Survival Cache Podcast Episode 14: Derrick of Prepper Press

You may not know it, but you’ve already had a taste of the prepper lifestyle. You were in your car the other day and heard a song about how “the world is coming to an end,” or saw some video on social media that showed people fighting over food at a grocery store. In today’s episode of Survival Cache Podcast we talk with Derrick from Prepper Press about what he does to prep for the apocalypse.

1. What is the best way to respond if a disaster prevents you from getting groceries?

2. How do you prepare for end of days scenarios and how does this help family members who aren’t prepping?

3. Do you have any advice on buying land?

4. What has been the most significant milestone in your life as a prepper so far?

5. Who are some influential or inspiring people in your life that are leading the way with their thoughts on prepping current events/happenings right now?

Doc and Drew interview Derrick, the founder of Prepper Press. They talk about underground houses in Las Vegas, prepping as a publishing industry niche market that has grown rapidly since 9/11, and more. Listen to the full episode now or download it later on your phone!

Doc asks “How are you responding to this crazy election?” And they discuss how difficult President Trump is for them because he’s so unpredictable with his policies around undocumented immigrants like DACA recipients which have been an area largely unaffected by previous administrations who were much friendlier towards immigration reform then President Trump was during their campaign promises.”

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