as well as tips on how it might best be used by preppers

Best Survival Knife
Best Survival Knife

1. What is your opinion on this knife?

2. How does it compare to other survival knives you know of?

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3. What do you think the disadvantages would be for this blade?

4. What are some advantages to have in a survival knife?

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5. Why did you buy it and how has that feeling changed after owning it for a while now?

The Fallkniven Jarl is a knife designed by Ethan Becker of E.A.B, the founder and creative director at Becker Knife

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