Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 2: Bug Out Bag 2

Do you have a disaster plan? The answer is probably no, or at least not as detailed as it should be. You may think that there’s nothing to worry about because your area hasn’t been affected by an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wildfire or other natural disaster in decades. Think again! Natural disasters happen all the time and they can seem random. In this episode of Survival Cache Podcast we’re going to talk about what goes into making a bug out bag and why it’s so important for preppers like you to prepare for any type of emergency situation. Tune in now and learn more!

1. What are the pros and cons of each bug out bag in survival?

2. Do you think preppers should include a map or GPS on their bags?

3. How do you secure your food after it’s been scavenged from a natural disaster?

4. Should people have medical supplies on hand when they create their gear for survival? If so, what types of medical supplies are considered most necessary to stock up on for this activity

5. Is price an important factor when choosing a bug out bag for survival purposes

In this second episode of the all-new Survival Cache Podcast, Doc Montana and Drew continue their overview of the prepper’s favorite topic: bug out bags. After discussing what makes up a well stocked bag in part one, they move on to discuss more specific items like tarps and tents for sheltering oneself from wilderness elements as well as essential survival lighting such as flashlights or headlamps – both best carried with an extra set of batteries just in case! This is some great information based on these two experts’ experience that it would be hard not to listen too.

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