Survival Gear Review: Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife

I would bet my life that every prepper has a knife on their person at all times, but as with most things in life, there are varying degrees of quality and usefulness. In this blog …

I would bet my life that every prepper has a knife on their person at all times, but as with most things in life, there are varying degrees of quality and usefulness. In this blog post I’ll be reviewing the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Knife. It’s just 5 1/2″ long when closed, so it’s easy to carry around and concealable too! If you’re looking for something small that can still pack a punch this is definitely worth checking out. The blade is only 2 7/8″ long but it might be perfect for your needs if size isn’t an issue for you. Whether you’re slicing up some food or defending yourself against an attack this little guy will do the job without sacrificing any power

1. Do you think the knife is made for everyday functions or more of a survival knife?

2. Would you recommend this knife as your only tool in the wilderness?

3. Why do you like this particular type of blade on a pocketknife instead of another kind, such as an axe?

4. What are some areas that can struggle without equipment from metal-working fields?

Everyone has a favorite piece of gear that they go back to time and again – knives. Knives come in all shapes, sizes and styles for different jobs – with so much variety it’s easy to see why these tools are an often-used resource on the job site or campsite! I know what you’re thinking: “I like my old beat up knife from high school.” But if someone ever offers me one as nice looking as this Bushman Knife, consider them gone forever (trust me).

When you need a knife that is going to get the job done, but don’t want anything too fancy or complex this blade might be just for you. With it’s easy open and close design with only one hand needed on top of its 4 ½” inch long blade length makes opening packages an ease! The groove in which your index finger can rest also helps keep everything secure when slicing through boxes. All around great tool to have whether at home or out camping – if not careful though, after some time use the blade locking mechanism will break leaving bits falling off here and there due to poor construction quality (when has inexpensive ever meant good?).

I have caried a Swiss Army knife, Schrade Old Timer or a Gerber Paraframe for most of my life. All three knives were reliable and never broke! They also held up well to use time after time, kept an edge the entire way through and paid off in their durability over all these years-especially when compared with having to buy new ones every few months like I used too because other brands always seemed weaker on me. The one downside is that they don’t stand as tough against heavy duty tasks such as sawing wood; but are great at opening boxes without damaging them (which was common before).

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For most of my life I carried either a Switzerland army knife, Schrade old timer ,or

I have always wanted a folding knife that performs like a fixed-blade, and I think my search is finally over! As someone who’s owned Cold Steel knives for years now (and been very pleased with them!), when the time came to buy myself something new, it only made sense to go back. So of one their newest arrivals—the Pocket Bushman—was where I landed on this gripping story.

The Cold Steel Pocket Bushman is a 10 1/4 inch knife that measures 4 ½ inches long. All the reviews said this was big, and with good reason! The blade looks smaller in photos than it actually is when you are holding onto it because of how thick the handle feels – more like an ax or fixed blade rather than a pocket knife. Unlike other folding knives which open quickly with one thumb flick, this one isn’t so speedy- but once opened properly both hands need to be used for closure purposes due to its length making sure not to cut yourself accidentally while closing (definitely takes some getting use too).

The knife has an unusual and interesting lock that had me a bit stumped the first time I tried to use it. After opening and shutting it several times, however, my hands became more deft in their movements as they found their groove on this vernacular handle with its deep index finger well-grooved for easy access by your thumb or forefinger while still being accessible to you other digits.

This knife has a handle that can withstand wetness from either use or weather conditions. It’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about your hands slipping forward if they’re wet when using this blade because the smooth steel finish provides enough traction. The only downfall I found with it is its lack of textured surface on the grip, but gloves are usually worn while handling so no other changes were needed!

I love my Gerber Shard. It has a blade that is just the right size for handling small tasks and it fits well in your pocket, but I also found out it can handle big jobs as well! The first time people saw me using this tool was at work when they thought I had wasted money on some huge knife to show off with – until I started splitting wood from one of their pallets into kindling pieces. Then they were very impressed by how versatile and useful such an inexpensive item could be.

I got halfway down the stack and turned to a pallet leaning against a nearby shelf. The Pocket Bushman easily took chunks out of the board, but when I tried to cut it from one side all they way through on my first try there was some wiggle in the blade with no damage done. When I showed them that though it still had power behind each swing they asked me if we could keep going for fun!

The blade of this knife is razor sharp and the handle has a textured grip that makes it easy to hold. It’s fast opening system means I can get my work done in half the time or less, which also helps me save wear on my clothes from constantly having to open pockets by hand! The steel lock release slide at bottom of handle ensures safety and durability for any type of job site. All-in-all, there are so many reasons why you should buy one too!

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Survival Folding Knife

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