Survival Debate: Solo or Group

We know you?

The prepper community has been debating for years as to whether it is better to prepare on your own or with a group. Some preppers believe that the best way to make sure you have everything you need for survival is by being self-reliant and preparing solo, while others believe that they can better protect their land and property if they are part of a larger group of people who will be looking out for each other. Which side do you agree with? Read on to find out!

1. Would you rather be the sole survivor or part of a group?

Solo is the perfect single-player game with no rules and less waiting.

2. How big do think your group should be in order for it to still be considered “surviving”?

You don’t need a team to be a part of the group.

3. If you are with multiple people, what is your strategy?

4. Do you have any tips for surviving when working in a team?

Prepping can be a way of life for those who are looking to survive the end. The military taught me how to cache weapons and supplies, but also that you should never go it alone when trying to make sure your loved ones will live through an emergency situation.

How many of us have seen the movies where people go on a solo adventure and end up saving themselves? But then there are times when things get dicey, you’re in an unfamiliar place, or some other unforeseen event happens that makes it so much easier to head back home with your pride intact. When faced with this dilemma as well as others I’ve come across in life- am I willing to strike out on my own forever or would group interactions be beneficial for me too? The answer is: sometimes. There will always be pros and cons no matter which option we pick but what matters most is how these decisions affect our future goals

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