Survival Gear Review: ESEE-6 Knife

The ESEE-6 is a high-quality, heavy duty survival knife that will last you a lifetime. This is the perfect knife for preppers of all levels who love to be prepared for anything! The ESEE-6 has …

The ESEE-6 is a high-quality, heavy duty survival knife that will last you a lifetime. This is the perfect knife for preppers of all levels who love to be prepared for anything! The ESEE-6 has an ergonomic design and features an AUS 8A stainless steel blade with full tang construction. It also includes paracord wrapped handle, lanyard hole, and Kydex sheath.

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Many people are trying to create knock-offs of ESSE knives because they want a well done knife and don’t have the funds for it. People who buy from reputable dealers will be getting an authentic product, not some fake that looks like it could break on its first use. Authorized sellers also exist so buyers can find this reliable company with their own website or by contacting them directly through email.

ESSE knives are some of the finest, heavy knives in the world. They’ve been around for eighteen years and can withstand anything that you might need a knife to do because they’re built so well with quality materials.

ESSE Knives is a company founded in Alabama, but they forge their knives in Idaho Falls. Their website has everything you need to know about the many products that this company offers including survival gear and specialized skills training courses for which there are comprehensive schedules on site.

ESEE knives are guaranteed to be the best, but Brandon Sporting Arms is even better. They stand by their products and always have a replacement on hand for customers who need it!

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The No.6 knife has a blade length of 5.75 inches, an overall total length of 11.75 inches and weighs 12 ounces without the sheath (which can be attached). The carbon steel produces a fine blade for chopping or cutting all types of materials with ease!

The ESEE-6 is a great, high quality knife suitable for all forms of survival. The grip handles are made out of Linen Micarta and the blade color can be chosen between various options such as plain or serrated edges with up to four different colors available – black, green camo, purple camouflage and orange fire starter kit. Additionally it retails at about $150 but prices vary depending on where you buy from so do your research before buying!

The ESEE knife is an excellent tool for all-around use in the field. From cutting to navigation and general survival, this blade will be there with you through thick and thin. The sheath even comes complete with a hole spaced out for your MOLLE locks on either side of it so that when not in use, you can still keep everything secured up tight! Not only does the handle have some nice ergonomic grip spots but also has enough room inside of its own sleeve to store information about emergency signaling techniques like how to build fires or signal rescue aircrafts if stranded at sea!

The ESEE-6 has a comfortable and natural feel in the hand, being both rugged but also well balanced. I’m satisfied to say that this knife is one of my favorite knives for all around use due to its durability as an outdoor survival tool with versatility on par with other high quality blades like the Mora Clipper or Fallkniven F1; it’s just so easy and enjoyable to work with!

The steel blades are coated with a black, grainy textured finish which adds some rust and stain resistance. That means it can be used for longer periods of time before needing to be replaced or sharpened. I took the ESEE knife out at my bug-out camp this past weekend where we chopped through saplings like butter! It’s also good on other camping tasks too because its size doesn’t get in your way when you’re doing things like building up your basecamp teepees from branches that fall down during bad weather conditions so there is no need to use any reckless strength while chopping them just enough until they snap off nicely as desired.”

The ESEE-6 is not a machete, but it made quick work of the vines and brush in this thick section. I had no problem making my way through them with just one swing from the blade which was great as we have many tough stickers that tend to cling on here. The weight balance is perfect for chopping down these kind of weeds or even off some low hanging branches without needlessly swinging too high overhead like you would typically do with other knives.

I noticed that gripping gloves are best when doing heavy duty tasks such as cutting things up because while there’s plenty grip along its handle, it doesn’t offer much texture so your hands could slip easily if they’re sweaty or wet .

The ESEE is a reliable and dependable knife for any situation. It will cut through anything you put it up against, including food preparation or rope work. The snap-in sheath securely holds the blade in place so there’s no chance of losing your prized possession when out on an adventure exploring nature.