Survival Debate: Tent or Tarp

Contents1 Not the same ol’ boring food.2 We’ve got you covered.3 It’s time to take a stand.4 The original multi-tool. Every prepper has their own opinion on what to use for shelter. Some say a …

Every prepper has their own opinion on what to use for shelter. Some say a tarp, others say a tent; but the question remains: which is better? In this post we’ll try and answer that question for you. We’re going to talk about how both tents and tarps work in different situations, discuss the pros and cons of each one, and then give you our opinion on which one’s best. Let’s get started!

Not the same ol’ boring food.

1. How do you feel about tents as opposed to tarps in survival situations?

2. What are the pros and cons of a tent versus a tarp?

We’ve got you covered.

3. Which would be better for shelter during an extended emergency situation, hot or cold climates, hurricane season, desert dweller, etc.?

4. What safety precautions should one take while using a tent or tarp?

5. Should we equip our household with camping-specific items like lanterns and whistles in anticipation for future emergencies?

This week on survival debate we’ll discuss the advantages of carrying a tent or tarp in your Bug Out Bag. Do you prefer to live with comfort and carry weight, or save room and go light? Quick navigation: Tent Pro: Better Weather ProtectionProtection from InsectsEasier to Set UpSelf StandingCan be Waterproof See our recommended Survival Tents Con : HeavierLess VersatilityMore ExpensiveTarp.Pro :Con .Requires external supportNo protection against insectsMiddle Ground

What if you’re trying to decide between a tent or tarp? A lot of people think that tents are the better choice due to their ease and convenience, but tarps do have some advantages. Tarps can be used as shelter in emergencies because they are light enough for one person to carry them anywhere easily while still being waterproof when set up properly. This means that it’s possible for just about anyone with basic camping skills (or no skills) would know how to use them effectively even without having seen other examples beforehand!

It’s time to take a stand.

There are many factors that go into choosing a tent. The number of people in your group, the skills you have with using one or not, how far away from civilization and weather protection you plan to travel to camp for an extended period of time (not just overnight), where on earth do you stand? For me personally I would choose a tent over any other form of shelter as it offers better insect and rain protection than tarps while also being lighter weight which is crucial when packing supplies like food and water.

You need a tent to protect yourself from the elements, but if you don’t have one yet and only want something temporary until your next paycheck, try using just a tarp. It’ll keep most of the rain off of you at night so that when morning comes around again there’s no risk for getting soaked through with water before breakfast time!

The original multi-tool.

Survival Tarp

If it is raining outside during camping season or otherwise too cold out without shelter nearby then all bets are off because tarps may not be good enough protection against this type weather in these conditions.