Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 4: Bug Out Bag #4

“What is the fourth thing you should always keep in your bug out bag? What are some items that can be used as a weapon?” These are just a few questions answered on this episode of Survival Cache Podcast with prepper and survivalist, Kyle from Ohio. Tune in to find out what else he has to say about these important topics!

You’re not going anywhere without food, water, shelter, or weapons. So what’s the fourth thing you need? This week we’ll talk all about Bug Out Bag #4: Weaponry and Tools”

1. What is the top most important thing you would want in your bug-out bag?

2. What do you think are the differences between a 3 day and 7 day bug out bag?

3. If we wanted to start investing in prepping, what should be our first purchase?

4. Would you rather have an MRE or canned food remaining after a disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane?

Doc Montana and Drew cover all the bases of your Bug Out Bag with knives, cutting implements, weapons such as pistols or rifles for long-term needs. The discussion also touches on pepper spray. Tune in to hear their thoughts about this four part podcast series!

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