Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 3: Bug Out Bag 3

“This week on the Survival Cache Podcast, we talk about what is in our bug out bags. What should you pack for a potential emergency?”

1. What were your initial feelings about Episode 3 of the Survival Cache Podcast?

2. What are your thoughts on how you might use a bug-out bag should you need to evacuate?

3. Which items would you put in your bug-out bag that might not be expected and why?

4. Walk us through what might happen if there was an emergency evacuation needed from a disaster scenario such as an EMP attack or pandemic, what is the first thing you would do?

5. Is it more likely than not that we will need to evacuate this year for one of these situations, or is it more likely than not that no event will happen this year at all in terms of having to move due to unsafe

The Survival Cache podcast tackles the most common topic of all time with preppers and survivalists. It’s about a Bug-Out Bag, or BOB for short. This episode is third in a four part series on this subject that will teach you how to create your own custom bag no matter what environment it may be used in!

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A bug out bag is an essential item every person should have when planning their evacuation strategy from home during times of disaster – whether natural disasters like hurricanes or man made events such as terrorist attacks. The best way to survive any potential situation if safe shelter isn’t available at hand can depend largely upon having one adequately stocked Bug Out Bag ready beforehand!

In the third episode of the survival podcast, Doc Montana and Drew argue about whether it is necessary to wear bug-out clothing in your bag. They also discuss paracord for repairs or support items that are essential to have with you when SHTF happens such as a first aid kit, hygiene products like toothpaste, soap and shampoo. The discussion then moves on towards communication tools including radios as well as navigation aids which should always be handy because if things really do go down we need all hands on deck!

This continuation from episodes two finds Doc Montana debating Drew over what type of clothes one needs while preparing their bug out bags – does wearing something makes sense? Or will loose fitting outfits suffice? In this debate they come across Paracord

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