Survival Cache Podcast Episode 15: Survival Knives

“The Survival Cache Podcast is back with Episode 15: Survival Knives. In this episode, we discuss the different types of survival knives and how they can be used for hunting, fishing, skinning game and self-defense. We also explore the history of knives as tools in our culture.”

survival knife podcast

“Some tips include avoiding serrated blades because it’s hard to sharpen them when damaged or broken. You should also avoid folding knives because they’re not strong enough to use for chopping wood or prying open a door” “If you want an all-purpose knife that can do everything from gutting fish to splitting logs, then get a fixed blade with a full tang construction.” “We hope you enjoy this week’s episode!”

1. What is the best thing you’ve ever pulled out of your survival cache?

2. Do you feel like knives are overhyped or underused items in your survival kit?

3. What is the most important item that should always be in a survival kit but often overlooked?

4. Where do you think the greatest risk of loss occurs when it comes to prepping for supply shortages?

5. Whether laziness, lack of motivation, or financial concerns – what are some things that can keep us from prepping on our own (rather than buying into a prepackaged food program)?

Doc Montana and Drew explore the world of knives. From action, to lock, steel type, blade grinds or sharpening; Doc’s got you covered! Come comment below on this podcast episode with your thoughts.

Doc Montana and Drew from The Survival Podcast go over all types of knife topics including design features that make a good survival knife like locks, steels type for blades as well as practical lessons in how to sharpen them too! These guys are always up for answering questions about anything related so be sure if there is something specific you want answered post it here in the comments section below their latest show where they talk about everything we need to know when looking at what makes a good “survival” knife: its construction (action),

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